Samsung Galaxy Nexus

We're just about 12 short hours away from the official Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich announcement in Hong Kong, so it's fitting that we're seeing the best (and most likely legit) leak yet. The goods apparently are from Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo, which says it'll be available Nov. 20. And specs? About the most detailed (if still unofficial) list we've seen yet, including much of what we already "know." Dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor, 4.7-inch display at 720x1280, Ice Cream Sandwich, 32GB ROM, 1GB RAM, NFC, 1750 mAh battery. Want more?  Peep 'em after the break.

Source: Blog of Mobile (translated) via android.hdblog (translated)
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  • Model: GT-I9250, GT-I9250T, GT-I9250M, SC-04D, SCH-I515
  • dimensions (length x width x thickness): 136.0 × 68.0 × 8.8 fine piece - 11.5 thickest part
  • Weight: Approximately 135.0 (g)
  • OS: Google Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Chipset: Texas Instruments Omap4460 CPU: ARM Cortex-A9 MP Core SMP (Dual-Core) CPU operating frequency: 1.2 GHz
  • GPU: PowerVR SGX 540 Immage Technologies
  • Communication Systems (GT-I9250/GT-I9250M/GT-I9250M/SC-04D): W-CDMA, GSM phone (SCH-I515): LTE, CDMA2000 Packet (GT-I9250/GT-I9250M / GT-I9250M/SC -04D): HSPA, EDGE, GPRS (SCH-I515): LTE, EV-DO Rev.
  • Display: AMOLED HD: 4.65 inches Resolution 720 x1280) Maximum number of simultaneous colors Main Display: 16,777,216 color touch screen: capacitive (multi-touch),
  • Main camera: 5 megapixel CMOS camera with LED flash Video recording 1080pHD (1920 * 1080)
  • Front camera: 1.3 million pixels CMOS
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Micro USB 2.0
  • Communications Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
  • Wireless LAN Communication: IEEE 802.11 a / ​​b / g / n (2.4 GHz Dual-Band 5.xGHz)
  •   Tethering
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • RAM: 1GB
  • ROM: 16/32GB:
  • Battery Capacity: 1750mAh
  • Notification LED

Reader comments

Latest Galaxy Nexus leak looks to be the best yet


I wonder if samsung will pull the same thing like last year. "why dont pick up a nexus S, wait till feb for our flagship SGSII".

it's about .35 inches taller than a Droid X(or X2) and about the same same width. Which the Droid X is a big phone but nothing that we aren't used too.

Unless ICS is amazing I am switching to iPhone, Siri won me over - that biotch would save me so much time.

Siri is about the same as what most Android phones already have. I have a MyTouch 4G and its 'Genius Button' is about the same as Siri, except coming out much sooner and working in more than just the US. I have to tell you, voice commands aren't useful unless you're driving a car.

Voice Commands are also really obnoxious to all the people around you, hence why they aren't used that much. But then again I've found most iPhone users don't care when they are obnoxious.


Siri is not all that impressive.. voice talk is a lot more stable. Siri takes a year and a day to get anything done because it reads everything back to you.

Actually I think they are both decent to a certain degree. Except Siri have a more interactive level. But hey, as long as both Voice talk and siri can get me from A to B....who cares. BUT SGSII FTW!!

if Siri is all that pulls you to iOS you really should reconsider.. there are plenty of options that Android has already had that does the same thing. Mind you I do have to give apple props for making it work rather well.. now it's Google's turn.

I was amazed by siri too until I typed "siri android" into google and found that there are 4 or 5 speech to speech/text assistants for android that have been out for a while and some are pretty conversational.

I started using speaktoit assistant and it works fairly well for "old tech"

With siri now available all of these other programs will just get better. You know, cause android steals EVERYTHING from apple.....

the huge screen size is due to the software buttons...itll be between 4.3 and 4.5 if the galaxy s2 isnt too big, this wont be either

Galaxy Nexus: 136.0 × 68.0 × 8.8
Galaxy S II: 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5

The Nexus is 15.6% larger (volume)
It is also 8.5% longer...

