Opera for Android tablets

Opera's set to unveil its Android tablet-tweaked browser this week at CES, and they just unveiled a quick preview. Yep, looks like a slightly scaled up version to us, too. Check out the video after the break. [Opera]


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Opera gives preview of its tablet browser


Good. I can't wait to have a great selection to choose from. Although I am bias towards HTC so I will likely hold out for them.

And back on topic I never really liked opera. In fact I've never really had much luck with any browser other than stock.

I really like the stock android browser. I use opera though when I'm out of 3G areas because of the data compression. The stock browser on the Galaxy Tab is awful so good thing there are more choices available. Lastly, Opera needs to hurry up and get their iPad browser out.

Why is only Firefox the one who has actually thought about fluid control? Seriously? The iPhone has had multitouch panning and perfect zooming for years, yet we've still (other than the Firefox beta) to find any browser with anything but basic point zoom (which they still tote as a "good feature").

I love Opera but I wish they would hurry up and get there mobile browser out of beta so I can have my opera link AND flash in one browser...