Microsoft Surface

Steve Ballmer and company announced the Microsoft Surface, a 10.6-inch 1.5 pound Windows 8 tablet, this evening in Los Angeles. Complete with a kickstand, and a Transformer-esque "cover" with a magnetic docking system and a tactile keyboard. We'll have to admit -- it's intriguing. It's also coming at a time when Microsoft is floundering in the mobile space with their smartphone offerings, and needs to hit one out of the park. 

The hardware comes from Microsoft themselves, who made a big to-do about controlling both the hardware and the software of the Surface, and that's going to compete with their long-time partners like Samsung and HP, and more directly ASUS -- who has a knack for building great convergent tablet/laptop devices.. We're pretty certain we'll see similar models from other OEM's in the near future, but tonight was all about Microsoft. 

What's probably most interesting is the fact that you'll be able to use the same full-featured programs you use today on a Windows computer on the Surface. That's a big deal, and gives this one some potential that more mobile-oriented tablets from Apple and Android OEM's simply lack. The Surface is more of a laptop competitor than a tablet competitor, and may force others to up the specs to keep in the running. Give me a tablet I can use to draw diagrams and schematics (or other "heavy" work) and I'm going to look twice. How about you? See anything here that grabs your eye? Hit the source links for more information, and there's a video after the break. Of course you'll find out everything you need to know about Microsoft's new gear at WPCentral

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Microsoft announces the Surface tablet [the competition]


You are right, android tablets are basically dead with the arrival of this. The ipad will be ok with its big lead but android is essentially dead by all account. They were hardly moving before this, I certainly don't see anyone outside of android harcore fans picking them up after this. I don't care what google announce at google io I just don't see how they can compete with this. Android as an os sucks on tablets and its the truth.

That is complete non-sense. Android is just fine as a tablet OS and will compete even better with a PC type device than a media consumption device like the itoy.

And will compete even better? -_- Android on Tablets isn't competing with anything... OEMs aren't even making any damn money off the things.

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. The iPad has enough compelling tablet-specific apps to maintain relevance, and this (at least the Intel based one) will have the ability to run ALL your current Windows programs. As much as I love Android, this leaves Android based tablets pretty much out in the cold. I've had an Android tablet for over a year now, and there's just very little compelling about it - it's basically just a 7 to 10 inch phone. It's great for my kid to watch movies on or doodle in a simple painting app, but that's about it.

Android just hasn't managed to catch much traction as a tablet OS, and this from Microsoft isn't going to help. Much the contrary, while I love Android and very much dislike Microsoft, this is the only tablet I could see myself buying. The ability to run real Windows and all my *real* programs is absolutely key.

Totally agree. This spells the end of Android tablet -- at least in its current form. Just look at what Google plans to do -- releasing a cheap tablet. That's it. It's like saying, "we can't beat the iPad, may be we can try lower our price dramatically to see if that works." It's not a bad strategy, IF Google did it 1 year ago. Now, it's more like competing with the Kindle Fire. Clearly, Google is only playing defense. But look at what Microsoft is trying to do -- it's not trying to sell you a tablet. Instead, Microsoft is redefining what mobile computing is. It's a bold move on their parts. I don't see myself buying a Windows Phone anytime soon, but the Windows Surface, count me in.

i can't see the average consumer paying $1k for this tablet, in a time when technology is getting better,faster,smaller, cheaper, this is way on the high end side.

The ARM version is suggested to cost about the same as an iPad - in the $500 range. All that's been said about the supposed $1,000 version is that it will be priced in the same range as ultrabooks. Maybe that does end up being $1000, maybe less. In any case, that price would be perfectly reasonable consider that version would essentially be a full blown, Intel based, Windows 8 Pro running ultrabook in tablet form.

So, the ARM version of the Surface would be more what we consider a tablet, and would be price competitive with current tablets.

The Intel version of the Surface is essentially a full-on Intel based notebook/ultrabook in tablet form, and be price competitive with notebooks/ultrabooks.

