HP SlateBook X2

HP's second entry into the Android market is decidedly different from the Slate 7

Following in the footsteps of both ASUS with its Transformer series as well as other Windows OEMs with their convertible laptop/tablet hybrids, HP is announcing SlateBook x2 today. We're basically looking at a standard 10-inch Android tablet, but in the configuration of what HP is calling a "two-in-one device" that has a keyboard dock. As is usually the case, the tablet is completely contained as a stand-alone device, with a 1920x1200 IPS display, Tegra 4 processor and 64GB of storage. The SlateBook x2 is also shipping with Android 4.2.2, and what looks like very limited customizations from HP -- it even goes so far as to say this is "HP’s push to offer access to the Google experience". The docking station has a full keyboard and trackpad, along with a USB port, SDcard slot and an additional battery to charge the tablet.

Based on the information given to us right now the HP SlateBook x2 is expected to ship in August in both grey and white lid colors, and the pricing seems quite nice at $479.99. However this is a "starting price", and it isn't clear whether or not that includes the keyboard dock. The tablet market may be a bit different by the time this device hits store shelves, but it certainly seems like it will have a better shot at grabbing sales than the Slate 7 does. Stick around after the break for a promo video of the device by HP.

Source: HP


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HP announces SlateBook x2 Android tablet with detachable keyboard


that price obviously doesn't cover the keyboard which can be for $100 more. But 479.99 for all that is very good. However Im not a fan of HP

Please please pretty please with extra cheese let Derek Kessler review these. That guy wrote the best review I've ever read. Informative and entertaining. Very entertaining.

A thousand times yes to this!

It looks all right, but I'll never buy an HP product again.
*stares at his Pre- and Touchpad, a look of sadness, followed by disgust*

HP used to be great company. Not so much anymore. I don't believe their products will hold up, not even their printers, which still get pretty good reviews.

LOL I completely agree with consumer based equipment, just not what they should be. but once you hit their enterprise series... I have 4 and all work flawlessly. But what I CAN'T stand is their proprietary designs... sigh, they all have that though

This will get the same response as my previous hp posts on their products! After what they did with WebOs I would not touch one of their products if it was the last one one earth!!

I have been using this format of device (Specifically the TF300T) for a year now and it works for me; however I have had mixed fortunes with BOTH HP and Asus hardware in recent years.

I keep wondering if Asus will launch anything in this format this year. The TF700T looks lovely, but is now very hard to find in the UK. I chose the TF300T last spring as a short term low cost "format test" device. It works OK but has some hardware and stability issues. Asus still need to to work on their design and build quality issues; as for actual support (of any kind) I found them practically non existent in the UK.

The problem in Android is finding any manufacturer that will stand by and support their hardware at even half the standards Apple do (and have done every day for years) even in the UK. I have yet to need support for my Samsung kit, so far its all been bomb proof.

I find HP hardware support, even for basic essential spares, is a total joke; just try getting a replacement Power supply for a recent laptop or printer - they will drive you insane, I kid you not! However my three year old Core i7 HP laptop has been reliable and nice to use from day one.

Purchasing hardware is always a risk; and most suppliers do the legal minimum to support you if and when you need it - so Buyer Beware.

They're making a Windows version of it. But no, they're not making one that runs both OSs. Some manufacturers have been tinkering with that idea though.

Interesting. Will look it up. I want a laptop for production and a tablet for consumption. Was thinking the Chromebook for production, but not sure about not actually being able to install apps and use traditional MS system.

i swear i saw a convertible that was win8 docked and android as a tablet. i am so sorry i cant remember who made the damn thing but i did see it at BestBuy so cruise their site and u might get lucky

*gotta stop shopping while blazed*

Rather bland looking, but not bad for the price. I paid around $700 (inc tax) for an Asus TF700T Transformer Infinity 32GB model and Keyboard dock from Best Buy when it came out last year... So depending on the storage options, that's reasonably priced considering it has Tegra4/1080p/IPS. Display quality, hinge strength, and general hardware quality (GPS/Wifi issues) will determine the desire on this tablet hybrid.

I will buy this; still wish there was a way to dual boot Android and Windows 8 in this particular form factor.