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We really do have a hard time without using the word "BlackBerry" in a sentence without also using the words "dying," "obsolete" or "time to switch." But we're also intrigued by how hard both RIM and enterprising hackers have been in running full-fledged Android apps -- including the Android Market -- on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

Our cousins at have done up a great walkthrough of how to install the Android Market an other Android apps onto the PlayBook, including entering into developer mode, resigning keys and other crazy stuff that has us asking this question:

Why the hell don't you just buy an Android tablet instead?

Anyhoo, check it out at the link below. Then find your nearest BB-using friend and give them a hug. They likely need it.

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and other applications to your BlackBerry PlayBook


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CrackBerry tells how to install Android Market, apps to the PlayBook tablet

I love mine, and at £169 its way better than most android craplets around that price point. And tinkering is fun, i already have a boat load of android apps, may as well use them on here too. And its a lot nicer than the ipad i used to hawk around!

Hardly, the PB is better hardware, better CPU more memory, RAM and storage, plus the PB has cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, and other stuff too. The Playbook is better hardware! That being said for some folks the fire is a better choice. Myself I have both and this post was typed from my iPad. ;)

The Fire has half the RAM and only 8GB of storage space. Plus, it has no camera (neither front nor rear). The hardware is not the same, but this is a common misconception bred by initial "breaksclusive" reviewers who held the two up side by side and declared them nearly identical. They're really not even near identical.

Still, the Fire is a really fun (and cheap!) tablet. My mother-in-law has a Fire and loves it, and my wife's new Fire was just lost this past weekend by UPS before they could deliver it to us. They say we're supposed to be able to come back tomorrow to the UPS distribution center and pick it up, so hopefully they will have found it by then. :-(

Playbook: dual core 1.5GHz A9, 1GB ram, 1024x600 7" display
Fire HD (2013): dual core 1.5GHz A9, 1GB ram, 1280x800 7" display

There ya go.

Unfortunately I already have a PlayBook, but I can probably flash Android on it.

I'm sure this question has been answered somewhere.. a hundred times.. but as the current market stands, what is the best bang for your buck with Android Tablets? I have a Motorola Droid Pro now and love it and have been tinkering with the idea of an Android Tablet for some time. But the reviews I've read over the past couple years aren't the greatest. I'm not looking to spend $700 either. Looking for something with a decent price and good tablet.

Loving my original Transformer, as well as my Nook Color. I think that it would depend on the size that you're going for too...

Yeah good point.. I'm not even sure what size I want but I'll look both of those up. I don't want anything huge.. I'd probably prefer something a little smaller.

every time you bash blackberry you look like an idiot. sorry phil but its a cell phone, not someone that stole from you. i wouldn't get an android tablet because they are garbage. any tablet besides the ipad isn't worth the money, but i like my playbook for what it is also

I think people should be asking themselves "Why buy an Android Tablet when you can buy a PlayBook?" Seriously people can bash it all they want. But my PlayBook treats Android like it is a fart app. My PlayBook can launch Android 2.3.3 faster than my bionic will launch Angry Birds. Lol

The PlayBook is the best Android tablet there is now. Without question. How is it possible for my PlayBook to run 2 operating systems with less lag than my galaxy tab had while only running one?

When RIM puts this os on a phone I'm going back to BlackBerry. Android is awesome, but QNX / BBX / whatever they call it is better. Just think of a BlackBerry phone that handles Android as well as the PlayBook does. Can't wait.

Why buy an Android tablet? Well first off, the playbook is only 7" and a lower res compared to the higher Android tablets. Also specs wise, it's kinda middle of the road. However I will agree, for the price it's a bargain. Is the best Android tablet? Sorry, not even close.

Another thing, while Android may run on the playbook, from what I understand, all the apps don't work. I could be wrong there though. If that's the case, why go through the hassle of trying to run Android half-assed?

The benefit of running Android isn't really to run Android but to have access to Android apps as the only real critique to the Blackberry platform is lack of apps.

In terms of core functionality (everything you do outside of running third party apps), well my preference is definitely with the Playbook OS over Android. I've owned a Galaxy Tab and absolutely hated it (like really, really, really hated it and I have a Galaxy S2 as my phone). The PB OS I find just flows better and makes more sense and is more... original (with a nod to WebOS I understand).

I bought two Playbooks during the recent sale and everyone that has tried them is impressed. Even as is I am happy and don't regret the purchase and OS 2 will hopefully make it better.

I understood the part about running Android apps, but that still didn't address the point that many apps simply do not work or work correctly.

Another thing, comparing the dual-core higher spec'd Playbook to the Galaxy Tab which came out almost 8 months earlier isn't exactly an Apples to Apples comparison. Compare the Playbook to the TAB 8.9 or 10.1 and you'll see it more than meets its match.

And with ICS making its way onto the tablets, RIM will have to do some serious voodoo marketing if they want to sell their future tablets at anything other than a highly discounted price. Don't get me wrong, aside from the Kindle Fire, Android tablets aren't exactly flying off the shelves either but they are slowly gaining traction. blackberry guys need to come to terms with the fact that it's over...Blackberry is just dead, give it up and figure out who you're going to switch to after the final fall. I owned Blackberries for years - but then RIM decided to destroy the brand, and now it's all over but the shout.

