New Market on the Nexus S

For anyone who has tried the new Android Market client on their Nexus S and was disappointed at the odd visual glitches -- that and the fact that it reverted itself to the old market in just a few hours -- here's at least a partial fix.  Jury is still out on whether this one will be a bit more permanent or not, but it looks (and more importantly works) great.  None of that overlapping text and half images we were seeing with the last "new" Market version.

Hit the Nexus S forums and you can grab the apk file, just install it like any other application.  [XDA-Developers


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Get the new Android Market on your new Nexus S


But if this one enforces the 15 minute rule, why would anyone want it?

Wouldn't it be better to try to stay with the old version?

It also appeared like 2 days ago on my TMO G2. Never got asked or told it was upgraded.

I've noticed what seems like a mistake in the new Market app, at least what's on my Nexus One: when I go to purchase an app, the final purchase page still says that you have 24 hours to refund your purchase. But if you click on the link and read the full terms, it now says 15 minutes.

I imagine there are going to be some pissed off people who don't read blogs and know about the change!

Im thinking they didn't do that whole 15 min refund because I just bought the need for speed app a few hrs ago and I still have.the option to refund it

I certainly hope you're right, but I wonder why they changed the official webpage containing the terms for refunds to say 15 minutes, if the app didn't follow suit. Or maybe they're waiting for this to roll out to all devices before they change? Although that doesn't make sense, as then they'd have to update everything else again.

I have a Samsung Fascinate and I noticed yesterday that I had the new Android Market....I also didn't see any updates, it was just there. While nice aesthetically, its very buggy....

got the new market on the evo yesterday. I dislike its UI. I find it annoying to have to tap to see the full description. The top part with the 'recommended' ads is too big. Why does it have to take 43% of the screen? Before it was like 30%.

The 15 min window will prevent from buying apps.

It's on my Droid 2. One thing I don't like is that the Update and Uninstall buttons for apps already installed are now arrayed vertically, and are close to each other, rather than horizontally as in the previous version. This is guaranteed to cause more mispunches. Design flaw.