White Nexus 4.

Phone, ahoy! Have ye seen the white Nexus 4?

Aye, cap'n. We have. In fact, we've got the white Nexus 4 here in our hot little hands. And, yes. It's a Nexus 4. And it's white. It's a white Nexus 4. And ... That's really about it. LG this morning finally announced the existence of what has never really been that much of a secret, and it'll be available May 29.

So what's new on the white Nexus 4? We'll break it down.

Look, for all intents and purposes, this is a white Nexus 4. It's the latest version of the hardware, meaning it's got the little nubbins that'll keep it from sliding around a table. It's got the same crystal reflective backing with the same design of the black Nexus 4. And it's got the same FCC identifier, so there's nothing different on the inside. (The one we've got is the 16GB version, for what that's worth.)

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Probably more important is that it's running Android 4.2.2. That, of course, is the most current version of Android, and the same version that's running on the black Nexus 4. Because, yeah. this is a Nexus 4.

The only real physical difference, other than the color -- which extends to the exposed screws at the bottom of the phone, and the silver around the camera lens looks damn cool -- is that the side of the phone has gone from a rubberized soft-touch to just a matte plastic. You lose a little bit of the grip, which sucks, but them's trade-offs.

And there you have it. It's a white Nexus 4. If there are any other major changes, they're not immediately available to the naked eye.


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Hands-on with the white Nexus 4


who for? If it's T-Mobile, there is a hack to get LTE to work on AWS frequencies (T-Mobile's band for LTE). If it's for AT&T, don't bother. They only use AWS for LTE in a select few markets.

A $100+ a month phone bill was plenty reason for me to leave Verizon. HSPA+ 42 is enough speed for me for those rare occasions that I'm not on Wifi. In the meantime, I've cut my phone bill in half (wow that sounds like a commercial!).

Exactly. I'm rarely away from WiFi most of the time (work/home) and HSPA+ is plenty fast. Hell, it is faster than my home internet. Why on earth do I need my phone's internet connection be faster than my home access? Would it be nice? Sure, but not necessary.

Now, if you can't use T-Mobile, fine; but, HSPA 21 on AT&T is plenty fast too.

I have five smartphones on T-Mobile for $173/month. Three have unlimited voice & text with 5GB of tethered high speed access and two of the phones have 500 minutes, unlimited text and 2GB of high speed access. I also have a 12% corporate discount, but still, even without the discount, it would be a deal.

I guess there has to be fault with the N4 somewhere.

Right now for me and my parents to have a basic 3Gb of data and unlimited text, it is around $240 on ATT. That price and the carrier is complete BS. Will probably leave for TMo later this year aas long as the Nexus 5 is under $400.

Nope, still never a reason. VZW charges the most ridiculous plan prices, so why pay 2-3x more than on TMo prepaid, ST, Solavei, Net10, etc the list goes on. If N4 came to VZW then have fun paying 2-3x more than prepaid customers. LMFAO! Just plain stupid. LTE is NOT worth it. I've been on 3 prepaid carriers since last Nov when my N4 arrived and all have been great. I miss ZERO from being on VZW! LOL

Ditto. I do not miss LTE at all. Left Verizon a few weeks ago. Not missing them.

I do kinda miss their coverage (they have 4G and voice available farther out than T-Mobile). But HSPA speeds are plenty fast.

I really never thought I'd say this. I have bagged on T-Mobile quite a bit in the past. But they really seem to have gotten their shit together. Customer service is significantly better than Verizon (especially in their storefronts).

so why pay 2-3x more than on TMo prepaid, ST, Solavei, Net10, etc the list goes on.

Because Verizon literally puts all of those networks to shame, objectively Verizon has a better network. Sometimes people are willing to pay for quality.

LOL moron. "pay for quality"? HAHA BS. There's NOTHING VZW's network has over any prepaid network can't do? Yes, LTE is there and speeds will be faster. But who cares? I get my emails fast enough. I surf the web plenty fast. I play my games plenty fast. Your a total tool! Have fun paying more than me! HAHAHA

Verizon's network has better coverage. If you can't accept that, then you're a fool and a liar. And FYI, I use T-Mobile, so I know what I'm talking about.

Actually that is true for most areas but not all. Where I live VZW sucked period. I dropped them fro T-Mo and haven't been happier. I get better coverage in my area and don't have to stand in one spot, on one foot and hand in the air. I literally had to say to a Verizon rep, "Can you hear me now?" She couldn't so I had to move a little.
So yeah VZW isn't all that despite their "amazing" coverage.

