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Update, 12:45pm ET: Both models are now listed on the UK Play Store with 4-5 week delivery windows. Previously the 16GB model was shipping in 1-2 weeks. In Germany, it's 4-5 weeks for 8GB and 5-6 weeks for 16GB.

Update, 12:05pm ET: Both 8 and 16GB versions of the Nexus 4 are now available to order on the UK Play Store. Brits can place their orders over here. (If you're seeing a "sold out" message, try refreshing the page.)

Update, 11:23am ET: Forum reports indicate that other European countries will be getting stock today too, as German emails are going out saying stock would be available from 5pm CET. However at the time of writing the German Play Store lists both flavors of Nexus 4 as shipping in 4-5 weeks. We'll keep watching, and keep you updated.

Original story: Just as it's previously done in the U.S. and Canada, today Google's sending out emails to prospective Nexus 4 customers in the UK, advising them that new stock will be available on the British Google Play devices store shortly.

The next batch of Nexus 4s will be available to buyers in the UK from 5pm GMT today -- less than two hours away at the time of writing.

But if earlier Google Play Nexus 4 launches are anything to go by, stock is sure to be snapped up quickly. The first round of UK stock sold out in under an hour on launch day, and the Google Play devices store has been slow and crash-prone whenever and wherever there've been Nexus 4s available.

Good luck to Brits attempting to get their hands on a Nexus 4. We'll be watching closely to see how long that second batch of Nexuses ends up lasting.

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Nexus 4 in stock at UK + German Play Stores [updated]


I was hoping this news not to get posted LOL! Would of increased my chances of buying one. Fingers crossed. I hope the bumper comes back in stock as well!

The second round Nexus 4 launch in Canada was really smooth. No hiccups what-so-ever, only a 7 - 8 weeks wait though...

I wouldn't say smooth. had to refresh from 12-12:03, added to cart, vanished, refreshed 3 more times, added to cart again, hit the Proceed button for 3 minutes for the payment window to pop up. then it was smooth sailing from there. no bumpers though. 3-4 weeks for me. Hope Moshi makes a rear case for it because it looks pretty sleek on an iPhone 4/s.

As much as I would like a new shiny. Now that my Gnex has 4.2.1 and most of the kinks have been worked out. I'll stay with it until at least IO or beyond.

My Galaxy Nexus with 4.2.1 has started playing up today, probably too many drops :-(

But hopefully my Nexus 4 will be delivered soon.

It started to be available in Germany a couple of minutes ago. Successfully ordered mine at last.

Says it will ship in 4-5 weeks, although my friend's order says his will ship in 1-2 weeks (he ordered 1 second after me).

Good luck UK and Germany! I got my 16GB yesterday in Canada. came live at 3:00pm got it at 3:04pm with a 1-2 weeks shipping time. We were limited to 1 device (I wanted 2) and the bumper was never in-stock. Also only the 16GB seemed available for us, the 8GB never came into stock so I can only imagine the people refreshing the 8GB page to no avail. I prepared my google wallet, had 2 browsers open and was refreshing both pages one after the other. Had trouble adding it to my cart about 5 times but once added just keep hitting proceed until it goes through. DO NOT REFRESH once in the cart, just keep hitting proceed. Again good luck!

Probably a good thing the bumper wasn't there. A couple people I know lost out because they tried to add the bumper and it crashed the site.

Odd question....

My wife is buying my a nexus 4 for my xmas, can i use her debit card on my google play/wallet account??? the device will be sent to our home where the card is registered.

Try refreshing, they had the same problem in the second round in U.S. but due (allegedly) to the high traffic on the play store

Lucky you! I also ordered at 17:07 UK & I got my confirmation email at 17:08 UK but it says 1-2 weeks shipping :( I think I screwed up at payment as I had added Amex in Google Wallet already and while going through the payment it didn't allow me to use that one so had to add another Visa card :( anyway, fingers crossed! Hoping to get it delivered it soon.

Ordered 16GB in UK (eventually) at 17:07 Confirmation email 17:09
Plus a friend ordered theirs got confirmation email at 17:11

Thought I would just check to see what the state of play was in the Play Store..
16 GB
More options›
Thank you for your previous order. You have reached the limit for this item.

Managed to get a Nexus 4 but the address was slightly wrong. Apparently Google couldn't change it when I called them so I had to cancel it (they wouldn't let me do that over the phone but online was OK). Can't order another one now either - even if it won't ship for a few weeks. Their customer service really does suck... I recently ordered a laptop from Apple which came with a small scratch and they shipped me a new one and let me keep the old one till it arrived. I don't expect that for the price Google charge but it couldn't have been that hard to get in touch with TNT and change the postcode.

On the plus side for people who ordered before 17:09... mine was apparently already sent to TNT so you guys might not have to wait 1-2 weeks like they were saying.

EDIT: I noticed in their help section is does mention you can't change address - still seems silly to me but hopefully I'll be able to order a new one soon.

I feel your pain, I did exactly the same thing as I've been ordering Christmas gifts so on autopilot I put in my families post code in Belfast and not my home one in England. Massive error! Ended up having the same convo with Google, plus one with TNT. Decided to leave it as it was 1-2weeks dispatch and hope it turns up, if not either way I'll be waiting 4-5 weeks!

At least it wasn't just me... good luck with getting yours! Looks like it is 5-6 weeks now so by the time it lets me order one again it will probably be sold out so you made the right choice! At least I have my Nexus 7 for now.

How does the "link this device to my account" thing work? Will this delay the delivery or since the serial number is on the box, is it just scanned and linked to my Google account?

Germany 8GB is sold-out. I tried ordering 16GB but receiving this error
"Uh oh. There was a problem.
We couldn't start your purchase because of a technical issue.
Details of the problem below:
Sorry, we were unable to process this request. Any charge will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours. Please try again after 24 hours."

5 min ago, I ordered nexus 7. so there shouldn't be any tech problems. I think I have bad luck today :O

Appears shipment has commenced, but not in a logical way, people who ordered last on the 4th are getting there's first!

Well done google