Galaxy Note 2

Here's one for the folks who aren't feeling the draw of the Nexus 4. The Galaxy Note 2 is a killer device, and deals site Daily Steals is offering it at a pretty great price. For just $579.99, this 16GB unlocked European model (GT-N7100) of the Note 2 can be yours in either white or gray.

If you're interested in picking up one of these tablets giant phones, hit up the source link below.

Source: Daily Steals

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Mecha says:

You guys just made my entire day. I was hating myself for missing the exact same sale on this phone another site had a few days ago. Needless to say, I jumped as soon as I saw this post. My gratitude is endless.

mithmal says:

I know it says unlocked and i'm assuming its unlocked only for at&t?

Jayshmay says:

I swear, if the Verizon Galaxy S3 was being offered for
that price I'd snatch it up!!!

Jedi2155 says:

Unlocked phone on Verizon...kind of pointless isn't it?

luvbug says:

Will this unlocked device work on the Sprint Network? If so I'M in.

cenkaetaya says:

that is a pretty good price

XChrisX says:

I'm guessing LTE won't work on this device?

Great Guess! GSM/WCDMA only. I bought one of these and am now stuck with 3G speeds max so far as I can tell, unless someone out there has a great way to change the default network capabilities of this model GT-N7100?

MrSmith317 says:

Don't forget than Samsung has a trade-back program. I checked and my used SGS3 is worth a $255 trade-in. That would bring the purchase price of a new Gnote2 to under $500 unlocked.

zachavm says:

you do realize you could probably get a lot more than that selling it on ebay or amazon right?

I know no LTE but do these Unlocked versions have T-Mobile's AWS HSPA+ bands? Such a waste if it's only going to be EDGE only with T-Mobile.

No T-Mo bands on mine.

garciaop says:


Andrew, the word you're looking for at the end of the story is "Phablet".LOL

hopefulfarm says:

I have the Note 2. You will love this phablet!

It will not work on Sprint.

blackdogAC says:

It doesn't say for Verizon OR AT&T. Could you get this signed up on either carrier?

jreuschl says:

I saw this on Slickdeals. Keep in mind people say this site takes a long time to ship.

skafri#WN says:

No, you cannot put an unlocked GSM phone on Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, or any other CDMA carrier.

Because they don't use SIM cards?