I've been on the T-Mobile $30 plan since I got the phone on day one. I've been laughing my ass off at Verizon (expensive as hell), AT&T (Basically Satan), and Sprint (WTF how do these people have more subscribers than T-Mobile again? Sorry if you're a Sprint customer I don't mean to offend you but why? Is there something I'm missing?) ever since.

I switched to T-Mobile after they announced their new plans and have never looked back. Unlimited data, and I have an HTC One and a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile. Non-LTE network and my speeds are as fast, if not fasater than Verizon's LTE in this area (Seattle). I consistently get 14mbps on T-Mobile's HSPA+.

Now, if T-Mobile doesn't cover your area well, that's another story. But I am LOVING the service I get, especially since I can't believe that I have used 7GB so far, and not a cent over my $70 plan per month. That would have cost me $130 on Verizon already.

I'll say this: even if T-Mobile was around 9-10Mbps, and Verizon was at 30Mbps, what good is a faster network, when you can't use the apps that require that the most (video streaming, HD video calling, HD music)??? I would rather chose a slightly slower network that i can use unlimited for everything, rather than a network that is extremely fast, but I can't use.

I'd feel exactly the same if I didn't have unlimited data. I've gotten so accustomed to unlimited data that I could never limit myself to just a couple GBs every month. If and when Verizon takes unlimited data from me, I'll be on T-Mobile that day.

I went prepaid+Nexus4 and haven't regretted it one bit. Sure I don't have LTE but I don't care. HSPA+ is plenty fast. Verizon wanted to stick me for $165/month for two lines with LTE.

Now I'm paying $89/month for 2 lines with "unlimited" (haven't been throttled) everything on Straight Talk. If $76 more a month is worth the price of LTE then go for it. You are a richer man than I. I however like the fact that I am saving $912/year or ($1,824 in 2-year contract terms)on my phone service. I have other uses for that money.

+10000000000... I did the same and it's been the BEST feeling. $150/month for me and my wife and been customers for 12+ years with "unlimited" data. When N4 came out, I snagged it, jumped ship and finally got my wife off of VZW just 2 weeks ago. I'm on TMo prepaid and wife on ST with her iPhone (bleh). Paying now $75 month and LOVING it bro... All these morons staying on VZE for their overpaid/battery draining LTE can keep it! LOL

"All these morons staying on VZE for their overpaid/battery draining LTE can keep it!"

You should keep in mind, that everyone isn't as lucky as us, to live in or near a robust T-Mobile market.

I have quite a few friends that want to switch; however, Verizon is the only game in town, where they live and work.

To call them morons, seems a bit immature, if you ask me.

It says morons staying on VZW {{{{FOR}}}} their LTE can keep it

It is talking about people who choose verizon because they want LTE, it does not attack people who are on VZW because it is the only carrier with coverage where they live

Not immature at all, maybe you should read a little more closely

That's cute. My comment still stands. You fanboys get offended way too easily.

I still fail to see why someone is a moron, for preferring a carrier that someone else either can't afford or doesn't prefer.

You should learn to not be a fanboy.

I love how you think you're better than other people just because you're getting suckered out of your money for service you probably don't need. Verizon must love customers like you.

I love how you think you know me. Actually, I'm on T-Mobile prepaid and have been for 06 months. I switched from Verizon, because I wanted to try out Nexus devices and save money.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to finish installing Paranoid Android. Have a good night.

HAHAHA what a f'ing putz! I love your "e-thuggin". Probably a 14yr old, pimple faced, pencil dick kid whose out on Summer break. LMAO.. Go back to your iPhone you closet case. Fanboy DEESH! HAHAHAHAHA

Haha ok, you win. I was, probably, in the wrong, for calling you immature and playing the fanboy card. Take care, brother.

You don't have your Nexus 4 sitting on top of a Nexus 10 sitting on top of a Chromebook Pixel sitting on top of a table?

Of course not, I have my G1 sitting on top of a Nexus One sitting on top of a Nexus S sitting on top of a GNex sitting on top of a Nexus 4 sitting on top of a Nexus 7 sitting on top of a Nexus 10 sitting on top of a Samsung Chromebook sitting on top of a Chromebook Pixel sitting on top of a monitor (hooked up to a Chromebox) sitting on top of a Google TV sitting on top of a gigantic table.

Are ye Capt. Ahab in search of Moby Dick, the white Nexus?

"Aye, aye! and I’ll chase him round Good Hope, and round the Horn, and round the Norway Maelstrom, and round perdition’s flames before I give him up."

