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While Rogers is still looking to charge you $150 for the Samsung Galaxy S II LTE online, Future Shop is a little more forgiving on your bank balance and is now offering the device for only $20 in retail locations across Canada. That won't save you from the 3-year contract required but hey -- getting the device cheaper is better then a swift kick in the arse, right?

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Future Shop drops the price of the Rogers Samsung Galaxy S II LTE to $20


Even for a phone that nice, a 3 year contract is CRAZY!!

I'm not hard on my phones either & I don't think I've ever had a device that wasn't on it's last legs when I came up for renewal after 20-24 months.

I can barely make it through 6 months before I want a new phone. I cannot imagine 3 years.

If it wasn't for rooting and custom roms, I would buy a new phone every 6 months!

Sadly up here in Canada all carriers have 3yr contracts. Some allow you to do a "tab" purchase i.e. you put so much money down for the phone, and a portion of your monthly bill goes towards the balance of the phones purchase price. Once the balance is paid off you can get a new phone. Of course then there is the option of just purchasing the device outright, but not everyone has the means to do that, which is where they hook you with the 3yr contract. Its crazy, yes... but they continue to get away with it.