Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket

Just a quick heads up that white Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket -- that's essentially AT&T's LTE version of the Galaxy S II -- will be available starting Dec. 4. Specs are exactly the same as the black Skyrocket, save for the white shell, and pricing remains the same: $249 on contract.

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This is tight! Why no Exynos though??

flacoff says:

Exynos had issues with lte

AusFest says:

all these Galaxy S II's dropping just makes me want to punch Verizon in the face.

AusFest says:

Since I have been waiting patiently "dickInHand" for the nexus, these releases dont help!

Nate Rules says:

That is exactly what I think every time another carrier releases a sweet phone. Verizon is really testing my patience.

TvTechGuru says:

This is the news I've been waiting for! I've decided, forget Verizon and their Nexus. I'm switching to AT&T for this phone next week! It's better than Nexus.

El Jefe says:

Good luck with AT&T's LTE.

spielnicht says:

I myself been having enjoying AT&T's LTE in the DC area very much. What's the problem again?

bama4life916 says:

Sweet....wish I had one

mrfr3sh2def says:

I have the black Skyrocket and am going to purchase the white Skyrocket for my girlfriend this Sunday as a xmas gift :) DC's LTE service has been working even extends all the way out to Springfield, VA.


LTE in Houston is super fast :) .. I would be nice to have the white SGll SR

hellrod87 says:

Am I the only one who thinks white phones (all of them) are ugly as hell?

Creek says:

No you're not.

tronthedon says:

Nope, but having a choice is awesome.

I just don't like when people start talking about it like it's the next coming of Christ.