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There's a lot of folks all around the world that are excited for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Following on from the massively successful Galaxy S3, there's no doubts that this is going to be one of the biggest sellers in mobile this year. Since the official unveiling in New York City, we're gradually beginning to build up a picture of availability, and next up is news for our friends over in India. 

According to, Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S4 in India in the first week of May. They go on to say that a press event is likely in late April to officially launch the device in the country. Considering global availability is slated to begin from the end of April, this is great news for Indians eager to get their hands on one of the hottest devices of the year. 

India's Galaxy S4 will also be carrying the new Exynos 5 Octa inside, and not the Snapdragon 600 of the U.S. version. There are no details of pricing or any word on carrier partners for the Galaxy S4, but considering we're still 6 weeks or so out from launch, there's still plenty of time yet. 

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Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly set for early May launch in India


Gr8 news.. every1 in m family is either having S3 or note2 n m still stuck on BB. so i guess this would be my first android phone. i expect the phone to be around 38-40 thousand rupees. but wid the specs n the processor n all the latest features i guess its worth that much. jus wanna compare its screen to sony xperia z before i buy it.

Samsung has a very strong hold in the Indian smartphone market, S4 will definitely get good sales.

Xperia Z will give some good competition but no chance of HTC due to pathetic service centres.