Everyone keeps saying, "it's only a litter bigger than a [insert name here]" every time a larger device comes out. After so many devices, it is just LARGE. Now, it is starting to get ridiculous. The SGS II still fits comfortably in a pocket. This is going to be close...

This phone is big. It's 6mm taller than Epic 4g touch. Stop saying the screen size is due to the buttons cause this phone has just as large bezels as other phones with buttons if not more.

is Wimax not listed under those specs along with LTE and HSPA etc.? i don't think it is so does that mean no Sprint at this time?

Sprint's going to LTE in the early part of next year. Yes, they are betting heavy on the iPhone but you know what? It's because it sells and they need to stay alive. Get over it. If an Android device could sell like the iPhone it would be the same way.

watching the Giants game Sunday, the only thing Sprint was advertising was their unlimited Data plans and the Samsung Epic Touch.

??? what does anything I have said have to do with the Nexus, it was a reply to how sprint is being heavy on the iPhone.

Wimax will be dead soon but it's still alive and working at the moment. this Nexus is a Developer phone - so why alienate thousands of Developers who happen to be on Sprint? i'm hoping for a Galaxy Nexus on Sprint.

so does anyone think that when Samsung/Google asked Hesse if he wanted the new Nexus he said NO?

Who are they alienating? Seriously...if anything they are bringing a Nexus phone where it hasn't been before, Verizon. They are the last to get such a phone behind AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. All other Nexus phones will get ICS right away just like this one nothing will stop developers from doing their thing with ICS.

That said, I wouldn't mind seeing this come to Sprint. Even if it means being restricted to 3G until Sprint gets their LTE network up to speed.

that was probably Verizon's fault/doing. they didn't want the previous Nexus phones. why? no bloatware? other?

Cell phone megapixels are more of a gimmick now a days. Sensors have stayed about the same, with pixel density increasing. If larger cameras used the same density they would be like 100 megapixels. Give me a 4mp camera that can actually take decent pictures and I'll be happy. Megapixels don't always equal photo quality, just picture size.

I do agree that MP are more of a gimmick, and they are somewhat that way with point-n-shoots, but, 8MP lets you blow up an image to a 8" x 10" print without any distortion....actually it requires a 7.2 MP camera to achieve this. So while MPs dont make a huge difference, if you do catch that perfect "Kodak moment" you might want a 8MP lens.

...and the 7.2MP sensor would have to be the same aspect ratio as the 8x10 print, if you're hoping to achieve 300dpi. Looking at two 8x10 prints from 3-4 feet away, especially ones from a phone camera, you would have a 50/50 chance of guessing which is 8MP vs 5MP. With a microscope, a slightly better chance.

Is it still missing a Notification LED?

Facebook sync will really be pulled?

Will this one get Speed Dial or Smart Dial?

Will Google lift the 160 character limit on texts?

LED is listed. see last bullet point in specs. the other stuff you list is inconsequential IMO.

I don't see why they would lift the 160 character limit on texts when texts are limited to 140 per text. If you have a lot to say, then email or call them <.<

Tweets are limited to 140 characters, texts are limited to 160. However, GSM networks automatically split longer texts into multiple messages, and most CDMA phones will automatically split the messages before sending them.

However, with Handcent being free on the market (it can automatically split texts), I don't see this as a problem.

I don't use the camera on the phone that much, I can care less about it, but it says it has a CMOS sensor. There might have been, but I don't remember seeing any phone specifying CMOS sensor before. I assume that they all had CCD sensor, so this could be a good thing for those who care about image quality.

Looking good. I still wish it was 4.3" and not 4.7", but what the hell, right? If nothing else, it'll make for a great GPS nav.

I hope Samsung have finally realized that aluminum > plastic, though.

