Nexus 7

An initial update to build JWR66N and subsequent update to build JSS15J are available

Early adopters of Google's new Nexus 7 are being greeted with software updates right out of the box. The first update will automatically begin as soon as the tablet connects to WiFi for the first time, usually during the initial setup process. The tablet will shut down, boot into recovery, apply an update to bring the build number up to JWR66N, and bring the user back to the setup screen to continuing signing into a Google account.

The second update comes in a more traditional fashion: it is downloaded in the background, and then triggers a system update notification in the notification tray. Once the user accepts the update and it is applied, the build number becomes JSS15J. Both seem to be minor updates, most likely containing some system fine-tuning and bug fixes.

Now if Google would just post the factory images for this model.

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New Nexus 7 receives two updates at launch


There's one disappointment about the 2nd gen N7 and that is its 3950mAh battery. Srsly? Why did they reduce the battery size? I know some say it scores 1 hour more than the original N7 but that's not an acceptable excuse.

how is it not acceptable? it lasts longer and you're upset because the 'capacity' number is lower? really?!

Honestly I think they decided they didn't need it, so far I've been running mine like crazy since I got it last night and the battery is holding up great. I was worried about stand by battery life, the original 7 and the 10 seem to still drain at times with the screen off and in standby, I unplugged mine and left it in standby for over 4 hours and when I picked it up again it still showed 100% charge (this is with the exact same configuration and Apps installed as my Nexus 10).

They managed to simultaneously make the device smaller AND improve its battery life. I don't see why you're upset. Battery life is what matters, not numbers on a sheet.

Save money for something they don't need. If the battery already lasts the target time, no need for it to go much further. Unless they made it last significantly longer and could market that it has a better battery...

It lasts longer because of increased efficiency. If they had kept the original battery capacity (or increased if possible) while still increasing the efficiency, then the battery would last even longer, right?

It's thinner, lighter and has a supposed 10hr screen time. I'm not really sure what there is to complain about...

What your saying makes no sense. So, even though the new N7 lasts longer, it's no good because the mah number is smaller? Really dude?

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The iphone 5 has 1,440mah and lasts as long a most of our android devices. Mah doesn't matter, what matters is how the software is implemented with the hardware. Moto X will have around 2,200mah according to rumors and Motorola is known for there durable battery life.

Motorola is only know for battery life because of the Maxx, all the others are ordinary. Let's not get carried away

Actually I recall Motorola being the most competitive Android OEM for battery talk time (including non Maxx phones). I will admit talk time isn't very important to me or most smartphone users, but it is a valid point that Motorola focused on battery even before the Maxx line.

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I think its perfectly fine, after getting the new N7 from a store today, after the updates, installing apps, using it straight up for over an hour, I have only burnt 9% battery...
If a battery lasted 1.5 days it would suck, then you would have semi inconsistent charging times, just saying, being able to charge it every night, or every other night is nice vs not wanting to charge it since battery isn't less than 20%

See i just got the 1st gen nexus 7 and i love it. now this one has a snapdragon and a different GPU. my concern is Nvidia, you hear the name you think graphics cards. so how does this new nexus 7 scale up to a tegra 3 with a nvidia GPU?

in theory i guess haha. i put glazed JB rom on my nexus and man is it snappier then snappier and plays games even better. im not too familiar with benchmarking or any of that kind of stuff but just curious. i would guess nvidia would produce a much better GPU then any of these other processer manu's.

Benchmarks reflect what Google said about 1.8x cpu & 4xgpu performance.. In theory nvdia should be better at gpu but this is newer gpu compared to one in tegra 3. Maybe Tegra 4 is going to be faster but since it isn't yet out Google put best that is currently on the market in it...

Not in theory, in reality. And your guess isn't accurate, like it or not. Yes, nVidia is more experienced with GPUs, but desktop-class. That doesn't scale to mobile. The mobile architecture is entirely different. nVidia's working on it, and improving, but Qualcomm's been here much, much longer.

looks like you're stuck in a world Where you think Nvidia the only graphics company I don't blame you but this new process a lot better than Tegra 3. How is it measured, by benchmarking

Just to let some people know, the second update might not apply because of some checksum error on a file. This occured to me on my N7 bought from Best Buy yesterday. There is a fix for it though on XDA but you will need to flash a custom recovery to fix it and install the update.

How long does it take this 2nd update to succeed or fail? I've been looking at the colorful "X" on my screen for about an hour now. Should I just cycle the power and see if it starts over, or is there a way to reload the factory ROM from a special boot/button sequence?


Mine has been sitting here for two hours now with the"X" on the second update. Tried to power off, but it won't. How much longer to wait and how do I force shutdown if needed?

Yeah I noticed this as I set up my new Nexus. I thought at first maybe I had lost a connection or something and it had to reboot to finish installing the 4.3. Interesting to note too is that my Nexus had 50% charge when first booting up for the first time vs the 25% of my original one on first boot.

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I can't get my new N7 to recognize NFC tags. I was able to use Android beam twice earlier but after that I can't get it to work. Anyone else have problems with NFC?

I started to push the back of the tablet with my thumbs and felt something give or move. Now the NFC is working.

Mine also does not recognize NFC tags. Nearly as soon as I got it out of the box, I beamed a picture over from my GNex (I think it was before the second update), and now I can't use NFC at all.

I've tried unlocking and rooting, but that didn't fix anything related to NFC.

I just spent a few hours on mine. I picked one up for a buddy who just had a sky diving accident and got out of emergency surgery. I sure hope it holds up for him. Seems to be good so far.

He will be using the device day in and day out for awhile. So he should be a good test. I'll keep you guys posted as to the status.

The first thing I noticed after picking it up was how light this tablet is. It's amazing. And I think the s4 pro doesn't require as much power as the previous tegra processor used in the first nexus 7. I may be wrong but that's what I have heard.

I've installed about sixty apps and it used two percent battery. Mine came out of the box with half a charge. 50 percent exactly.

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FYI the update installed just fine on both units I purchase from best buy.

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I was able to go to Bestbuy and get a 32gb model. They even honored Staples' coupon and price matched it for me! Im loving this thing! :-)

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Interesting. I received 4.3 OAT yesterday and applied it to my 2012 Nexus tablet. The build number is not the same as mentioned in this article.
My build number is are there different build numbers for different devices.

By the way my N7 runs very nice...quick and smooth on's just not the same build number as this article talks about.

Go into the forums and the nexus 7 talk and read about how to force the update. Works like a charm everyone!

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