There's really no pricing issue there, you just have to make apples to apples comparisons (no pun intended) between the different models.

We just have to make sure that these things can run the Android Emulators smoothly and I'm in 100%.

This is exactly the type of thing I've been looking for when it comes to tablets (provided it delivers). Not that I hate my Tab, on the contrary, I love it and I find it is an amazing consumption device... but this.. this is "post-PC" more than the ipad or the galaxy tab is if for no other reason than it lets you get that stuff done anyway, but throws out the old notions of how to do it in the process. Not to mention the actual hardware looks fantastic. I'm an android user on mobile, and have an imac and a chromebook.. but this is making my pocketbook itch.

Not bad, Microsoft. Not bad.

Now if you could just confine that OS to tablets instead of putting it on desktops too, I think you could make a lot of people happy.

That isn't the point. The problem with android n apple tablets is there phone based. This just like your PC at home. Full true web no going to mobile sights no banning from sights like hulu who say sorry your on a mobile device if this is it then this should kick start corporations that run windows platform a boost.

I think that is where Microsoft has a winner here. They have combined the two and will be a good path for the future. Now, why they got rid of the Start menu is my biggest complaint. Just seems odd without it, I can't get used to the Metro interface being the holy grail of getting to everything.

But the whole point of Apple having a phone based OS on the tablet was for battery life and speed on mobile hardware and Android makers just copied the idea. Microsoft is doing its own thing for once and actually innovating, very interesting to see especially with Balmer still in charge!

Which is funny, cause if Apple fans actually knew their company history, they would know that they have zero moral authority to whine about "copying". (Xerox P.A.R.C----->Macintosh)

Microsoft isn't doing anything here but providing a crossover (me2) PC device in the form of a touch screen portable PC. Fundamentally, there is nothing new here.

Side note... this video feels very "Droid does campaign" to me. Anyone else? (also, I want that song)

Couple of points:

If you want the Windows 8 version, so you can run all your existing windows apps you have to buy a different model, which weighs in at almost two pounds, is thicker, comes with a bigger battery and 64gig of memory.

Comparative Spec sheet here:

The tablet comes in two models, Windows RT and Windows 8, and the two OSs are not compatible.

(Those mile wide bezels sure look a lot like my HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet. (Yes, I'm one of the 6 guys who bought that).

The two models are compatibe when running Metro apps. The two OSs CAN run the SAME Metro apps. To run your old x86 apps, you need Windows 8.

Microsoft is trying to push developers to write new Metro apps or convert there current x86 apps to Metro apps. For a developer to support both Windows 8 RT and Windows 8, all they need to do is write ONE Metro app.

In a year or two Microsoft will have more Metro apps than iOS or Android.

That should be easy as I don't see ios or android having any Metro apps in a year or two... ;)


I think they did a pretty good job. They took note on the complaints of the iPad and gave the solutions. The only downfall is it running Windows 8! Not a fan of Windows 8! But no pricing, no battery life talk, availability talk?

If it delivers it should step up the competition, but they did have a crash during the first few minutes. Alot better than I have seen from Android makers, Asus is about the closest to being worth anything.

Read more carefully.
You have a choice of Windows RT or Windows 8, on two completely different hardware platforms.

Looks pretty cool to me. I think I'll definitely give it some consideration once it's released. I'm even curious to see what Microsoft does at their WP8 event on Wednesday. Seems to be a good time to be a smartphone user with all of this great competition.

I love what Microsoft had done with this design! I hope the price point is right and the thing works as advertised... If so, we have some great tablet competition about to be underway.

i was thinking the same thing while reading through the article. the answer is yes, you cam, on the windows 8 version. prob only at like medium/low settings though.

this is BAAAAD news for google. android tabs now are truly crappy. this just kills the android tablets for now.
i really doubt the Nexus 7 can really impress anyone like the Surface did today...
good luck google. i LOVE android but android tablets are really really crappy.
go check out android police explaining how MS is the real competitor, not Apple.

