Nexus S 4G

Hooray! It looks like Google, Samsung, and Sprint were able to iron out the difficulties in redistributing the closed source radio code for the Nexus S 4G and it's now officially a part of the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) again! Says Jean-Baptiste Queru, Technical Lead, Android Open Source Project --

We've been able to resolve the issues around Nexus S 4G, and we can now properly distribute its CDMA and WiMAX binaries. That allows Nexus S 4G to work with AOSP just as well as Nexus S.

As a result, we now consider Nexus S 4G to be fully supported in AOSP,with no restrictions. Overall, Nexus S is the preferred platform for AOSP work.

I've updated the set of IMM76L binaries for Nexus S 4G to include WiMAX support. They're available at their usual location:



Enjoy we will. Welcome back to the family, Nexus S 4G. We've missed you. You might remember back in February, support for CDMA devices was dropped from the AOSP. Dan Morrill explained that this was because binaries for proprietary radio code was signed by a different private key, and projects built from the AOSP would use the standard platform key. This would lead to all sorts of difficulties, and official support for the devices had to be dropped. Legal issues tend to conflict with open-source more often than not. It seems that the issues have been resolved, and Google can now deliver binaries with the correct key, and the Crespo 4G is alive and kicking in AOSP.

It's worth noting that there's no mention of the Sprint Galaxy Nexus, which uses LTE for the 4G network in place of WiMax. Hopefully, those issues can be resolved as well and we're one big happy Nexus family again.

Source: Android Building Group


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Nexus S 4G officially an AOSP device once again


if this means that we'll be getting Jelly Bean at the same time as the Galaxy Nexus and the GSM Nexus S

...then I shall grin

Yes, I think that's exactly what they are saying!! I think after we had to wait MONTHS to get ICS, google & sprint may have had no choice but to compromise. Whatever made it happen, I'm glad it happened!!! I'm getting all antsy waiting for JB now....we should be right back on the front lines this time around!!

I don't think it was in Sprint's hands. The chipset for CDMA is from Qualcom. They need to release the source for their drivers. IMHO, this was Qualcom releasing some code.

I think this will put an end to the misinformation in the comments sections:

"The plan for Nexus S and Xoom binaries is to approximately match the
timing of the consumer release.


We still have to wait for Sprint's OTA. The AOSP inclusion will only make custom ROMs better...

You should see updates at about the same speed. On another note, I think I liked my Nexus S more than my Galaxy Nexus. But, I switched to Verizon so had to get rid of my S.

Does this mean that hopefully when the VZW Galaxy Nexus gets this ASOP device designation that we will get updates direct from Google?

Unfortunately, no. Not all GSM GNex are build the same either. Only specific builds get updates directly from Google. However, it should mean that custom ROMs should be delivered sooner.

I'm not holding my breath on VZ coming around, their track record with caring what the consumer wants (not to mention the dev community). I'd be happy if it happens, but iv lost faith in VZ.

Can I use the Radio binary n still use the device? Should the binaries be used for development. Only?

Well, not quite a big happy Nexus S family. Those poor AT&T Nexus S phones never officially received an ICS update & will probably be forever forgotten.

well out of sprints box Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus will never be AOSP, because they are running custom firmware altered by sprint such as disabling tethering. Therefore all this means is support for custom roms, but if you are NOT into rooting this really changes nothing.