AT&T Galaxy S III

Can't take the wait anymore? Need to get your hands on that brand new AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III, and shipping just wasn't for you? As of today the Galaxy S III is available in your local AT&T store for your purchasing pleasure. Whether still on the fence, or just need something to get you a little more excited about it, be sure to check out our full review, and then get yourself up and head to your local AT&T store. Deciding on the device may be the easy part, but picking the color, that will be the challenge. 

Will you be heading to your AT&T store to pick one up for yourself today or this weekend and if so which color will you be taking home?


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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III available in stores today


Picking up a blue on this afternoon. I called the store and they said they have phones in stock. My husband is actually buying it for me for our anniversary. I am so excited. My Cappie has served me well but it is time for it to retire.

I also got the proper Samsung Store. Before I only had 'More Services' with about 12 apps.

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I got got mine at at&t store yesterday was 8 other people getting them. This thing is awesome. It smokes my HTC one x on clean rom 4.0. And its stock can't wait to see what it will do on a good rom.

yes, I went yesterday to check my plan at the store, and when I showed them the galaxy s3, first thing I heard was: "Wow, its really thin!" i was like: you haven't seen the phone before? and they said no, but we just got the phones today Jul 5th, but the manager wants to open them tomorrow to have them in the store...

That was funny.

the store at Portland, OR downtown.

Have to wait till this afternoon to get mine great now how do I live my life for the next 6 hours ugh the torture!

I picked up mine this morning at at&t. The peeble blue is beautiful. What a difference in performance from my captivate. Loving it!

Got mine this morning as well. I'm glad they sold out of the white since the blue really is beautiful. I wish the back cover was the same look as the front bezel though. Also nice to hear stores are selling out all over the place. Should get us app support like Hulu which for now doesn't install (boo).

I will be going tomorrow to compare it to my HOX as I only have 2 more days before the 30 day limit. I love the HOX, the screen is beautiful, and the multitasking doesn't bother me visually, but BOY does it eat through data with all the reloading! It's my first month with AT&T and i'm about to go over my data already (I never had that happen on Tmob). This reason alone has me looking to check out the SGS3. :)

I totally just walked into a store (Dallas, TX) and was able to walk out with one. No preorder or anything. The Samsung rep was there and let my play with one before it was my turn in line. I was mostly concerned about the size of the phone, but it's hardly bigger than the S2. In fact, it's about the same weight, width, and thickness, but it is a tad bit taller. Fits perfect in your pocket because of the curved surfaces.

Oh yea, I took home the white one. =]

Next week I will finally be rid of my iPhone and getting the S3. This will be my first Android phone. I am looking forward to using a new OS. Hope there are some white ones left at my local AT&T store. I am sure this will be a learning curve, but I am up for the challenge. I am sure that there are many of you in these forums that I can turn to for some assistance if needed.

I bought a Galaxy Note back on May 9th. Best Buy recently changed their benefits for the reward zone premier silver members to 60 days on returns and exchanges...I walked into Best Buy today and exchanged my Note for the AT&T Galaxy S3. It feels so fast and so light! Like it very much so far! So glad Best Buy made that change!