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GOgroove speaker

Android phones and tablets have a lot of different options for playing music. Whether you're streaming it, playing it locally, or creating your own the best way to share is with a stand-alone external speaker of some sort. The included speaker options will work in a pinch, but let's be honest -- nobody is buying any mobile device for the great speaker quality. When you're in a group, an external model is a must.

So what better way to listen to a song or two than with a Bugdroid styled speaker? Enter the GOgrove Pal Bot. It looks a lot like Android's beloved mascot, and is a simple connection via the 3.5mm jack on all modern Android phones and tablets. The specs say it lasts 6 hours on a charge when played at full volume (the only way to play music) and at under a pound it looks to be pretty damn portable. 

Sure, there are probably a lot of options out there that offer better audio quality, but they don't look like Bugdroid! For a day at the beach or a camping trip this one should suffice, and it's only $30 at Amazon. As a music lover and certified Android nerd, I had to pass this one on as soon as I saw Aces and 8s showing it off in the forums.

Source: Android Central forums
Order the GOgroove Pal Bot at Amazon.com

There are 8 comments

still1 says:

Nexus Q should look like this... a black bugdroid!!!

Wicket says:

I thought the same thing!

Aces and 8s says:

Hahaha! This speaker is awesome! Thanks for crediting my post.

We're actually the reseller for this product and thought your readers might want to know:

We are running a promo for today only on Amazon for the GOgroove Pal Bot. If you use coupon code PALBOT50 at checkout it will shave an extra $10 bucks from your order. In other words, Pal Bot for $20 bucks plus tax and shipping. Again, this offer is only for today and we have a limited quantity available at this promotion price, etc. Anyway, if you do pick one up and you like it, we'd really appreciate the feedback. Thanks!

edit: Sorry, told by the staff price was adjusted. Sorry about confusion.

chuckh0308 says:


Chocoburger says:

Ha, I got so excited that I ended up buying TWO of them! I can't wait to have them at my home! :)

DocToxyn says:

Huh, that code only took $10 off. Still a decent price, so I pulled the trigger.

mkhall says:

I noticed that, too. $9.99 discount. Still ordered one, though.