Nexus factory images

Just a quick heads up that, as promised, the factory images for the Nexus 4, and Nexus 7 have been updated, should you need to get back to stock. Nice and easy. If you notice that there's no updated image for the Nexus 10, you've got a good eye. Google's JBQ in the Android Building Group notes that there was a problem with the JOP40C image (which has since been fixed). So hang tight. More on that here.

Otherwise, get your download on should you need to.

Download: Nexus factory images


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Nexus device factory images updated to Android 4.2.1 (JOP40D)

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I have a Galaxy Nexus and got my 4.2.1 update some days ago, but now I regret so much. The main issue is when I change from landscape to portrait modes and vice-versa in any app that supports it. It's a 2-3 whole seconds to change, and it gets worse when using the camera app.
Battery seems to be running like water. Despite the battery has never been that good, I can clearly see that it's much worse after this update.
It looks like the Project Butter no longer exists! The overall interface is clearly slow, sadly... it can be seen when swiping in the apps and widgets drawer and when using the multitask feature. The screen sometimes gets even frozen, very quick, but it does. I feel like using a much older Android phone that has never come across project butter.
I do want the buttery stuff of the 4.1.X back! It was amazing! I decided to sell my iPhone 4S just to try the new Android and I loved it at first, but now it has really disappointed me.