Purple Galaxy S3

Maybe a white Galaxy S3 isn't your thing. Perhaps Blue gives you the blues. Perpetual leaker evleaks is back again with an oddly purple Galaxy S3, which he says is destined for Sprint in April. It does sort of look like a washed-out blue GS3, but they are decidedly different colors. The timing also would be a little weird, given that Sprint expects to be selling the Galaxy S4 by the end of the second quarter. 

Source: @evleaks


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Purple Galaxy S3 rumored for Sprint in April


But...WHY? I mean i'd get if they are deciding the Drop the price of the S3 to "FREE" when the S4 comes out...but why a damn PUrple phone?

Well it looks like Samsung's new model is having a flagship (currently the GS3) and the previous model flagship (currently GS2) available concurrently as a high end and mid range options. I believe most of the US carriers just recently discontinued the GS2. Which means Samsung will probably keep the GS3 around and drop the price once the GS4 comes out.

Perfect for those who want to get the S3 coz of budget constraints. Anyways its already said by Samsung that a few of the S4 features will be coming to the S3. So this is not a total waste choice. :)

I like it! I am amazed that we don't see more color options in phones especially the Galaxy's and iPhones. They make enough of them that they could add more variety of color without raising costs.