If there was a Surface 7" or Surface 7.7", I would not be getting the Nexus 7. I'm hoping that there will be a Surface 7" or Surface 7.7" next year(without Nook branding). Also there should be more Metro apps by next year.

I am looking forward to buying my first tablet soon and it well be an Android for the family. That said, this looks pretty awesome and I hope to see more of this from Microsoft soon. Very cool. I have always loved the "up the specs"approach

Price will be a big deal here.

It it's priced similarly (of preferably less) to the Asus Transformer series, I'd jump on it.

Big deal.....what about the literally hundreds of people worldwide who are enjoying their PlayBook. How's MS going to compete with THAT ?!

It looks pretty, but it's going to be hard to determine if it's going to be a major player until some decent hands on footage has been released (or maybe it has I just haven't seen it yet). I'm excited anywho

I've been looking to purchase a tablet very soon (in July). My biggest desire was to be able to use the tablet for work and personal, so I was a bit excited when I heard that MS Office may be coming to Android. My other big desire was to be able to run my tools (hacking/computer security), for which there are very few for Android. But this thing changes a lot. I love Android on my phone and I even love it on my Nook Color (on the card), but to have a tablet that I can seamlessly use for work and personal, AND run all of the apps I normally do in Win 7? Yeah.

I don't know if I will actually wait til October or November, though. I may pick up the latest Asus Prime WhateverTheNameIs, and then maybe buy the Surface anyway and give the Asus to my kids.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel after watching the video.

All they showed was hardware, which looks pretty cool, but nobody showed me how this is supposed to DO anything.

I'm sorry, but when you say "Microsoft," I tend to think of virus-magnet, janky software and the reason I don't run anything "windows" in my own home anymore.

What I like about having a Windows tablet is I can use it to root my Android phones. Is that thinking one way or what?? I currently have an aging Windows XP Laptop. It is going to be time very soon to pull the trigger on a new machine that can do stuff. Is something like this the answer, not sure but I do need a new laptop.

I'm so tempted, Im looking for a Hybrid Tablet\Laptop "convertable" like the Dell Inspiron Duo convertable to replace my Acer Aspire laptop ! If nothing intresting came out, I'll buy it

Its bad enough having to decide between a new Wristwatch, a Windows Phone device , a Bose speaker , upgrading my laptop's HDD & now this ???? Thanks alot Microsoft

I have suffered with Windows bugs for over 20 years. I have turned to Linux, Mac, and now Android. I have turned from Office to OpenOffice. I now have two Macs, one PC, one Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and this week, a Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. I have watched Android mature before my eyes as Google implemented improvements in the background. Only two incidents with Mac hardware issues in five years, but enough to keep one PC for those rare moments when nothing else will do. Most stuff I do on my smartphone these days. That's why they call them smart. This new gimmick from Microsoft brings nothing I need. On merit, I'm all in for Android.

Color me impressed. I've stayed clear of tablets because they have basically been consumption devices. No thx. I've got my smartphone for that. But this...

If I can run full desktop class apps like Photoshop & InDesign on this, with Word built in, well as a graphic designer by trade THAT is game.. set.. match for the iPad & Android tablets. If the price is right I'm sold.

As long as the price is decent...count me in. Thing is, I don't think anyone will care for the RT version, just like no ones cares about Windows Phone...but if it's a cheap, powerful (3rd Gen Core should be), the it would be really nice to carry around for school.

For every one asking for price I've heard 700 and up. Remember this is basically a high end min laptop. Some have 128gb ssd bigger batteries full ports its not going to b cheap. At least not for a couple years

Intriguing. The case looks really nice.

Price is going to be key (and is the keyboard included in base price, or is it an option). Price it at $499, keyboard included, and I think this is a winner. If it's $599 or if the keyboard is a $100+ option, I'd hesitate and start thinking about what this can do for me versus a laptop. I'll be watching as more information is released.

