LG Nexus 5

Retailers and carriers from several countries commit to carrying the device

We all have a lot of Nexus 5 and KitKat news to digest, but what's really important is how you'll get your hands on the latest Google phone. Right now there's a handful of different ways to get one, and availability spans across several countries officially — so let's take a look at when, where and how much it'll cost to get your hands on a Nexus 5.

From Google Play directly:

  • United States ($349 / $399)
  • U.K. (£299 / £339)
  • Canada ($349 / $399)
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • India
  • Hong Kong

From U.S. carriers and retailers:

From U.K. carriers and retailers:

  • Three U.K. (£399 PAYG, free on-contract)
  • O2 U.K. (£529 PAYG for 32GB, free on-contract) 
  • Carphone Warehouse (£295)

From Canadian carriers:

Unfortunately not all carriers and retailers are ready to spill the beans just yet on their pricing and availability, but we'll be sure to keep up on the current status of each one as time goes on.

Source: +Google Play; Three UK; MobileSyrup

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Bigballer says:


Jocelyn84 says:

My guess would be only subsidized via Sprint, but I hope I'm wrong :)

jdevenberg says:

Even if they sell it as a "Sprint" or "T-Mobile" device, they will usually let you buy any phone with no contract that you can buy with a contract. So the real question becomes how much will they charge.

Jocelyn84 says:

For Sprint, probably at least $449.99, which is how much Sprint wants for it off contract.

cowboys2000 says:

I saw that off contract Sprint wanted $449 earlier today.

Just buy it from the play store and activate it on sprint!!

KingGinger55 says:

Would love to if they haven't sold out.

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tomh1979 says:

Thus while i'll be buying from the playstore instead since it's the exact same phone, just $100.00 less from google. :)

Bigballer says:

Amazon has free shipping, no tax. why bother paying 30 on top of that 350 for the phone?

lomsha says:

There are taxes in some states now, enjoy it while you can lol.

Bigballer says:

You're right, Illinois court ruled the so called "amazon tax" unconstitutional. I'll enjoy it alright

coolbreeze78 says:

Amazon won't sell for the $349/$399 price. Count on it.

Google takes the hit on hardware cost. Retailers will not.

spielnicht says:

Really? Is that why the 2013 Nexus 7 FHD has been selling on Amazon (and every other retailer) for the same price as Google's store since day one.

Best Buy will be selling it for $799 w/out a contract! Amazon price prob won't be much better.

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quinnjn says:

The Canadian provider SaskTel tweeted that availability is November 8th https://twitter.com/SaskTelSupport/status/396010287176110081

Great, thanks! Hard to get all those CA carriers. 

So are Sprint and T-Mobile currently accepting pre-orders for the 11/08 release? I know your blog says TBD for T-Mobile, but will you update when an official release date has been solidified? I can't find anything on the T-Mobile site. www.nexus-5-accessories.com

hmmm says:

You can preorder it on Sprint's website right now and it says they will do their best to get it to you by the 8th.

cdnsniper827 says:

Release date for Videotron in Canada is November 8th.

Source : Internal memo, but we are monitored so can't publish it.

cdnsniper827 says:

Here is our subscrtion page for our clients


tr-1 says:

I want to switch from Verizon but don't know where to go yet.
Will this phone be accepted at all other major carriers (ATT/Sprint/TMob)? I would like to try at least a couple to see how the service is.

I know the bands support all of those but will THEY accept it if I just bring it in instead of buying from them?


You don't have to bring the device to T-Mobile or AT&T, just get a SIM and put it in the phone. Sprint will accept it also, but you might have to bring the phone in if you're not a subscriber yet.

tr-1 says:

Sweet, thank you.
I also want to finally convert my current number to Google Voice number. I guess this is the perfect time (although I'm still not clear on how exactly it happens)

Quikstep says:

If you go to Sprint, your number can be your Google Voice number. I've done this and it's pretty awesome, especially for texting from my computer at work, and not having to give your friends a separate number.

marcm says:

If you are currently a Verizon customer, can you walk in to an AT&T store and purchase a SIM and a voice/data plan without purchasing a phone?

eahinrichsen says:

Yes. They'll just put you on a post-paid or GoPhone (pre-paid) plan, hand you a SIM and send you on your way.

digmys says:


Emmexx says:

Just walked out of my local Sprint store to confirm this. Salesman said yes it is supported, as a lot of the blogs are saying. It will just be a matter of connecting it up online, at the store or via phone. He did say he did not know when stock would be made available at the store, though.