Hardly. It's almost a full centimeter longer than the Bionic and a millimeter wider. About the same for the Photon.

So will it be larger than Samsung Galaxy SI I9000?

Because that phone's size is perfect.

EDIT: SGSI is 122.4 mm long, so if this rumor is true the new Nexus will be 1 cm longer.

up to 5" display is ok with me assuming no hard capactive buttons and smart use of bezel and/or edge to edge displays.

Loving the design but an extended battery is going to be a must for this phone. Wonder how good that new camera is because most people will think more MP=better pics and just go with the iPhone :(

Those specs look nice, and to see a notification light on it is also sweet.
But please, let there be a sd card slot.

why? 16GB/32GB storage isn't enough for you? and why not just connect via USB? or use Dropbox for light duty? probably easier than fumbling with cases, battery doors, and microSD cards. 2 years ago i would have scoffed at no microSD slot. now it's no big deal.

Exactly. Everyone is making a big deal about possibly no card slot over on Droid Life. It's not a big deal. Most phones only allow up to 32GB anyway and I've probably taken my card out of my Thunderbolt a total of 2 times since I bought the phone on launch day.

the problems is when you break your phone, you can't remove the SD card. There are pluses and cons to having and not having the SD card. Wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but I completely understand why someone would pass on it. If the battery isn't removable, well that would be an automatic pass for me other people not so much.

I would think so, simply because if the phone is locked the storage medium cannot be removed or at least as easily.

Based on what was explained to me was that not having an SD is more secure, Its Faster for data and apps, and Google is really trying to push there cloud Hence the Music Beta and instant upload to Google plus that ads all your photos to Picasa.
I hated not having an SD card in my Nexus S at first but now that I have everything in the cloud I don't care I can get to all of it and if I know I'm not going to have network I cache it or down load it for that time.

Thats Just me I had a droid X and a 32gb card before that and I cant tell the difference of not having one now.

Just my 2 Cents.



I am a ROM Junky....I have tried just about every ROM made form my G2. And I can't tell you just how many time have a removable SD Card has saved my butt. When I have bricked/semi-bricked the phone and the phone becomes unresponsive or simply the PC cannot detect it, I just pull the card out, and drop onto it either back-ups or wipe apps, or new ROMs via a sd card adapter into my card reader and you are good to go!

Not only that, but i takes me back to the early 2000's when camera phones started to come out, and when you lost or broke the phone, you lost all it's contents!

SD Card slot is very important to me also bcs I have a small daughter, and she loves her videos and movies...I will not be consuming data to transfer back and forth to drop boxes or clouds...It needs to be readily available.

And lastly, it's free storage (after an initial purchase cost). I may not be fully informed here, but most if not all cloud based storage charges a monthly fee for their service. I much rather have an upfront cost, and be done with it, than bleed a monthly fee out.

Meh, it's not like having SD cards fixes this problem...Odin does the same thing over USB...

If you can't use likely can't use the phone at all and your SD card is pointless.

That would want/need to frequently backup your phone's internal storage to your PC rather than just be able to remove the SD card...which is will definitely accept as an inconvenience...but if you're into ROMs you're likely computer savvy enough to set up an automatic backup to do this for you when you connect the phone via USB.

...Long story short...I don't see having no SD slot(s) causing any problems other than it being an inconvenience in certain situations. It would definitely be nice to not have to worry about someone finding my phone and digging around the SD card when they can't get past my password though.

On phones with no SD card slot, it is partitioned into one for the OS and one for permanent storage. You can even wipe the OS then load a custom ROM from that perm storage if you want.

Lack of SD card slot would be a major disappointment.

First: no, 32GB isn't enough. There's a reason Apple offers the Touch and now the 4S with 64GB options. I have a huge music library and I'm sick of either rotating music on/off my iPhone, or having to carry my old iPod Classic for the additional storage it offers. Having to remove batteries to switch out an SD card isn't ideal, but it's a helluva lot better than toting an entire second device around.

