Mugen Power Case for Nexus 4.

Battery cases are big. This is, of course, because they are cases that contain not just your phone, but another battery with which you will charge your phone.

And so here we give you a quick look at the Mugen Power Case for the Nexus 4. It's a big battery case — 4,500 mAh and easily double the thickness of the Nexus 4. But it's also simple to remove (without you having to worry that your phone will go flying out. But unlike most battery cases, in which the phone slides onto the microUSB plug somehow to get its juice — Mugen opts for an external plug. It (mostly) tucks away into the soft-touch case when not in use. When you need that extra power, you unstow it, connect it to your phone and pray nobody sees what you've done.

This battery case isn't all that much of a looker. It's decent enough with its soft-touch finish and blue LEDs, but the external plug is as homely as it is functional. That's just a simple fact. But what you do get here is a basic 1A in/out battery case that'll protect your phone (everything but the display) and give you a far more power than the Nexus 4's 2100 mAh internal battery can manage.

You can snag a case directly from Mugen for $89.50.


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Mugen Power Case for the Nexus 4



I'd rather spend the 25 bucks on one of those anker battery "lipstick" instead.

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The Nexus 4 battery isn't the greatest, but doesn't really need that big of a battery pack either. Custom kernels really help with the battery life though like Hells-Core and Franco.

As a nexus owner, I have to disagree. The battery is pretty awful. Yeah you can make it acceptable by jumping through a bunch of hoops...but I never had to do that on phones with extended batteries. Non-removable batteries are an awful idea, and companies need to stop doing it. You too google.

I much prefer them. I'm rarely far from a charger during the week, and get 3 charges out of my $30 portable charger on weekends. Fixed batteries allow for better design/materials and doesn't inconvenience me at all. Portable chargers aren't tied to 1 phone unlike spare batteries, and offer way more flexibility.

Oh, but then again since the world clearly revolves around you, we should all boycott fixed-battery phones because you don't like them.

I agree with you.

A phone with nice materials and craftsmanship is useless if the battery is dead. I can (and do)carry around a multiple spares for my GS3. I have never run out of juice, and I can't ever see using a phone with an integrated battery as my daily driver.

The Nexus 4 sits in a drawer because of this.


HOLY CRAP Batman! Unsightly indeed :( I think someone could make a similar case that is not that thick.

If you look up the word fugly in the dictionary it has a picture of this case. What's up with that cord? Looks like something made in someone's basement...

Yes, it IS true that a non-removable battery is a pain in the ass when it's not good enough to last all day with really heavy usage, but carrying a spare battery around is just another pain in the ass as well. I just got the LG G2 five days ago. I can honestly say LG has made great strides in battery life with the G2. I've been using the sh*t out of it everyday and it has held its own, no prob. I'm logging some serious hours of large screen time with this baby. The days of ridiculous battery packs and carrying spare batteries are numbered!

That phone battery is good so you contradicted the beginning of your comment.

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That's what she said...never.

Posted via Android Central App via HTC One

Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen

Wow, I'd be proud to pull that out of my pants and say "mine is bigger then yours"

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I get a day and a half out of my n4. Plenty long without that hunchback backpack. Almost zero protection on the front either.

I've never gotten a day and a half out of mine, but I can easily go to work in the morning and have 60% or so left when I get off 9 hours later. That's with light/medium use, full brightness, and everything turned on. I have an external battery at work, just in case I want to do some gaming on my lunch break, but otherwise I've never had to think about battery life on my N4. It's been nice to not have to worry about it after having the Verizon GNex that needed a battery change by lunch time.

Yeah.. This is why I have never owned and will never own a phone that doesn't have a swappable battery... I can probably hold 8 or more batteries in the same space as this monstrosity. I always have two in my pocket.

I had one of these. You get used to the size eventually and it is quite an eyesore but you can play the most battery destroying games all day long without running out of power. I got more than a few strange looks every time I brought it out but it was worth it.
HOWEVER, that little cable is so thin and fragile that mine broke after 3 weeks. No visible damage, it just stopped working. Not sure if it was a dud or if they're all like that.
Shop carefully.

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this case is to big and clunky, there is no room ifor that in my fitted jeans to carry this around. to me this meas fail.

For $90 just please give me back my removable batteries!

I have a Nexus 4 now. And, I was right. The battery life is HORRIBLE. I come from a phone where I had an extended battery installed that cost me all of $15 on eBay and gave me 3500mah of joy. Now I'm constantly jumping from charger to charger and stressing in between. $90 and you get that ugly thing with an external charge cable? Wow... ugh...

No, no, nope, uh, no and nada. A bigga too late, and a too bigga for me. and no to the umbilical cord - baby just got a birtha so I gotta charge my phone a - way too expensive and way too late a Nexus 4 accessory.

Phil, you should have given an opinion, not just the report. Nexus products need better accessories and support, ASAP. Watching the next launch closely, but doubtful.

I had a terrible customer experience with peordering one. after three delays I finally canceled my order

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This is an area where a removable battery helps. Extended batteries for most Samsung phones do look better, even a small bump can be enough. However, if you really need lots of power for an N4 at least we have this option.

Bigger screens & more data need more power. So if you lock in the battery, make it a big one Google. An extra 2-3mm is fine with me.

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What is the major advantage of non-removable batteries in the first place? OEMs have to basing this on a bottom line somewhere, factoring in that some people will avoid their products because of it and that they cannot market "Official" replacement/spare batteries either. Is it just so they can arrange things to make the devices a couple mm thinner?

As to the case, it is fugly as hell, but that wouldn't keep me away from it. The external plug though... I can picture that breaking easily and making the case one big lump...