Nexus Q

When Google unveiled the Nexus Q, they said they welcomed hacking on the social streamer and some in the development community took that as an open challenge to see what all they could make it do. Here we are now, Google I/O all over and done with for another year and some amazing things are happening in the Nexus Q world.

Over at XDA, there is now instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, root it, load custom images onto it and even load up launchers and some apps. A video has been created to show off the hacks, you'll find it below but for now it remains something not for the faint of heart. That said, in the video you'll see some Netflix up and running and plenty of other apps like GMail getting some love. If this thing starts to open up a bit more, would it change your mind on picking one up?

Source: XDA


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Nexus Q hackery continues as root is obtained, launchers and apps get up and running


IF the price goes down, sure what the hell. Where it stands now, no way. I can get another high end phone to play with rather than on of those.

This is what the Nexus Q should've been in the first place. A social, wirelessly-linked desktop replacement. The fact that it already works so well with keyboard/mice and many of the function keys might even suggest that Google was planning on heading this way themselves. I hope they do...and before anyone asks, this is definitely made with the aim of being a Google TV replacement.

Yeah pretty cool now just needs someone to come up with a proper desktop launcher that fit the style of a tv and not a touch screen

Also is it just me but I think it would be nice it the device you pair with it acts as the keyboard and a touch pad mouse but I'm sure that will come

Oh hell yes I'm getting it now! Its like Google TV but better! Was looking for some Google device to.replace my PC with. This just might be it!

>"If this thing starts to open up a bit more, would it change your mind on picking one up?"

Sorry, nope.

Not for $300, but if this keeps up, and the price goes down to ~$150, sure, maybe. Otherwise, why not get a newer Google TV like the vizeo?

For $150 I'd get it in a heartbeat, even for $200 I'd think about it... For $300 it's still way overpriced no matter how much hacking improves functionality (still lacks a remote, etc.).

if they can get DLNA streaming working so I can stream content from my PC I'd import one from the states without a second thought...

in fact anyone know where I could order one that would ship to the UK?

I need a quality audio streamer and the simple fact that it is made in the US makes it worth it. And for having a quality audio circuitry and high quality mechanical construction there is no competition at that price.

Unless you really want the social streaming aspect (or the potential thru hacks) you can get much better bang for your buck with one of the dozens of $100 streamers and a $25-50 T-amp... The Q isn't entirely built in the anyway, most of the electronics are sourced from elsewhere... The fancy over engineered casing is built here, woop de doo.

I don't think that there's been enough attention payed to the fact that there is an amp in this thing, and that a large part of the cost comes from that. I personally don't think it was a good decision, as I would just channel this thing through my reciever. I would love an amp-free version that costs less.

That's not very accurate... A quality speaker amp for a pair of bookshelf speakers can be as cheap as $25, Google Leipai T-amp (or search for it at Parts Express) or Fiio's E series... Even a slightly higher quality near audiophile grade amp wouldn't be more than $100 (a Topping or a more expensive Fiio). I doubt the Q has anything as high quality as a $200 Emotiva amp inside it... So no, it's probably got a half decent amp and that doesn't excuse the price or make it any sort of good value. If it were $200 then the fact that it has an amp might hold some water a an excuse, it'd also bring it closer to impulse buy territory nd competition with similar devices.

Can we just get a cheaper mini Q sans amp and manufactured in Asia already? :P Seriously tho, wages have been rising a lot over there, USA built shouldn't mean a huge price markup. The Galaxy Nexus has a battery and an expensive display that easily cost more than the amp or the Q's case, not to mention licensing fees and engineering costs for the wireless interfaces... It's still only $50 more. They share the same SoC. Either the Q's overpriced or the Nexus is under priced.
Hell, if you ask me they 're both overpriced, the Nexus 7 has a more expensive SoC, display, and a larger battery and it's $200. Even if you buy that it's being sold at cost, you could mark it up 25% and it still puts the other two devices to shame value-wise.

I'm not a fan of the, "Consumer electronics as a fashion statement" thing so my CE boxes are not out in the open of my livingroom.

As such, this thing does nothing for me that a much cheaper googletv box wouldn't do.


The one thing it can do out of the box that a laptop cant is stream content from the Google accounts of anyone's pbone/tablet on the network... With a laptop every person that wants to steam something would have to go up to it, login, etc. Its a novel concept for a social scenario,but not something that would get daily use or justifies the cost.

If Google built an equally pretty touchscreen, it would be a beautiful (and beautifully overpriced) nettop for the kitchen.

I'm still baffled by the entire concept of the Q, but thankful for all the I/O attendees with enough free time to make it useful to the rest of us once it goes on clearance for $99 after Christmas.

Is there a review coming? I've seen several comments from the editors here saying that this is worth the price - I'm really curious to see that explained, as it seems ridiculously over priced to me.