Where do you people come up with the idea that everything else out there will suddenly suffer as a result of the announcement of a touch screen Windows PC? You assume that a) these products will directly compete against the incumbent products, on the same basis b) that these products will be priced in the relative same realm as the incumbent products c)no other products will be introduced or improved, in any way, before this actually becomes a available or desirable product, if at all!

This product appears to be more of a more of an UltraBook device than what people have come to understand a modern day tablet to both be and do. Can microsoft re-define that perception with this device? Possibly, but this in not a greenfield that microsoft had decided to play in, it is a defined industry. And microsoft has not successfully been in the PC hardware game before, besides the X-Box,

Get a grip people. Calm down, cut all of the 'Killer' crap and let's see where this develops, if at all!

Agree, this is aimed more at a direct competitor to ultrabooks and laptops not really tablets per say. The other products are not going to "die" they will still sell and the ipad will still sell like crazy. MS is going directly at those in between who want something smaller than a full blown computer but with full computer capabilities.

You know what guys. I have to hand it to you. I really like the positivity in this thread. I'm glad that you can actually realize how great this product is, as opposed to the craziness that's going on over at Just a bunch of iSheep blindly writing crap. Honestly, the iPad has nothing on this product. All we need to hear is the pricing.

What the hell are you talking about you dolt? There is no product at this point these devices are at best concept at worst vaporware. They look interesting but MS will price these to high and wait to long.. The Ipad is real and android tablets are real until that changes there is nothing to talk about. Really perspective...

lol i'm the dolt? Most ppl in here are admitting that it's an amazing product..and because you have your opinion..i'm a dolt? Hmmm.

Yes dolt as in fool, blockhead, dunce, simpleton. Have you used this device, have you even used Windows 8? My point isn't that this "concept" doesn't have potential. My point is that your claiming other people are ignorant when it's your ignorance you should question. The Ipad has great battery life, lots of tablet optimized apps and is over all a great product. If you don't like Ipad that's fine, again perspective.

I like the kickstand. Can't give up all my paid apps though. Asus got it right with their Transformer line.

I don't think this is going to take off all that well, especially the full OS version. They've done a tablet with full windows before. People don't want that.

Pretty slick looking device. If these aren't priced crazy like current generation slates I will be picking one up one release date. The only other tablet I have ever wanted is ironically the dead Microsoft Courier tablet.

LOL. Yah. How many Metro apps are there that run on the tablet version of Windows? I think I can count them on one hand. A tablet is only as great as its app store. See HP WebOS Touchpad as an example.

while I don't disagree with that, the TouchPad had many many more flaws than just the lack of an app store. However, the TouchPad is a great item to point to for how important it is for MS to release the Surface ASAP (but not so soon that it's full of bugs like the TP was) and to price it correctly. HP killed themselves by taking like 5 months to release the TP after it was announced and then pricing it the exact same as the iPad.

While the Surface isn't even really a comparable device to the iPad, it's still important to make it reasonably priced. Build up your support base for the thing, then raise the price for the second or third generation of it. Heck, they need the proper price point just to make sure they can steal Android people away from their tablets, most notably, the ones waiting for the new ASUS Infinity tablet. If they could have had a price point and release date announced today (even if it's not for a couple months) I think they could have done some serious damage to the Android tablet fan base as they wait to see this thing for themselves.

We are at least 4 months from delivery on the MS tablets.

You are looking at a ~10" 1080p panel -- not cheap.

The Pro version runs an Ivy bridge i5 which is more expensive than the CPUs in most Ultra books. We can only guess at pricing, but we would all expect that an ultrabook with an i5 and a 11" 1080p display would be in the $1,500.00 range.

Who the hell wants this? No ecosystem against two fully mature competitors, one at version 2.0 coming, and the other at 3.0. Who wants to type on a cover? Sorry, but this has failure all over it.

How do I know for certain? I bought the Zune HD and the last two Windows phones. Never again!