Orion78 says:

Well I have to wait to next Wednesday to place my order. I really hope Best buy or RadioShack gets the Nexus 5 soon. I rather go that route instead of going through the pain of the play store.

Yeah I'm waiting on Bestbuy also to get it. Hopefully it will be the same price at the Play Store. I want to get those Reward Zone points..

Orion78 says:

Well best buy has the Nexus 7 2013 for the same price of the Play Store. I would assume the Nexus 5 will be no different.

MarkSeven says:

I agree but I never know. Guess we'll have to wait & see. I can't get one 'til the 15th anyway..

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CaptFatFace says:

FWIW, the Best Buy by me allowed me to purchase the new Nexus 7 the day before its official release. There were a lot of BB stores that did this. IDKY though.

Same here. Just using mine for $100 off the phone. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Can't wait.

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shaggie04 says:

FYI, Sprint has a web offer of $49.99 for pre-orders right now with a new line of service.

Jocelyn84 says:

It's $149.99 after $50 MIR for the 16GB. The $100 less is only if you start a new line/account and bring your number from another carrier.

mxmarcus says:

You get it for $50 if you open new line of service and you have to move your line from another mobile operator (AT&T, T-Mobile, Big Red ...)

MetalMike901 says:

Amazon would rock if unlocked version! Hate paying shipping and tax from Google. Doubt it would happen....

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Jocelyn84 says:

It's taxed by the government, not Google :)

nospam4chris says:

More specifically, it's taxed by the state government. Companies are only required to collect sales tax if they have a physical presence in the state. Many of us live in states where there isn't a physical Amazon presence so, no sales tax.

Impulses says:

Didn't get taxed here (Puerto Rico), and surprisingly two-day shipping was only like $14... Regular was like $10 so I went for it, mine won't ship out until next Friday tho. Wish the new Qi pad was available at the time, would've been nice to get both on the same order. Oh well, my LG pad will have to do for now!

Jocelyn84 says:

The terms state & government are synonymous to me, but I totally agree with what you've said. I just didn't like that they said "tax from Google" :)

raksh15 says:

Do you know when it will be available on Amazon though? I am traveling internationally in December and not sure if I should wait or just get it from Google Play?

NoNexus says:

Get it from Play, be safe rather than sorry

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

rlstapp says:

Ditto that. I am traveling Internationally the end of December so do I wait for Amazon or pay the extra $48 for Shipping and Tax that would be $0 on Amazon or $2 for next day shipping.

I could buy mine easily from the US play store since I can access it without any problem but the issue is the LTE won't work here in the middle east.

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Jay Shank says:

I live in India and my father would be in New York next week so hopefully he would be picking 2 32GB Nexus 5...One for him(White) and one for me(Black) if it is available in stores.
32GB costs here $530 US...and in US it costs $400.
Just relate it... $300 extra combining both phones...$150 per phone extra here in India in compared to US..

Posted via Android Central App

Jay Shank I live in India to.do you think your dad could buy me one to?.I really Really want 1
And I think with taxes it should be 430$ but that is still better than 538 dollars here :/

Hey Jay! even i live in India!
Im eagerly waiting for this phone.Could you get me one?

mxmarcus says:

With Sprint, you can only order the 16GB.

Tom Gleeson says:

Very impressed that Google have shown the love to us in the UK this time round.
Got my 16gb white today from carphone warehouse, just walked in and picked one up, no drama!

Last night, expecting a repeat of the N4 issues, I ordered a 32gb in white and a quick view case. Just gonna let the TNT guy take that one back. Can't imagine there will any shortages and don't fancy gouging anyone on the bay.

Awesome screen and great feel... not had much time to play yet.

Hope you all get one...

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AllBlaxx says:

Canadian pricing on Google Play is the same as the US. $349/399

dannyd86 says:

500 no contract at the Canadian carriers is a joke. Who the hell would pay that?

NoNexus says:

Yeah them and Sprint. No way am I paying more for something just for the honor of buying from them.

Didn't do it with my Note 3, won't do it with anything else.

I actually made out on my note..

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Jlav78 says:

Don't forget android central by the forum competition ;)

Posted via Android central app on my rooted LG Google Nexus 4

Why is it that Google devices aren't available in the entire ME, does Google also discriminate against us, Middle-Easterners?

It's available in India for the love of water, no disrespect intended, a sea cruise away from the ME, whilst not in an international economic, commercial hub as in Dubai, UAE.