Second: 32GB onboard + 32GB SD = 64GB. That would put it on par with the largest iPhone 4S. That would be absolutely ideal (for me) -- *exactly* what I'm looking for in a phone(-slash-media-device). If it does actually launch with that configuration, I may make a mess in my pants.

Third: Backup, security, ROMs, etc. as everyone else has said.

I'm desperately trying to escape from Apple -- I'm tired of feeling locked in and restricted by the hardware as well as the software, having everything stuck onboard and not removable. The ability to use SD cards is one of the main attractions of Android devices for me. The Droid Bionic with its 16GB + 32GB almost did it for me, except the device itself is so damn buggy I'm returning it to Verizon.

I'm really, really hoping Samsung has the common sense not to cut any corners on this phone. This is set to be a cutting edge, next-gen, flagship device: power users are already drooling over it and will form a major contingent of the potential customer base... and Samsung will lose them right out of the gate if they omit "basics" like the SD slot or HDMI out. On the other hand, if they cover all the bases properly, this (with backup from ICS) could very well be the phone that blows the iPhone 4S out of the water and signals the turning point of the iPhone/Android war.

In terms of music storage, Google Music and even Amazon MP3 allow you to store your music online and stream it to your phone. As far as i know Google Music doesn't even have an upload limit and it works flawless for me on my Optimus V with one bar of 3G signal you know that data downloads are capped in some form for everyone but Sprint customers? I enjoy cloud music storage, both Amazon and Google, but they aren't really substitutes for local storage because they require a data connection and are subject to the aforementioned caps.

If you're adding a +32GB MicroSD card, it's hardly an issue of "light duty". I like to use my phone as a media player, and load up TV shows and movies onto my expandable storage. Data of that quantity would not only take forever to pull over the data connection (Dropbox, et al) but would kill my 2GB data plan.

There's no excuse for not having a MicroSD slot in this day and age. My GSM phone 6+ years ago had one. Plus it's a massive level of data security in the event the hardware of the phone has a problem, which has happened TWICE with my Samsung Captivate. Thank GOD for having all my data backed up to the MicroSD card (Titanium Backup).

You know, some users actually have data caps and would prefer not to waste bandwidth on Dropbox when a memory card and a USB cable can do the job.

Agreed. This is a necessity, for reasons already mentioned in the replies. Expandable storage, security of data in the event of a hardware failure in the phone itself, etc.

Necessity...really?!? I guess I'll have to stop doing this cloud thing. I didn't know that SD cards were so foolproof. I mean the hardware can die but that SD card man it just never goes bad. I am mean even when my phone was stolen the data was cpapable of being recovered because it was preserved in the SD the phone...that was stolen.... At least so the thief who stole it my contacts...while listening to my music...and posting my pictures on the web.

Listening to your music??! zomg, the invasion of privacy!

a) Don't put sensitive media on your SD card, then. Keep it on the internal storage: problem solved.

b) Encryption. The Droid Bionic offers it for both internal and SD storage, for example, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it turning up on devices more frequently.

The cloud is overblown, it's still trying to get out of buzzword territory. Yeah, everyone's pushing to get everything into the cloud.... everyone except ISPs and wireless providers, who actually control the data flow. Software and devices are there, sure, they're ready for the cloud. Data transfer is not: availability (coverage and data caps) and speed (particularly upstream) are still too limited for the cloud to be a viable solution everywhere for everyone and everything at every time. As popular as Spotify, etc., are becoming, physical storage is still king.

Looks good.
May not come with an SDcard slot, but I'll still get it.
It's more memory than what I have now.
I've lost quite a few files on 2 different devices when the SDcard went bad.
I no longer rely on SDcards.

I've had having my data backed up to MicroSD save the day due to phone failure far more-often (2X) than I've had a MicroSD ever fail (0).

