Nexus S

Hey, lookie there, another shot of the not-so-mythical Samsung Nexus S. You guys have been hitting our inbox all weekend with EXIF data that points to the GT-i9020. And that in turn led to Picasa user Ben Saitz, who in turn led us to this picture of the Nexus S longside a Macbook Pro. Can't tell much else, other than it looks like it's using a standard microUSB cable, but that's hardly a surprise. Now if only the rest of us could get our hands on one.  [Picasa via Engadget]

Samsung Nexus S


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Hey, look, it's the Nexus S again


The USB port appears to be on the bottom. That's not at all like any Galaxy S phones... or am I just seeing things?

this guy doesnt even deserve to have that phone!! look at that screen, it's nasty looking. Who knows what he does on that computer and what he's gonna be doing on that phone....

The way the reflection changes along the length of the phone makes it appear to have a curved screen...or at least curved glass at the top and bottom

Funny how no one ever referred to the Google Nexus One as the HTC Nexus One. But this new handset can't seem to loose the Samsung tag...

Why isn't the phone screen as filthy as the Macbook screen? Can't wait to see more on the "Google" Nexus 2.

Only reason that Macbook's screen looks like garbage is because he has been touching it extensively or there has been spit slobbered all over it. Happens to me, I talk on Vent and I sometimes use a little too much spit, I'm a gamer... has no time to cleans screns proprly