New Nexus S Model

A recent FCC filing for what seems to be an updated model of Samsung's Nexus S has given some credibility to the possible existence of Android 2.4.

Engadget recently noticed the listing for the Samsung GT-i9023, the outline of which appears to perfectly match the current Nexus S. Coincidentally, the Nexus S also happens to have a very similar model number - GT-i9020. In addition, Engadget notes that the GT-i9023 also recently passed Bluetooth SIG and Wi-Fi Alliance certification, so this is definitely a real device.

What makes this story interesting, though, is that it gives weight to a video recently recorded by German tech site BestBoyZ which seems to show a Nexus S running Android 2.4. The baseband version displayed on that phone begins "i9023," which would seem to refer to the new Nexus S model. This is still well within the realms of speculation, but if the GT-i9023 is indeed refreshed Nexus S hardware, then it suddenly becomes pretty reasonable to think it might be running a refreshed version of Android too.

The Nexus S isn't the first device to be caught apparently running Android 2.4. At last week's CES, Sony Ericsson's upcoming Xperia Arc was snapped with "Android version: 2.4" on its "About" screen, though this was later dismissed as a "misconfiguration" by the manufacturer.

You can check out the video of what seems to be the new GT-i9023 model Nexus S running "Android 2.4" after the jump. [FCC via Engadget]


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Mysterious new 'Nexus S' model sighted, gives weight to Android 2.4 possibility


I was hoping for an AT&T-compatible version, but you may be right. This has both the model number (I9023) and a European release date for Q1/Q2 2011.

It's probably a version of the Nexus for a specific carrier. Maybe one for non-sim card carriers. I don't are any other reason for Google to stop another Nexus this soon. Its not good business sense.

Could this device be what Sprint is planning on announcing on Feb 7th? The first CDMA Nexus phone to run Android 2.4?

Could this device be what Sprint is planning on announcing on Feb 7th? The first CDMA Nexus phone to run Android 2.4?

I hope it's a Nexus S with t-mobile 4g. I will definitely buy this as my Nexus One replacement...

One could assume that this is the CDMA version of the NexS. It would not be logical to assume this is the next release so soon.

2.4 will not be coming out anytime soon. They will most likely announce it at Google's developer conference and release it in the summer.

Second this model is the European one so we can all stop speculating about this now.

That just doesn't jibe with Samsung's own tweet about 2.2 still being tested. Plus, none of the Galaxy S devices on the 4 major US carriers have been updated to Froyo. This time, it's not just AT&T's fault.

I'd hope that this would mean the existing Nexus S would get 2.4 in short order (if there's any real difference). What's with the version increment so quickly?

If it were HSPA+ or anything similarly improved, it'd leave alot of us who bought the Nexus S in December with "buyer's remorse"...

Ice Cream is after Honeycomb, so it will be 3.x or possibly 4.0. 2.4 is probably the same thing as 2.0/2.1 with Eclair.

Doing minor upgrades to Gingerbread up to 2.9 would make sense. Press release at end of 2011, "90%of all Android devices are running on Gingerbread " lol

Why whould a EU phone be going through the FCC (US gov't based)? If this IS the EU model, then the Nexus S users should expect 2.4 soon.

Otherwise, take back your Nexus S while you can and wait for this one. :P

Anyone else notice that the test 1 document has AT&T's 3g frequency bands listed. Test 2 has AWS 1700 listed which means it's a 3g, possibly 4g for Tmo. I hope this is true, I'd buy the Nexus S if it had this.