5 megapixel camera is a bit weak on a nexus device?
The nexus one had 5MP and it was launched almost 2 years ago.

Yes - but how do we know if it's a "great" 5mp sensor? Is that information that will be included in the final/official specs?

This is disappointing only in screen size. My EVO3D I thought was a bit too large. I just got it because I wanted the dual cores for future proofing a little.

Though, I guess this still leaves time for someone else to make a high end/high res 4" screen to shove into a nexus one body. *crosses fingers*

Don't be fooled by the 4.65" dimension. It's basically a 4.3" phone with the extra 0.35" for screen real-estate for the software buttons. I wouldn't be too worried about the size.

Yeah, it's the same width as a 4.3 phone, but instead of extending the longer screen into the space where the buttons were, they made the phone longer instead.

as stated above a few pages, megapixels is not a measure of quality. Adding more pixels to the same small sensor will not allow you to make larger prints. It won't make your photos look sharper. There is a sweet spot with every sensor/lens combination, a particular pixel density that yields the best result. Professional photographers are pushing camera manufacturers to keep megapixels low and in line with the lens' ability to resolve detail. However, with consumer products, the tendency is to go higher since consumers buy based solely upon a higher number.

Not to mention that more MP on the same size sensor means more noise. This is unavoidable. So, you may get a bigger image that is less usable do to the high noise factor.

Not to mention that more MP on the same size sensor means more noise. This is unavoidable. So, you may get a bigger image that is less usable do to the high noise factor.

Im very
impressed with the stats.
The phone layout looks great.
Excited about ice cream sandwich. ...
* I DIDNT see any mention of a MEMORY CARD SLOT. :-(
* Why no VOLUME BUTTON on side?
I'm a bit afraid I might drop it
& the screen shatters like a
damn I-Phone. :-(

Take a good look at the pic on the left.. You will see about the middle of the phone on the side a small hump where the volume buttons look to be. It has a hard power button we can see on the right side so I see no reason why they wouldn't have the hard volume buttons.

Last I remember AMOLED screens used by Sammy come with Gorilla Glass protection.

No I'm pretty sure they are chemically strengthened glass, not the same as Gorilla Glass. There was a post yesterday showing drop tests of the iPhone 4S and the GSII. Yes of course the glass back would break before plastic back, but the front of the iPhone shattered on a face first drop test while gorilla glass on GSII was unscathed.

I want HDMI out so I can connect it to a Motorola Lapdock or tablet dock. Just doing mirroring on a lapdock would be a big step up, and there are better webtop environments that could be implemented (Chrome OS, Meego, Windows 8).

Are you kidding? There are a dozen reasons you'd want HDMI out on a phone.

Hell, the "phone" designation almost needs to be retired nowadays since, for many people, actual voice calls are secondary to the plethora of other functionality these devices have.

For one they're highly centralized media playback devices. I can play onboard audio and video, stream Netflix, Amazon mp3, Google Music, Spotify, Rdio, etc. ... even stream audio and video from a home Subsonic server. Why would I *not* want HDMI output, that allows me a single, simple connection to my entire home theater system?

Second, phones are quite seriously at the point of being ultra-portable computers now. Not just in the "Hey, it's a phone that does some kinda internet-y stuff" way. But as in: "I can plug this device right into my monitor, connect a bluetooth mouse & keyboard, and actually work on spreadsheets, author documents, email, browse the web, VPN, VNC as if I were using a netbook."

Not having HDMI output would be a MAJOR failing of this, especially as a flagship device.

How many people would actually use an HDMI out? Forget gadget geeks like us, I'm talking about normal people. My guess is very few.

HDMI out will most likely be MLA over the microUSB port so you can preserve battery while you do it. It appears that is becoming the standard

What does the market have to do with me not wanting a huge screen phone built out of cheap materials? Enlighten me plz :)

It look like there is a T-mobile version in those radios. Or maybe its my wishful thinking. I need to upgrade to something.

