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LTE-ready Nexus 7 now available on Google Play with AT&T activation kit

AT&T has announced that you can now purchase an LTE-ready Nexus 7 (2013) direct from Google Play, and an AT&T SIM activation package will be included. In addition, customers can receive a $100 AT&T bill credit if they sign up for a new two-year agreement. We saw the same thing last year with the 3G edition of the original Nexus 7, where T-Mobile and AT&T both offered bundled SIM cards and perks with a contract.

Also just like last year, you might want to think twice before signing up for two years with any carrier for your new Nexus 7. $100 may not be worth tethering yourself to 24 months of obligated service.

It's also worth noting that there is not a separate SKU for the AT&T version. They are the same tablet as the SIM-free version or the T-Mobile SIM equipped model, with the same pricing of $349. 


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LTE Nexus 7 now available with AT&T sim package


seems like a stretch to commit to 24 months for only $100....make it $200 and people might bite....

If it were $200 and you were on a family share plan, it would be like getting 20 months free. At least with the $100 credit, it is like getting 10 months of the 24 months for free. Now if you aren't on those plans, then the $100 isn't a great deal.

Hate that Google didn't put European LTE, after all this talks about unlocked working around the globe stuff

you may now quit reading my post-Post forum signature:-)

Keep in mind the ETF for a Tablet Data Plan is $150 (-$4 for each month), so at most you are only out $50 if you cancel.

But what I really want to know is why does Tethering and Hotspot disappear from the Nexus 7 LTE when you put in an AT&T SIM. Can you reach out to AT&T Android Central? I have tried using a 5GB / month Tablet SIM that has Tethering, and yet it disappears when used in the Nexus.

Lucky for me I have a Grandfathered iPad Unlimited Data Plan $30 that works perfectly in this tablet. I have used it in a Note 8.0 for the last two months and it has been awesome.

Did not realize AT&T would be OK with using SIM from the iPad in a device other than iPad, particularly with a grandfathered unlimited plan. What steps did you have to do with AT&T?

When I got my Note 8.0, I think I just popped it in and it worked. On an unrelated issue when I spoke with Tech Support to complain about my non-existent LTE on my phone at my work, I brought it up to the Tech and mentioned my iPad had a broken screen and I would be using the AT&T Note 8.0 until I got a new iPad. I think some notes were made in the account (changing the IMEI or something) and all has been good since late June. I have 2 unlimited iPad plans that I have been holding on to, but am moving from IOS to Android and wanted to make sure I keep them. I also have a 5 GB plan that is on the Nexus 7 currently until I can decide which devices need the unlimited (due to usage).

I did the exact same thing--took the nanosim out of my iPad Mini, popped it into an adapter and loaded it into my Nexus. I didn't have to change a thing, just restarted as instructed and immediately had service.

Can't see why it would matter to AT&T what device I use the sim in as long as I'm paying monthly.

Huh, didn't notice the tethering options were gone until you mentioned it, I just went to AT&T yesterday and changed my plan around and add the Nexus 7, so I guess either they "registered" it when they gave me my SIM or there's some magic code in the tablet that knows AT&T doesn't want you tethering. Odd that doesn't happen with my unlocked developers edition One and its AT&T SIM.

I don't really plan to use the Nexus 7 for tethering anyway, but it would have been a nice option given its long battery life.

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If you do a factory restore and keep the SIM card out, Hotspot and Tether are in the settings. As soon as you put in an AT&T SIM the options disappear (even when you have the Settings open, as soon as the card is plugged in they vanish). Calls to AT&T Tech were no help as they guessed the device is not compatible. And this is with the 5GB Data Plan and they confirmed Tethering is allowed and provisioned (tested on a different device too).

Only an idiot will sign a 2 year agreement for $100 and AT&T knows well there are a lot of them.

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