Yup, look forward to a Hands On article with every color of every phone from now on. Because each is different. (or at least the color is).

You can tell when the development cycle is in a pause, because they trot out the different colors for the same old product.

So um, Phil. Now that you have a shiny white Nexus 4, you don't need your old scratched and well used Nexus 4, do you? I know your house is overflowing with unused phones and I would be sure to provide it a good home.

Maybe they were going to a Nexus 4 skunk/zebra/old TV set box theme? Unless it's got 32/64g of storage, I'll be happy with my 16g black one but anxiously waiting for the next iteration of Nexus.

I hate that it has no SD. I hate that it has no upgradable battery. It's Camera is not as good as it could be, and it breaks by looking at it.

Despite this, I *love* this phone. Best android phone I have ever used. The display is awesome even by today's standards, it is very quick and the smoothest Vanilla Android experience I have had so far. No more bloat, no more begging vendors for updates.

Glad I got the black one though...it is slippery enough with that glass back. Matte Plastic for the white one was a bad idea. The grip from the rubber has been very useful to me on the black one.

Oh, and those stupid nubbins don't work. Mine still slid off a completely flat surface today. If they were intended to stop it from sliding off crap, they are a big fail.

But I think the reason they are there is to raise the back off the flat surface a little so the speaker has some room. I don't think they are there to stop it sliding anywhere.

They aren't for slide protection. They keep the plastic back of the phone from getting scratched up.

But still way ahead of any other Vanilla Android experience. It is as fast or faster than even the GS4 in every task I have seen, and still smoother than any phone out right now. And that doesn't suck.

I have both and the N4 is not any smoother than my 32GB S4. The Nexus 4 is in a drawer until the next update...sorry gotta go download some more stuff for my 22GB of internal storage! lol! And do not get me started on what to do with my 64GB micro SD card. Cloud... smoud...


Time index 3:40. If that is what you call smooth, we have different definitions of smooth.

That being said, the GS4 is awesome, and I am jealous of SD and more internal memory. But the nexus 4 is just that good that I am willing to live without them. I don't think I could ever tolerate Touchwiz pollution again after experiencing vanilla Android.

that was not my phone...I think you mean plain vanilla android. Say what you want about touch wiz but it is more functional than android without a doubt in my view. The Nexus 4 never got as many converts from other OS's as the S4, I think it is safe to say. Hard to believe I put up with HSPA+, 12 GB or storage and the slow as molasses cloud...

But alas...I tip my hat to you, Jeff Denver! You slam the Nexus 4 all over and then defend it like no other. I have to respect that! Just busting chops on the Nexus faithful...

It is more functional...at a price. It is slow as hell and almost as ugly. The Nicest thing I can say about touchwiz is that Sense is even worse. I have always loved Samsung hardware but hated Touchwiz with a passion.

I like both phones. But having dealt with Touchwiz, Motoblur, and (worst of all) Sense for the past 4 years, Vanilla Android feels really really nice right now.

I don't understand why a version with more storage hasn't been available yet. That would be a serious money maker. Seems like bad strategy to me. Google l/O would have been the perfect time to announce that. What a shame.

This would have been a perfect opportunity to increase the internal storage on a phone that could be a big seller rather than just a developer phone. I have always been a buy Nexus or go home, Not today when the apps and games are huge memory hogs, internal storage isn't a choice it is a must in a top of the line Smartphone. 32gb of int storage is a must have with sd card support, without sd card support 64gb should be the norm, just like the iPhone 5. How the hell can anyone designing a great phone put in a pathetic 16gb of int storage???? FAIL FAIL FAIL

i doubt there will ever be another nexus phone on verizon they burned that bridge a long time ago

maybe google edition flagships like htc one and galaxy s4 maybe

It's always good to see your favourite handset released in a new color.

However, thise white version seems a rather forced design choice. The rubbery material got changed for a plastic one which makes it harder to howd in one hand (as Phil mentioned) - an obvious design trade off. The front is also kept black which is understandable given all the sensors/LED light LG is trying to cover. Stock Android also looks best when surrounded by a black surface. Those gorgeous on-screen buttons looks best on a black device.

I am excited to see this device, guys, but I can't help but consider it a compromised design. The phone was designed to be black with the software and the hardware in mind. When you put the white phone and the black phone next to each other I think it would be easy to guess which one was the original.

This is called bad design.

I would go T-Mobile in a heartbeat if I could, but inside the building at work, the only carrier that works reliably unfortunately is VZW. The one carrier with the worst lineup of Android phones.