Anyone else notice that this is a picture of a picture?

Looks good, hopefully ICS will have some awesome power/battery management, because 1750mAh just doesn't seem like much for all the hardware "predicted" or keeping that big ol screen aglow.

Can't wait for official word, until then everything is just speculations as far as I'm concerned.

am i the only one who's a little stunned that bluetooth 3.0 and not 4.0 isn't included? isn't 4.0 supposed to be how bluetooth is coming back with its low-energy profile? or does it not matter with NFC now?

agreed. Not the end of the world but I was kinda excited about the possibility of BT 4.0. OEMs have to start putting that into phones if it's ever going to take off. iphone 4s has it, I guess I just assumed the prime would as well.

All in all these specs aren't particularly stunning, aside from that screen. Will I still get it? Probably. Would I like it better with an exynos proc, 8mp camera, bt 4.0 and microsd slot? Absolutely.

What would a phone release be without the endless obsessing over esoteric specs that have no real-world significance?

Tonight will be great the whole world will find out exactly what will be the true specs. But for me all I care about is the date of when ice cream sandwich be pushed to current dualcore devices like my evo 3d. It better be real soon before January...

i like my EVO 4G but i'm probably jumping ship to the new Nexus if it comes to Sprint.

never fall in blind love with one brand, Richard. date them - don't marry them. and whatever you do - don't have a baby with them.

Because we want so-badly to have a Nexus phone so we get guaranteed updates, but if it's lacking critical features that makes it a big disappointment. Especially when it's so close to perfect otherwise.

For example, it wouldn't have killed them to add MicroSD. Those who don't like it wouldn't be forced to use it, but it'd then be suitable for the massive numbers of people who want/need that feature.

I'm a little concerned myself with the battery. I'm running a 3.5 or 3.7 screen and that sucks my battery down faster then a baby sucks a bottle. I'm still getting this phone hands down simply because of 4.0 and all the great hardware. If battery becomes an issue we I can always pick up an extra batter and keep it in my briefcase :) this phone will be the one phone to rule them all!

As for the screen size I like the idea of it being larger, I've been considering replacing my crap iPad for and Android tablet, however this seems like a good middle ground...its not like I need small to hid it.

You must have a HTC phone.

I have a 4.3" screen on my Droid X & can easily get through the day with heavy use...sometimes 2 with light/moderate use.

more megapixels is a common request, apparently, but 'megapixels' is not a measure of quality. Adding more pixels to the same small sensor will not allow you to make larger prints. It won't make your photos look sharper. There is a sweet spot with every sensor/lens combination, a particular pixel density that yields the best result. Professional photographers are pushing camera manufacturers to keep megapixels low and in line with the lens' ability to resolve detail. However, with consumer products, the tendency is to go higher since consumers buy based solely upon a higher number.

I used to try to correct folks on the whole megapixel myth, but it just got too frustrating. People just want to believe that a bigger number is always better, megapixels or the speed of the processors. I guess they are just too lazy to do some research and see that there are lots of other factors besides just a bigger number.

But kudos on your explanation. Just a shame it will be ignored by most users.

Megapixels aren't everything. the easiest way to make a comparison is with the iPhone 4. 5MP takes incredible shots with impressive software. It defeats a lot of 8MP in phones. Software makes a world of difference

in terms of processor pick up any iPhone or any phone running WP7 and tell me it isn't the one of the smoothest operating systems ever much less on a phone. This is with aging single core processors. Clock speed isn't everything.

It's about the same width as my Thunderbolt, but I'm afraid it's going to be too long. It's a half inch longer than the thunderbolt. They extended the screen to include the buttons but still kept the same amount of spacing beneath the screen. It looks like there is the same amount of space under the screen as there is on the Galaxy S2, but on the S2, that space has the buttons, and on the Nexus, that space is empty and just makes the phone longer.

