Nexus 7 2Bluetooth SIG listing shows new 7-inch Nexus tablet alongside spec details

After dropping by the FCC a couple of days ago, the ASUS K009 -- a new "Nexus"-branded tablet, according to FCC documents -- has appeared in a tiny photo at the Bluetooth SIG. It's rectangular and tablet-shaped, with a front-facing camera... and that's about all you can tell. Squint really hard and you might be able to make out the outline of the screen, which seems to indicate slightly less bezel than on the existing Nexus 7.

But it isn't all tiny, illegible pictures -- the Bluetooth SIG listing also contains an interesting paragraph about the new Nexus 7's internal specs.

The document confirms the presence of a 7-inch LED-lit display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core CPU. That contradicts FCC documents, which specify a slightly less speedy Snapdragon S4 Pro chip instead. It's possible the similarities in part numbers (the S4 Pro is APQ8064, the 600 is APQ8064T) may be to blame. In our opinion the Snapdragon 600 is the more likely candidate, considering the probable launch timing.

Other specs gleaned from the FCC filing include a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 4,000mAh battery and 4G LTE connectivity. Elsewhere, a 1920x1080 display resolution has been rumored, however that information has yet to appear anywhere official.

With the device in the hands of regulatory bodies, hopefully we won't have too long to wait before the new Nexus 7 becomes official. And if the reported specs are accurate, we're sure it'll be a day-one purchase for many Android fans.

Source: Bluetooth SIG; via @poke4christ


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Next-gen Nexus 7 pictured in tiny photo, Snapdragon 600 CPU listed


S4 pro dont have LTE and 600 has LTE. so maybe one is wifi and the other is LTE version.

maybe they used S4 pro in wifi to keep the cost down.

Are you stupid or uniformed because its the other day around. 600 WiFi only s4 pro has lte which makes sense old chip used for lte, to keep price at the same price as WiFi.

Both the S4 pro(Nexus4) and Snapdragon 600 (HTC One/SGS4) have an external LTE modem (Qualcomm MDM9215M). They will use same SoC on both WiFi & LTE versions, they just wont fit the modem chip in the WiFi only version.

Qualcomm's site suggests there is a version of Snapdragon 600 with integrated LTE, but given that HTC & Samsung did not use it would suggest its not yet available.

As stated above me, both the S4 Pro (8064) and Snapdragon 600 (8064T) lack LTE or any cellular radios on chip. They both require additional baseband chips for cellular data.

Just because someone got their information mixed up doesn't mean they're "stupid". Maybe you should take a step back and be a little nicer next time.

Not only did you jump on someone for being wrong, you then made a "uninformed", "stupid" response yourself.

you don't have to be a douche just because you wanted to post the wrong answer first and he beat you to it.

Incorrect. There are some architectural changes to the 600 and CPU benchmarks will show the 600 is much superior to the S4 Pro regardless of clock speeds.

Yes but both required additional chips installed on board to get this. Look up the specs on Qualcomm's site, it will confirm.

The Bezels appear to be in-between the nexus 7 and ipad mini in size. (I'm just eye-balling it).

Glad to see it's thinner, though I would have preferred it going even thinner, for the price, I really can't complain.

Although that is great news. It would be a real game changer if it was the first device to launch running the s800.

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S4 Pro was pretty high up there at the time of the Nexus 4 release. Unless you count the Exynos 5250 from the Nexus 10,which was also pretty high end and cutting edge at its release. Either way, with the examples I've just given, they both suggest high end chips for previous Nexus devices at the time of their release.

Considering your username and your under-rock location during the N4 release, it's hard to believe you.

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The nexus 7 was cutting edge. It was the first 7" tablet with a quad core processor. On top of that it was priced at 200-250. So it is very that Google will surprise us once again. I just can't wait to find out what that surprise is.

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Really? Can you name a single device that was better than any Nexus on the day the Nexus was released? What 10" was better than the N10 last winter? Even today? What 7" beats the N7, even today? What non-phablet was better than the N4 last November? There are 2-3 devices that are arguably better than the N4 now, but they all were announced at the end of this Spring. What device rivaled the Galaxy Nexus in December 2011?

Every single Nexus device, on the day it was released, was the best device in it's niche... and most held that title for six or more months before having anything that rivaled their supremacy.

Being low cost to consumers doesn't mean low quality.

To this day, I still MUCH prefer my Nexus 4 to all other Android devices. I'd buy it again, and again and again. It was great then, and it's great now.

I think there was a rumor about that a month or so ago. I wish it's true but it's doesn't seem likely now.

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yeah, waiting out to see which to get... Nexus 7 or iPad mini! If the 7 sports a 1080 screen.... will be a real tough choice!

It shouldn't be too hard of a choice......the nexus 7 is already better than the iPad mini and this new one will be even more superior. And the iPad mini is crazily overpriced.