The way I see it, current Android phones are so capable (i.e. my new EVO LTE, or SG3, One X, GNex) that I really have little use for an Android tablet (or iPad). So, for work travel I have to haul around my laptop for full business productivity work, but I can get a lot of what I need to do done on my phone. For me, an Android tablet or iPad would just be a minor step up from my phone for some entertainment consumption use, but not really any productive work use that my phone can't do.

This, however, would be a real work tool for me that would allow me to leave my laptop and just carry a powerful Android phone along with a Microsoft Surface to get everything done on the road (and at home), as well as have a nice tablet for some entertainment use. I like it. Hope it's good in eventual real-world testing.

I love what Microsoft is doing but Android will always be my first choice then Microsoft..Apple nah my issue with the metro style is like having several widgets on your screen.Android goes beyond that and Google I/O will show some serious stuff. My other issue with these surface tablet is can one put it on their lap and not tip over, cause the smart covers with the keyboard does not look sturdy.

I think Microsoft did a great job of presenting their product. I do however feel they missed the boat on two things. They have not stated the price and availability. I hate to use apple as a reference but hear I go. Apple always list the price and when the product is going to be released. If this goes on sale tomorrow it's hardware is above the current competition but who knows about six months from now.

Also If these devices go for $600 to $1000 they are not really competing with the android tablet market. Vendors might actually rally towards android simply to avoid entering hardware a competition with Microsoft. Microsoft has shown with the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Windows phone that they will throw money at a product to get in the market. Maybe some hardware vendors may balk at directly competing with M$.

I have a lot of tools thatg I need for work that only run on x86 and Windows OS. Wonder if they would run on this thing. That would be really handy.

On Pro version yes, it's x86 machine and can has desktop mode, ARM version of Windows (aka Windows RT) got only Metro UI, so it's nothing much beyond what iPad and Android tablets do

Umm BS. What MS made is innovation. It doesn't require you to carry around a huge device to obtain a keyboard. Yes the transformer adds a battery as well. I have a Transformer and would love to have a flip cover that is a keyboard. Both are innovations in their own right. MS didn't steal anyone's thunder. They made it better by a factor of 100x.

I think the Surface RT will compete directly with iPads and Galaxy tabs.
The Surface Pro will probably be more rare and marketed at enterprise customers.

Basically, expect the RT version next to the IPad at Walmart. Expect to special order the Pro version.

Looks very cool and the commercial is also slick. I read somewhere else though that the resolution is very low (<200 ppi), so I wonder how good it looks up close. Beyond that, this is a true winner providing it's affordable, fast, light and looks great

How long till someone gets CM9 on that thing?

I like the idea - we'll see how it does in the real world. This could be a very cool device - much will depend on pricing - I think the right move by M$ is to sell these things as cheaply as possible. I just wish the entire Windows OS didn't need to be fundamentally changed to service a hybrid device that is both not proven to work nor proven to be desirable to most people (let alone business).

The resolution is not "very low". The RT tablet is approximately 148 ppi and the Win 8 one is 207 ppi.

Overall this is a winner. FINALLY a tablet with a proper build quality (not plastic crap and not the overly heavy iPad buildout). The display is HD and Windows RT is actually a perfect tablet OS. It has Office (not a clone or knockoff but the full, real thing) built in and with the other features that are right in the OS this is by far the best tablet OS for productivity scenarios. I've tried to do real productivity work on both an iPad and several Android tablets and all were failures.

Price wise as this is a first party item I expect MS will be pricing to win market share. My guess is the RT version will be packing Tegra 3 and running 399 with the cover included and the IVB Win 8 version will probably be 699 with cover included.

I think I want one very badly buuut - I went thru 4 - Xbox360'$ because they were built like crap. Red ring of death every time! I'm concerned about the build quality. they need to carry premium prices as premium devices it does look like this laptop has that going for it, it's gorgeous and with the next version of windows OS plus the surface tech its very nice indeed :)

First, it is a tablet not a laptop. The cover is magnetically attached and comes right off; when it is off or folded back the tablet is a normal tablet and you use the stylus (built in) and the software keyboard on the touch screen along with standard touch gestures.