We really do have a hard time without using the word "BlackBerry" in a sentence without also using the words "dying," "obsolete" or "time to switch."

"We" is not playbook users. I think my playbook is absolutely great even without Android. Hardware is superb, OS is definitely the best. But it has far less apps than android. For me it has enough apps (~30.000) and I love the apps I have. But I won't say no to Android apps. I like Android a lot too, and a few apps are clearly still missing (Skype, Google talk). There are alternatives but it would fill the few holes still left.

Blackberry builds very practically well thought out devices, much more straigt forward than Android and even IOS. But it does not have a big candy store. That is not a big problem for me as my playbook is not a PC replacement but only an extra tool. I love it that I can record HD movies in great quality and not skipping one frame even when filming fast moving vehicles. I love it I can play them back on my TV through my HDMI port. I love the two supersensitive stereo mics that make clean sound recordings. I love it that my speakers are the best in the field, much louder louder than other tablets, with clear sound at every level and great bas. I love my playbook as ereader as it is light as book and the DPI is double that of other tablet as its size is half and that its brightness is double that of an iPad and highest to be found. I love it I can connect through USB. I love it that the borders are sensitive too and I have many more swipes to easily do thing than Android or IOS. I love it that QNS is the only OS with a real micro kernel making it so safe and stable it is used in the space shuttle and nuclear power plant. I love it that it is only real-time OS, meaning duration of actions is always known in advance. That is why even when playing HD movies and 3D games at the same time it is always absolutely smooth. Scrolling through movies is always smooth. Responsiveness is always immediate.

So the only thing that can be improved is the number of apps. And Android has a lot of them. Not that it is important for me because I use it for business mainly and not to waste my time on time consuming games. I do not need a candy store, but Android has some very good apps playbook is still missing. But as much as I like Android and I really do, that would not mean I would want to trade my playbook for an android tablet. I am not the kind a guy that needs a million apps, for my purposes I need a number of selected apps and I like them to be convenient. Did I mention that the playbook has the only browser in which flash actually runs smooth and never crashes? These are things I really value. What I like best is it is not bigger than a scheduler and I can take it in my inside pocket and carry it to wherever I go, doing presentations and showing photo's and videos to friends.

I even use it as a alarm clock. You set the time close the app and put the device in standby and it still reminds you. I love it I can put it in standby in its sleeve and still use it as an MP3-player, because buttons and head jack are all on the same side and can still be operated to pause, skip numbers or change volume. It is so well thought out and designed in every detail, you can not but learn to love it once you discover more of it.

It is an incredibly practical machine. It is not the joyous waste of time android tablets are, but then I do not like to waste time. It is a tool and people often forget that there is public for no nonsense great practical tools too.

RIM is a small company so it will not keep up with Apple and Samsung, it can not invest that much. But it does not need to. RIM only serves a few segments of the market. And the people that use their products are very fond of them for the reasons I described. Mistakenly RIM is thought to be competing with Android and Apple for the mass market. It is not. It has carved out a niche, and is very successful in that niche. Its profit and profit growth of last year was highest ever even though sales of playbook were disappointing because it was grossly misunderstood by reviewers who stressed things that are really not that important to the market for witch it is meant. Is is not an iPad competitor, but every tablet is judged as if it would be.

If you like candy and lots of it, go to the candy store, but if you want great industry quality no frills tools than Blackberry is the way to go. No need to put BB down. Android is truly great on what it does and I think it will become the market leader, but there is and should be room for some good honest products from small hardworking companies too.

So there you have it. I love Android and the guys from Google and the open source community and wish you well.

Thanks for telling it like it is, Magalaan. So many androids (and reviewers) are clueless about the PB, and it shows in their uninformed criticisms. (No excuses for the reviewers) I notice no one even tried to challenge the points you made.

One thing you didn't mention is the PB's 64 gb of room. Mine is rapidly filling with movies and tv shows I'll take on my next crosss-Atlantic cruise (yeah, all we PB fanboys spend our time cruising). But it beats heck out of 8 gigs and a mini SD card.

Size? I love it but that's a personal thing. What I keep hearing, though, is how the ipads get left at home cause they (and most other larger tablets people rave about) are just too bulky to be truly portable. Mine goes with me everywhere I go.

Any sane person cannot judge a phone based on the number of apps it has. A phone is simply a communication device and any apps that is able to aid communications is enough for a handheld phone. The blackberry brand has all its takes to be the number one communicating device that it truly is. That ios and androids OS have million apps , and hence are better than a BB is rubbish. When its comes to communications that a phone was actually made for, no iphone, no androids phone can stand shoulder to shoulder with a BB. No. It is not possible. Watching video on a phone is not what a serious minded adult would consider when buying a phone. Can you play video on ur mobile while on a journey of say 12 hrs? Definitely no , except you want to drain ur battery and remains incommunicado for the rest of the journey. You can only play video when you get to ur destination and a sound minded individual won't even think he can enjoy a video on a 14inches television let alone a handheld phone. A phone is definitely not a video playing device and no reviewer should rate a phone based on meaningless thinks like useless apps and video playing quality. A blackberry is a phone trying to act like a computer while droid and iphones are computers trying to be like a phone