Coby Kyros porn

We love these stories. A 12-year-old girl awakes on Christmas Day to find her prized present beneath the tree -- an Android tablet. And, look, Santa! It's already got porn apps installed on it! So instead of a white Christmas, they got a blue Christmas.

When confronted by the girl's father on Monday, Coby senior product manager Michael Paladino said, "There is nothing preprogramed from Coby. LIke any other internet device with an open platform, a wide range of content is available which may require parental oversight." That's true, parents should keep (erm) abreast of their kids' online habits. I know I do.

But there actually are a few crimes here:

  1. Coby should have (ahem) bent over backwards to apologize and exchange the devices. That's just good customer service. It's doubtful the girl downloaded "Boobs! Butts! Babes!" and "Undress Me" on her own.
  2. The newscaster at WSIL-TV calls the Coby Kyros "similar to the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle." Mmmmmm'kay.

Regardless, if you're going to return a crappy tablet after (cough) using it, do the world a favor and follow our how-to for cleaning porn off the device. Little Suzie and her family will thank you. [WSIL-TV]


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OK ... which one of you perverts returned this Coby Kyros tablet


although this could be posing trying to get some money, i know about ten years ago i bought a vcr for one of my kids and only when testing it out found a adult tape inside. thanks to wally world putting a return right back on the shelf

Surprising that this doesn't happen more often. It would be difficult to resist the urge to play with the toys as a stocker or salesperson.... And people who download porn don't really care who finds it.

Just checked out that "porn" app. It's the same stuff in a FHM. I would hope for good porn to be preinstalled, I would complain also.

You forgot point 3)

The manufacturer or reseller should have nuked/factory reset the tab before shipping it out again. Selling used products as new is a crime in most states.

Manufacturer by saying they ship no boob apps (which would simply be a violation of good taste) admitted to consumer fraud, which is an actual violation of law.

Awesome!!! This story is from my hometown! Oh, and the local ABC news affiliate (where this story originated from) is generally chock full 'o' morons.

What kind of a father is he. Getting your child a COBY product. It s his fault! It'll just break in 3 months.u cheap bastard...couldn't get it new.

The app is back on the market now but a couple days ago I think Google pulled it because he had a section up for the last week that was made specially for nudes. If I remember correctly nudity is a big no no for the market.

Hmmmm.....WHAT!!! $@#%&?%&?%/%$% Oh, wait. Safe search is on.

Seriously guys,there are better ways to subliminally advertise for porn sites ;)

That's just as funny as a 10 year old girl finding a porn DVD in her parents brand new DVD player on Christmas day then the parents tells the news about it claiming it was already in there when they bought it- daddy must be having a guilt trip right now.

The real crime here is that someone bought this device, downloaded porn to it, returned it for whatever reason, and the store threw it back into the package and resold it to someone else as new.........
He needs to talk to the store about this situation, not Coby.
If the guy bought it used. it's his own fault for not checking the device.

Funny but most likely the stores fault. Stores restock returns all the time. I remember buying a digital camera and then getting pissed because there was batteries & memory card inside the cam already.. I never shopped there again...

It's possible it being the store's fault but MOST stores check the device to see if it has been wiped and wipe it if it hasn't. When I returned the Motorola Charm, I was asked if I wiped it and they said they'd do it if I hadn't, I obviously wiped since I didn't want to leave any of my data on it.

I definitely think the father was responsible on this one.

I too bought 3 NextBook 3 touchpad tablets from HSN for my 2 teenage girls (11 & 14) and one for my husband for christmas! Everyone was thrilled when they opened their brand new toy! UNTIL THEY WENT TO THE ANDROID APP STORE AND THERE WAS FREE PORN APPS ON THE 1ST PAGE!!! All they had to do was click it, "say they were 18", and walah! Free Porn to watch!! HOW THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN! These people have to know that millions are buying these products for their kids, and there are no parental controls on the devices, no way to take the porn apps off! SENT THEM ALL BACK!

There is free porn EVERYWHERE. Have you ever actually used the internet? It's ignorant to think that you can shelter your kids from it and even more ignorant to blame the device you purchased. Just because there aren't apps in Apple's app store that give you direct access, doesn't mean a child can't fire up safari and go to any one of a million sites, accidentally or intentionally.

The father DEFINITELY installed this himself. But to be honest, this should be done every time someone returns something. For example, if I bought a returned desk fan, I'd want the original styrofoam to be replaced with crumpled up porn.

Though to be honest, we need to come up with some subtle sign that we can place in packaging to let the next person know that it was repackaged.