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If you like iOS then I guess the mini is a pretty nice tablet, I just don't like iOS much, but that's just my opinion. Its not that iOS is bad, I just prefer the customizability android allows

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Yeah, its just i ant decide between iOS and android! I'm really stuck in the iOS ecosystem but the nexus 7 seems like the better device. Yeah, its a tough choice..... leaning toward the nexus 7 though!

I have had iOS devices for a while but recently decided to switch to android to see what it was like and I haven't looked back since. The customizability options are great and the Google play store has really caught up to apples app store in terms of quality content, almost all major apps and games are on Google play now. I would recommend the nexus 7 over the current iPad mini although apple will be announcing a new iPad mini which should have a retina display and ios 7 this fall. The new nexus 7 though should have just as good or better specs than that new mini though.

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AFAIC, it wouldn't matter if it had a S4 Pro or a 600. Either way, this tablet would be blazing fast. This will be the best small form-factor tablet available....again.

Oh wow, were getting more and more N7 news every day! I really want Google to announce this already! I want to get it for my birthday in 3 weeks! Specs are sounding great and hopefully the price will be around the same!

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I was hoping that they would increase the screen size a tiny bit. Somewhere between 7-8". Oh Well... gonna probably stick with the first Nexus 7.

Me too. I was happy about the smaller bezel, but I would have accepted a similar or slightly larger if it had a larger screen. There is always the Tab 8.0 when it debuts. Similar size but with a 8 inch screen and small bezel.

Everything I've heard suggests the new Nexus 7 has a 16:10 ration like the original meaning 1920x1200, not 1900x1080. It would suck something fierce otherwise.

I hope Asus gets to make the next 10" model and with LTE and the same high resolution screen it has now!!!!! but even this 7 inch sounds like a keeper!!!

Why? Asus' build quality is crap compared to Samsung. Not that Samsung makes the highest end hardware, but my nexus 10 has taken 3-4 short falls and you can't even tell. First time my nexus 7 took a very light bump, edge of bezel cracked and the bezel separated at the screen. Not long after that the screen on my nexus 7 shattered from me squeezing ever so slightly while carrying it in the stock rubber case. Asus will not honor warranties like Samsung either. Anyone who tried to warranty replace a nexus 7 knows what I'm talking about. Point is you can't even tell I've had my nexus 10 for half a year. She is still a beaut.

They better have the supply chain worked out because it's wiggity whack when you want to buy a nexus and they are sold out within ten minutes.

Si vis pacem parabellum

I don't know what you mean b Nexus not being cutting was the best mini tablet and came with nvidia tegra 3 and higher resolution screen than iPad mini..I can't wait till 2nd gen comes out so they can sell several million more unit...on to nexus 10 I doubt they will release a second gen of it since they only sold about 100,000 units.

Anyone know why they would ditch the tegra processors? Not that it really matters but it is nice to have access to some of the tegra specific titles. I know I have been bummed at times when I can't access them on my s3. Just found it curious and wonder what others think?

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It may have to do with the fact that Qualcomm has proven that they can manufacture their chipset in high volume, and it has best-in-the-business radios. Considering that the graphics on Qualcomm's solutions have been as powerful (or better) than Nvidia's offerings that may be a good thing. I am all for optimizing per chipset for greater performance, but right now all the optimizing is being done for Nvidia. Graphics quality would be just as good on a Snapdragon S4 Pro or 600, for example, if the same types of optimizations were made for them. This reminds me of the days of MMX/SDNow all over again, and that's not good for the consumer. I don't want to have to buy Tegra just to get top graphics when my chipset is even more powerful!

Snapdragon 600 will do, though snappy 800 or Tegra 4, would be better, huge performance leap in graphics, would love to see 3GB LPDDR3 RAM. Looking forward to 1080p, 64GB flash would be good, my N7 has 32GB flash already, gaming and high definition video are getting better and better. Big eg. 1GB games are quite good, combining flash, with a decent amount of GPUs and RAM produces desktop like results. The new games consoles, will mean games makers won't pitch so low end, high level desktop graphics at 28nm, a billion transistors, 500 GPUs, 4GHz equivalent GDDR5 RAM, don't really have much to challenge them. Similarly 72 Nvidia GPUs, 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, 64 GB flash, 1080p screens, are a lot of playground for designers who use a DVDs worth of flash, or even a blue rays worth on a mobile device. Real Racing 3 looks good, on a 24 th the GPU power !!

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Guess I am the only one who wants a larger battery...

A nicer front facing camera would be great as well, I absolutely don't see a single reason for any tablet to have a back camera? When do you have your tablet on you but not your phone which will take a better picture 99.9% of the time?

Well the original N7 had a slightly larger battery, but the SoC was also built on a 40nm process whereas the new one will be built on 28nm tech. Plus the screen should use less battery if the rumors are correct that they are going with an LTPS screen.

So if both the SoC and screen use less battery, the 2nd gen should actually come out with a few more hours of battery life.

I do agree with the rear facing camera though. It's utterly worthless. Give us front facing speakers instead.