Nexus 5

For those about to rock a new Nexus 5 from Android Central, we salute you

If you can remember with all the mind-blowing stuff we've seen so far this week, we're giving two lucky folks a new Nexus 5 of their very own. The contest is now over, the random number generator has been activated, and we have your winners. Let's all send out happy thoughts and congratulations to:

  • John in Colorado
  • Jon in the UK

Congrats John and Jon, and thanks for being part of things here. It's folks like you who make Android Central as good — and as fun to be a part of — as it is. We're trying to think of other ways to give away great stuff, so always be on the lookout for it.


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Here are your Nexus 5 contest winners


I am seeing a pattern here. I will be back when I figure it out.

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And here's me thinking I might've been the only one to enter. I've heard nothing either! Luckily I bought one just in case I didn't win.

Congratulations John and Jon! Looks like I'm splashing some cash for my N5 this time.

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well good luck. New orders won't be fulfilled until November 28th+ at this point. you'll be waiting well into December.

Google said they weren't processing mine till the 22nd when I bought it on the 1st...they shipped it on the 3rd and it is coming in the mail on the 8th. So Excited!

Oh well, looks like I'll have to put aside some cash for it then. Hopefully there will be a black Friday deal. Anyways, congrats John/Jon!

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Let me tell you something about Cats: I worked in theater for a while and a touring production of Cats came into my theater. When you're back stage and you see a phenomenal figure in a spandex catsuit from behind and that phenomenal figure turns around is winds up being the opposite sex of what you's jarring.

Knew I should have went with "Illustrator John". Congrats to the winners. Totally jealous!

PS. Hey AC were the Doodle Contest winners ever chosen? Just don't remember seeing anything about that.


I was really pumped up for this reveal, I thought this was the one.

Congratulations John and Jon, you each have a nice looking y device.

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Well that sure Is a bad attitude ! Its a random contest. Everyone has an equal chance of winning. You should be appreciative of the fact Android Central is here doing these giveaways ! I am thankful just for the chance TO enter. Have I ever won? No. Would I have liked to? Of course ! But just because I don't win doesn't mean I have to be a poor sport.

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Sadly I did not win. But I'm used to that. Congratulations to the winners. Enjoy your new phones.

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Congrats! Guess I'll just have to play with the wife's until my HTC one gets 4.4. 30days don't sound too bad.


Thank you all for the love! AC is the most phenomenal android site! My wife said I was way to happy today ha ha. Thank you Jerry, James, Phil, and Company! Android gods have spoken, I am dumping VZW for a more Google friendly network. Have a great night everyone! I chose black btw. Phil even threw in a wireless charging mat. What a awesome crew!

Congratulations mate! Haven't won a piece of chocolate in my life yet, but you got your nexus 5 :P

Congratulations John and Jon. The reason I entered this contest is because I wasn't going spend my money on Nexus 5. I have a Windows Phone. Nonetheless. I will be back and hope to win. Good luck everyone for the next contest. Thanks Android central for this.

Pics or it didn't happen!

Seriously, congratulations guys.

Now, seeing as I live in Holland, all I need to do to win a prize is change my name to Jan.....

Thanks Android Central for the competition and including the rest of the world. Also congratulations to the winners.

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cool congrats from a canuck user, maybe ill just have to buy the n4 now since there cheap upgrade my s2 international version

Congrats to the only John in Colorado and Jon in the UK! Wondering how many Johns/Jons jumped from their bed today in those cities!

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I'm just glad I was one of the lucky UK Carphone Warehouse buyer before they went up in price! Mine took two days to be delivered but I ended up with the white one. I'm actually rather smitten with the white. Congrats guys.

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Congrats to John/Jon. I have randomly picked my name to win the next contest. I hope its a super cool product.

Congrats to you both. I guess I'll just have to splurge on the nexus 5. Tired of the S4 already I'm all bloated.

Enter or do not enter there is no lose. I am of course paraphrasing one of the world's greatest philosophers..... Yoda :-) Congratulations John and Jon and of course thank you AC for giving us all yet another chance to win a super new shiny.

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Damnit!!, I never win anything accept other people's bs I want to just want to drink my but off and go on a rampage with my lawn mower and say screw you grass I hate you screw you ant pile there's where I slipped twisted my ankle must cut it muhaha

Bullscrap, only thing is the link doesn't work after last click... Next time fix all bugs before you giveaway... No more bugs or hassle around. Thank you android central

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Congrats on the Jon's!!

And I don't want to brag about it...
But i order my Nexus 5 White 32GB at November 5th. And i few minutes ago got the mail with tracking number.
ETA: 2 days


Well, compete in a random way with people around the globe is quite annoying actually. Nevermind, congrats Johns!

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