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Since going open source, HP's webOS platform has been ported to a handful of Android devices, including the Galaxy Nexus and the Nook Color. The most recent addition to this niche club is the ASUS-made Nexus 7. A dedicated gesture area, working keyboard, brightness adjuster, and Wi-Fi connectivity are all up and running.

Palm expatriates may by happy to see their old friend webOS again, especially if they have a a spare Nexus 7 kicking around to get the build running themselves once it's made publicly available, but as you can see in the video, things are still very much in an alpha state.

It's hard to say exactly where aspects of Open webOS will proliferate through the mobile ecosystem over the long run, but looking at experiments like this, it's hard not to think that Android might be one of those places. Any old webOS users here? Who would be willing to try to bring it to their Nexus 7? 

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Open webOS finds its way onto Nexus 7


"....Any old webOS users here? Who would be willing to try to bring it to their Nexus 7? ...."

Is that like asking if we would like to try Windows 3.1 on a PC that came with Windows 7/8?

I loved WebOS... on my original palm pre.

I would love to give this a try but without any decent app developers to backup WebOS anymore, it would be just to toy with.

Its a real shame that WebOS has gone by the way side. I still enjoy getting my Palm Pre out just to remind myself how awesome it truly was. sigh...

With the Nexus 4/7/10 having on-screen buttons, wouldn't it be possible to modify the button area to be a WebOS-like gesture area instead?

HA! I too was one of the few who knew how awesome webOS was! I only switched to android after my screen cracked in my pre-. But I have the N4 now and wondered about gestures too. The screen feels like it's made for gestures. I would like to see real webOS like gestures on my N4. Just a dream. Maybe? But the swipe up feature that makes Google now pop up will suffice for now.

I've been holding out on getting the nexus 7 because i have the touchpad with both webOS and CM9 on it. There are many reasons people still desire webOS. The more hardware with open webOS on it the more developers will hop on board just like when it was first starting back with the palm pre. Remember the reason development of apps is stagnant is because the future of hardware was uncertain.

Loved webOS, but it's worthless without the apps. Jelly Bean has brought webOS caliber notifications. Multitasking is not as good, but as functional... just no reason to go back.

Anyone that is looking for gestures should check out gmd gesture control, if their device is rooted. Pretty awesome app

I loved Webos, although I never actually bought the pre, I held out for the P3 only for HP make it then kill it before it the US.

My question to all those knowledgeable in these sorts of things.

If Webos is now open source, why not bring the best parts of Webos to Android OS?

I know they have done so in small bits (I am still stuck on Android 2.2!)

Is there some legal reason getting in the way? Is it too different? Too expensive?
Shouldn't Android with a gesture area put Google and companies like Samsung, LG, Motorola and other in a better position against lawsuits from Apple?

I had a original Palm Pre in 2009 and loved it. it was miles ahead of Android its looks rivaled Apple's. Of course the Card system was great too. it was a new OS and I patiently awaited the apps to come in. I'd always extol the virtues of webos to my friends and family like a Jehovas Witness. I don't regret doing any of this because when it came out, it truly was ahead of its time.

Two years passed and there was nearly no meaningful advancement. There was an update that added Just Type, but other than that the OS had stagnated in both market share and technology. The only new thing was the Touchpad, which I bought on day one.

One day seemingly at random, I saw the Nexus S and was tempted by it. Unrelatedly, I tried to download an eBay app on my Palm and there was nothing in the App Catalog. I went into a blind rage and bought the Nexus S and returned the Touchpad in one fell swoop. Never looked back. Even if webOS were ported to every android phone, the apps still aren't there.