Samsung has already started what will likely be a huge marketing campaign for their hot new device, the Galaxy Note 10.1.  A brand new commercial has popped up for the device that stars actor James Franco. The lengthy commercial (at just under 3 minutes), shows off some of many uses for the Note 10.1, such as drawing a portrait, videotaping fast-moving action, and solving equations. Enough explaining though, check it out for yourself!

Source: YouTube

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rsanchez1 says:

James Franco does a way better job convincing me to buy the Galaxy Note 10.1 than Martin Scorcese does convincing me to buy the iPhone.


davey0728 says:

Oh GOD I hate that freakin commercial. "I like you Siri, you're going places"....really, they got Scorcese to sell out for a damn iPhone!!!! For shame!

Ugh, way too much dead air in spots. And then to make it all worse, he blatantly rips off Ferris Bueller's closing lines.

rsanchez1 says:

But, "he's James Franco."