Maybe I won't notice the extra length, but it concerns me.

Hey it does have a microSD card slot, according to the source page translated.

Still pisses me off that it doesn't have a Samsung Exynos chip and only 5mp camera. |Camera could still be good,but that is not up to current standard. No use anyone arguing about it, the Nokia N8 is the best aand has 12mp, the next best camera, Samsung Galaxy S II and Sony Ericssn Experia Neo & others have 8mp and their quality is great.

I wonder if there will be any other phones released before the end of the year with ICS? From Samsung, LG or Sony Ericsson?

Well, the "current standard" sucks. Particularly on my Thunderbolt. Indoor pictures and videos are horrible on it unless the room is well lit, like an office building. In typical home lighting, the pictures are crap and the video has lowered frame rate with tons of motion blur. A 5 MP camera that can take good indoor pictures is way better than a 8 MP camera that sucks.

Did you see the Google search widget (with voice search) at the top of the screen? Search is there, just in a different place.

Really? People absolutely need a search button? I have one on my phone and I've never used it. People are so silly.

You know that button searches google for you and if you hold it you can get voice search, can send emails or texts or get navigation without even typing..

LOL.. I love reading these comments..

1.2 Ghz.. Come on.. Thats fast, and they haven't even broke the tip of the iceberg on utilizing these dual cores and their current speeds. Developers haven't even really begun to write code that supports the use of these yet... I think were getting ahead of ourselves here bashing the speeds regardless of them being 1.2/1.3/1.4...

Screen size, really a year or so ago people cried about a 3.5 inch display now most are walking around with a 4.0+ and don't even think anything about it. Plus the added size like many have mentioned is probably due to real state for the Menu/Home/Search etc. buttons.

Camera... 5mp is plenty.. You want to take that detailed of a shot buy one of today's very inexpensive quality pocket 8MP cameras which most people already have.

Battery. You can throw a 3000 mAh battery in there and people will still complain its not enough.. Device management and your own usage profile is still key.

The rest sounds great to me.. Its a big step up from the current Nexus S/NS4G and look how happy we still are with the current Nexus.

Tonight/today's event will iron out all the final details.. Take a deep breath, it will be okay :)

Nobody is forcing you to purchase it. I think there has been enough valid points made concerning the camera.

Remember its a smart phone with a reasonably nice camera for convenience, its not meant to replace a true camera. About the only thing I would like to see on this 5MP shooter is user adjustable digital zoom.

Don't forget its AOSP/Pure Google its not supposed to follow the exact trend of normal carrier/manufacture phones with UI overlays and bloatware and extra goodies. Most decide to go with a Nexus for #1 AOSP & Google updates. #2 No bloat and garbage. #3 Solid working device that has great developmental support for those interested in rooting.

Definitely think they should have stuck with Nexus Prime, Galaxy Nexus just sounds weird, like it's got two first names.

Concerned about 4G LTE battery life with only 1750 mAhr. Only 1.2 ghz? Just hope it's rocket fast and smooth.

Its interesting , I bet allot of people will be happy to get one
Personally I'm very happy with my Atrix .

Regarding the screen ,

personally , as long as I can fit it my pocket , they can go as big as they want , but not as thin as they want

besides "You know your screen is too big when you can't play FRUIT NINJA with one hand"

Why is no one saying this?

ICS... U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY!

I was really hoping Matias Duarte would succeed in making Android a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but it appears they have gone in the opposite direction. It just looks so thrown together. And the app drawer button with the giant unproportional circle? Ugh...

It's like someone ate an ice cream sandwich and then defecated it all over a phone.

Seriously, it looks like Samsung designed it. I think I'll be sticking with MIUI on my Nexus S...

Is anybody else a little concerned that the GPU in this thing is the same one found in last year's Hummingbird? I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but there certainly are newer, more powerful GPUs available.

