Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Android 2.3.4 has been leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S (that would be the i9000 international version), and the folks at SAMFirmware have made it publicly available.  Early reports are saying that it does address some of the bugs found in the 2.3.3 version, but the all important video chat via Google Talk is not included in this build.  We're not going to read too much into that, this is a leak and nothing official after all. 

The real question is how long will this take to move from leaked status, to something that can be deployed across all carriers, for all Galaxy S variants.  We don't have that answer -- I don't think anyone does.  Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.

Source: SAMFirmware via MobileGearz

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HedonismBot says:

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Related stories indeed... is going to beat HTC?!? I want some official Gingerbread on my DINC!!!!!! :(

IceDree says:

Or Sony Ericsson !
Sony Ericsson already released 2.3.4 for the Xperia Arc couple of weeks ago

ringoh says:

I live in the Czech republic and Iown a i9000. I was told by Samsung support last week that the update may come on July 11th.

Let's hope that this time it will not take much longer then that. The Froyo update was extremely late.

Btw this is the original message (in Czech though):

Tesi nas vas zajem o vyrobek spolecnosti SAMSUNG. Dle poslednich
dostupnych informaci by mela byt aktualizace uvolnena 11/7. Jedna se o
predbezne datum.

cheburashka says:

um i think it is quite clear WHEN... in the coming months! :?

but seriously, sammy had gb very early on, ahead of everyone, and what did said "advantage" do? absolutely nothing. :( i guess we'll get gb for the christmas holidays... oh wait... dejavu?

GQ50 says:

I'm not holding my breathe and waiting for it.... I wanna live. By time its released we'll all own dual core phones and be looking at the next quad core p.hone...

So the charge is a galaxy so phone. The wait may be over soon. Crossing fingers

carraser891 says:

Don't worry guys I'm sure we'll get gingerbread by the end of 2013

Nit3m4re says:

So much hatred for Samsung who haven't done anything wrong nor are they that far behind with updates, official or leaked, they're still being made. Not their fault carriers are awful

carraser891 says:

So sprint has no trouble outing gingerbread to the evo 4g with htc but all of the sudden all the issues with samsung and that's sprints fault? And btw, they are leagues behind with updates.

hawke says:

Can I upgrade my Tmobile vibrant with this?