Nexus One docks

While watching the video on the creation of the Google Nexus One, we get a brief glimpse of the desktop dock that's available now (watch our video review) and a couple others that we may well see soon. On the left appears to be a dock with a slot in the rear to charge a spare battery. And on the right (next to the MacBook Pro) is what appears to be the car dock, which we've seen in some Nexus One documentation already.

Google's had zero word on pricing or availability of the other two docks, so stay tuned.

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Usman says:

Looks like a desktop dock that can sync data on the right... at least to me, it looks like it has a microUSB plug. I'm just waiting for the car dock so I can buy it together with the current dock with bluetooth. ;)

peetee says:

When Google said, that they will release a phone that will be for everybody not to mention for the whole world. They aren't really exagerating
in fact now that their most awaited official nexus one statement has finally been revealed. The question if Nexus one is an iPhone killer - Coz,
in fact its the 'super phone' as the developers call it for everybody. All the questions about Nexus One Answered:

Tommy Armour says:

I am totally waiting for the car dock from google. I personally cannot wait.

Mitchell Oke says:

The cradle on the right looks oddly similar to the cradle of the old HP 4355:

Mitchell Oke says:

Correction, I mean the one on the left.

ontheFritz says:

just so you know, the link for creation of the Google Nexus One goes to the "Store View" post.

and this is great news! Ordering my N1 this week :)

D'oh! Fixed. Thanks.

And congrats! You'll love the Nexus One.