I am going to be happy with the Nexus, but I am confused by a couple of the specs...Any thoughts?

It looks like it has the same gpu as my Vibrant....even though the vibrant has an awesome gpu, its over a year old and I would have expected an updated gpu...

5mp camera is fine, but with all the new phones out with 8mp, I would have expected it to have at least an 8mp...

Last, with Rom saying 16/32gb Im guessing i wont be able to add an SD card.... 32 is still plenty, but adding storage has been something that I am able to show my friends as to why they should purchase android over iphone...

so those are my 3 main concerns; any thoughts?

Im sure this is still going to be AMAZING!

OH yea, one more: how does this 1.2 chip compare to the 1.2 Exynos?

i wonder... Palm Pre ran on TI 3430(600Mhz) down-clocked to 500. the devs were able to overclock it to run at 1Ghz with no problems. would there be a possibility to overclock 4460(1.5Ghz) to 2 at some point? if si that would totally kick a55.

Official teaser had silver back and black frame ..this one is reversed?

Also, the official teaser had copper contacts on the side, this one has silver?

Model GT-I9250T means its coming to T-mobile YESSSS!!!! Google/Samsung always put the first letters of the carrier names at the end of the model numer, model GT-I9020T was the T-mobile version of the Nexus S and model GT-I9020A was the AT&T version!

Its too big!!! Really? 13.6cm? We don't need a 4.7" screen. 4.3 or 4.5 would have been plenty. I'm just going to put an ipad in my pocket.

I dont think 8MP matters so much. Yea, the iphone has it. BFD. As long as its good in low light. I would rather Google Plus upload 5MP photos all the time anyways.

What am more interested in is if the camera app now has HDR and Panoramic modes. The HTC panoramic shots are awesome.

PowerVR SGX 540? I hope that's not accurate, because that's the mediocre-by-current-standards GPU from the original Galaxy Tab 7. That's just turrible.

It's a fake. Look at the side profile of the the phone. It's the same one we've been looking at for the past two weeks with the 3 dots changed to silver. Also on the side profile, the edge is flat facing the front and the rest of the phone is angled. Someone took the front view that's been going around, angled it and slapped on a reverse of the side view. I think it's fake. For a curved screen device, the side view doesn't even have a continuous curve in that pic. Just a curve at the bottom.

I can't wait! Glad I held on to my DX. If you have to wait I found a site that has the Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers. It is formatted for mobile so installing them is easy. It also has a ton of other good wallpapers as well.

<rant> As a hardware nerd, I feel obliged to point out that ROM is the wrong term for the 16/32 GB of storage. ROM = Read Only Memory. I'm even ok with that term being stretched to things like flash that can be loaded externally, but not something used for general purpose storage. NVRAM is a much more accurate term (non-volatile RAM). </rant>

I was also wondering why they would call it ROM, I think you made a good point. Also, I'm thinking that it has 16G internally, expandable to 32 with an external card, hence the 16/32.

Verizon exclusive ugh????? seriously google. Im not gonna wait 6 month for this phone to come to sprint...... oh well no NFC or google wallet for me yet i guess im getting SGII after all.

I'm hoping that the 'Verizon Exclusive' is for LTE, rather than the actual device. This would still allow other Carriers to realease 3G HSPA+ device NOW, rather than later.

With what little research I have done I wouldn't make the assumption that a phone using a 5MP camera is using a higher quality sensor than one using an an 8MP camera. Manufacturers are pushing these numbers at the public so it's hard to see through the hype. I also would not assume that because this phone is actually listed with a CMOS sensor that it will be higher quality than CCD. Historically CCD has been used where the highest image quality is required. The difference in image quality between CCD and CMOS has apparently closed over recent years. Specifications for image sensors will be hard to find for someone shopping for a phone. Having hands one would provide a personal yet subjective view of image quality. But how well can you judge image quality standing in a store shooting pictures of your sells rep. Keep giving us those reviews AC.