Second, I have zero worries. The build quality announced is worlds ahead of pretty much every other tablet out there.

Unless Apple drops an OSX tablet first, this will probably be my next big tech purchase. I love my Thrive tablet, but I'm limited with what I can do with it. A Win8 tablet will solve all my problems. My only concern is the amount of memory in it. With Win 8, MS Office, and other programs I will want to run, I think they need to have a 256 GB version.

I am not sure I would worry about the memory - Windows RT and Windows 8 are not memory hogs and are more svelte than previous Windows OSes.

what an awesome video......why did most people on here got one big massive boner off of an awesome video (witch was good i admit) ..but apsolutely NO ONE knows anything more about these "tablets" then what was presented in that video above..
and if anyone knows windows then they know how vulnerable it is to internet viruses.. that means that all we are gonna see is metro antivirus apps and firewall apps up the butt..
Windows 8 might be decent to good at launch on Desktop version,but no one knows how it will perform on tablets with whatever type of touchscreen they use,how the battery life will perform or the price.. yet most of you wet yourselves over a video that showed some fat looking tablet with some cool hardware,witch unfortunately persuades you to make the assumption that "android tablets is over with" or "android tablets are done for" or "this is my next tablet,forget android".. what fools you are for making such ignorant assumptions.. now,if it turns out to be amazing and game changing then all is good and to each their own,but we shall all see come launch time,whenever that will be..

Just doesn't make sense to throw android or even iOS to the Curb without further knowledge of these Windows 8 tablets. :)-

Actually the tablets have been actually handled and tested by people - so not vaporware. And Windows hasn't been a virus haven for years - you need to catch up with the times. Win 7 and Vista both were/are very secure.

Also the tablet is not "fat looking".

I think both Google and Apple need to consider implementing desktop in to there mobile systems. Google could do android front-end window manager on which could also run linux apps, Apple got harder job here since they would need to switch to x86 or they will double compile as they did durning PowerPC to x86 transition, btw they practicly got iOS working on x86 since there simulator in SDK is not emulator but real woking iOS that responce to native calls.

But whatever they do they most likely don't beat Windows dominance on desktop.... but everything may happen.

After watching the video, it doesn't look too bad at all.

But until I have a hands on with such a device I won't be making some of the sweeping statements that have been made so far.

My main points will be what specs will the tablet or tablets have, how much will it cost and what actual apps are there for these devices.

So far the iOS and Android tablets have apps to do most things the average person needs, all I really want is a good office app like Libreoffice/OpenOffice (or similar) and a better mail app more akin to Thunderbird for Android and I can do away with my laptop for good.

If the Windows 8 Preview I have played around with is any gauge of what the user experience will be, then I hate it already as I found Metro to be one of the most awful GUI I have used to date.

Time will tell what will come to market, it is still vapourware until it hits the shelves with a pricetag on it. Once this happens lets see how people react, I feel the Windows fanboys will lap it up no matter what, but will the general public that are already used to a iOS & Android experience.

Well x86 version should not have problems with developers, mixing desktop with tablets was not bad idea (for MS ofcorse :p i know pure desktop user hate it) to go against current tablet players. It gives it huge advantage at very start, when both Apple and Google need convince developers to make tablet layouts for there apps.

Look into Quickoffice HD it has been optimized for tablets. I haven't used it but the videos/tutorials look promising

Actually the worst tablet UI award should go to iOS by a big margin. Stupid static rows of icons and also no file system access - which cripples iOS in a lot of common productivity usage scenarios.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is rather better because it at least understands that a tablet is not a phone. Plus it has the aforementioned file system access. However it lacks true productivity solutions (sorry but Libreoffice, open office, quick office et al are garbage - I have suffered through trying to actually use them in real world productivity scenarios).