Jokes aside, I can get the GNX5 in my country, but months after launch, with a price 200$ higher than is declared by Google and without other Google services like books, movies, voice, music which all in all makes a wonderful bargain a less-appealing option.

spock123 says:

Well it is neither available in the Nordic Countries in Europe, so.... there goes your Middle-East discrimination conspiration :)

dante501 says:

Directly at Google for 399 for the bigger memory version. Ordered mine in black. White does look to cheap IMO.

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Tom Gleeson says:

I was thinking the same till I had a good look at both. The material appears to be the same. No shininess and just as much grip.

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coolbreeze78 says:

White will get nasty over time. Dirt and grime. No thanks.

dar_k says:

Doors anyone know why it won't be in sale in Ireland, where most of the European stock gets shipped from?

Any contacts in Google know?

Will the Nexus 5 work on Verizon?

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NoNexus says:


My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Those UK carrier prices are frankly laughable.

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5hadz says:

This is where it's absolute rubbish. I have to pay 100 extra Euros because I'm buying it from the Play Store here in Germany and the biggest problem is...it doesn't make any sense!
I ordered the 32 GB White model last night and in the bill it said 57 Euros VAT (Value Added Tax) and 9.99 Euros for shipping. So that's 70 Euros extra for purchasing it in Germany...where did the other 30 Euros go?

ACADM says:

Everyone has to pay a form of tax and shipping, however in the U.K. it's even more expensive; shipping is 9.99 Pounds, and VAT is 58.16 Pounds for the same 32GB white model.

Come on Verizon. Don't fuck us over once AGAIN.
Somebody match their coverage. Please? :/

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Unibrow says:

Get a dual sim adapter, unlimited t-mobile with an AT&T prepaid sim when stuck with a poor t-mobile signal ^_^

dmedesha says:

I'm wondering if we can just swap our SIM to activate it on VZW. Anyone tried it yet?

J2B2 says:

SCREW Verizon!

Duncan1982 says:

Carphone warehouse £295 hmm tempted to sell my Mega for the Nexus 5, they dont seem to offer the 32gb version though.

Posted via Android Central App

No stock. Ordered mine on Google play, tried to get one from CPWH but there just aren't any. My n5 was just marked as shipped on GP though :-)

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7nexus7 says:

$149 on contract for Sprint is a low price for a great phone with those specs.

Posted via Android Central App

As if the UK carriers are trying to ship PAYG for more than Google play

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shkim698 says:

The best thing about UK is that Carphone Warehouse is selling it 4pounds cheaper & get it delivered to the shop and pick it up whenever you want :) or buy it instore

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paulw3 says:

Canadians would be nuts to buy it from a prepaid carrier as they can buy it from the Play Store.

Posted via my Motorola Startac

lomsha says:

Hurry up t-mo!

Xipher1 says:

I walked into a fortress in Hong Kong yesterday (Nov 1st) and bought 2 off the shelf. 3800hkd or ~500usd

codejinchu says:

I think Google Store will be fine for me. Brought GNex. Unfortunately I brought the N4 from T-Mobile $400 weeks b4 Play store had them $250. I just should have waited.

Posted via Android Central App

Ordered a black 16GB N5 from Carphone Warehouse yesterday, said it was in stock online but apparently won't receive it till the 5th Nov. My N4 will last another 3 days then retire.

Sent from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App

Fayzan says:

Costs 600$ in Asia..

Posted via Android Central App

spock123 says:

Just ordered mine through my girlfriend's sister who lives in Bilbao, Spain.. she'll then send it to me (Denmark).

400 euros, 32GB Black.

Will be a nice companion to my beloved HTC One :)

dave99999 says:

Best buy is now listing them as subsidized Sprint phones.


They list the "no plan" price as $799... if that turns out to be true, I'll be buying via the play store...

jdot104 says:

This is a complete fail.

alias3800 says:

Guys - it's going to be $449.

This thread should be updated.

I just contacted my Best Buy and they told me it would be available November 8.

That sucks was hoping to pick it up @ Best Buy to save on shipping and waiting for delivery. Most retailers are charging the same price for the Nexus 7 as Google play so thought it would be the same for the Nexus 5. I'm not down for paying 2x what the play store is selling it for.

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Do Google offer free shipping for this product inside US?

Sundar B says:

Can i buy this phone in USA google play store and use in India ?

India (Rs 28999/32999)

What's the price in Australia?

Ovidiuc says:

Hi! If a buy e nexus 5 from google play France, will it work in Romania?