Windows 8 has an excellent UI for a tablet scenario, and comes with actual, full Office already on board (in the RT tablets it is built in). I think this will be a winner for its intended users - the "mobile professional" crowd. It clearly is not aimed at the typical content consumer "iPad/Android" tablet users.

I am interested, but I am waiting to see the price befor I get too excited! It seems like it is going to be in the price range of an ultrabook, does that mean $800-900.00 ? If so, I anm not sure how much of a bite of the apple they are going to get. I may decide to go ultrabook and keep my XOOM.

If you can also get some sort of "docking station" equivalent for this, to allow for easier use at your desk with dual-monitors or such, I could see this being huge in the corporate sector.

This is nice BUT how will it run is the real question. A sports car could look fast but in reality can be as slow as a yugo. If this this is smooth running (not talking about watching demos of it in action in a video, in hand use) then they may have something.

Google may have some tricks still up it's sleeve especially since they just purchased QuickOffice Pro. You could see JellyBean come out with all tools one would ever need stream lined into the OS.

Though the hardware looks sexy the whole RT/8 is not as good as it sounds. Running apps designed for Desktop computers on a 10" screen is just painful. This is only going to magnify the fat finger syndrome. Also RT stinks compared to Android or WebOS.

Instead I want app makes to optimize their apps for the tablet. Just like QuickOffice, Adobe Photoshop Touch, Evernote, etc....

Not interested in a half baked tablet that gets me the worst of both worlds. If I want a desktop OS I'll buy a laptop or desktop and if I want a tablet I'll get an Android tablet.

I suggest you actually look at the Metro app specifications. Any applications on the RT tablet are already optimized for touch operation. And contrary to your assertion RT is completely superior to both iOS and Android for tablets - even most of the Metro critics have admitted that on a tablet it is a kickass OS experience.

Also, sorry but Quickoffice is a joke (just like StarOffice was, and LibreOffice and OpenOffice are). The fidelity in file translation is bad and the programs themselves are clunky. RT will be shipping with real, authentic Office baked in and optimized for touch. That is a HUGE benefit for people whose use scenario is productivity and not content consumption. These tablets are aimed at the mobile information worker crowd - and they will do well there.

What a fantastic device. Ths will also put a very large dent in the I-Pad. IMO this is the future for the small laptop or even any size laptop. I am in the market for a home laptop and I like what I see in this product. This might also help the sales for the Windows smartphone.

I actually wouldn't mind for this to flop, so that Windows could give up and support Android to crush Apple

(Evil Laugh)

The 2 Versions option is very suspect. Produce one that does what the majority of tablet users do, and show that you have accomplished it. 2 start off with 2 versions already makes me think you're just trying to rook me into spending more.

I actually was in a focus group for this tablet about a year ago. They didn't tell us names or manufacturer besides being a windows OS,but they made us guess who made it. (Samsung, HTC, etc..) Turns out its a Microsoft product top to bottom. Anyway from what they allowed us to see it was really nice and I was feeling it. Especially the fact that its not just a tablet but has the capabilities of a fully functional windows computer. The case that doubles as a keyboard was a nice touch. A variety of colors were said to be available.The prices they floated were high though, basically at or above ipad price points. The logic was this has full computer abilities, and as such to cost the same as an ipad or slightly above is a bargain & even a significantly higher price is fair.

The biggest negative I noted was the unfamiliar Windows 8 OS, which was even more unfamiliar at the time. The prevailing response was if I had to navigate this radically different OS I might as well get a ipad at that price. After significant explanation and understand of what the windows tablet can do most preferred it. The problem of course is its very hard to get the avg consumer to have that kinda attention span to get you a chance.

I was interested in this for awhile, until I remembered that I think Windows 8 is gonna suck. Once you realize that, it's a no-brainer.

Very happy with 7, tyvm.

Today my dad told me a very important thing about the surface. My dad works for Molina Health care which is on top fortune 500. So anyway his manager who works on the Microsoft inside on Microsoft said that the price for the Surface will be $200. This is no joke. I know it sounds crazy but its true and he also said that it might come out late October.