The ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet has finally launched. We at Android Central have been expecting the ARCHOS 5 to release for months now and true to their word, September 15th was their date. The ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet specs are the same as we've previously reported and to quickly refresh your memory, that's a 800x480 4.8-inch screen, 800MHz OMAP3440 processor, 720p video and output over HDMI, capacity up to 500GB, 802.11n WiFi, etc. internet tablet for your liking.

Early reports on the ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet have been pretty positive, it's definitely a better offering than your run-of-the-mill media tablet. Who's interested in getting one of these for themselves?



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ARCHOS 5 Android Tablet Launched


Just went to Archos site, and the store still does not allow you to buy the Android 5 says "coming soon" for the 4 models available.


I pre-ordered one through Amazon. The 160 GB version for $329. The next day I saw that the price jumped to $399 for the same model. However, it is obvious that the models weren't truly released September 15th. Does anyone know the ETA?

Archos has just changed it's status to "out of stock" . Big media firms get it first. Orlando Magic use them for their media for their games and it's all they use.

I got one from the Archos shop. Busy writing a review. Looks good. Their choice to go for Android was a good one.

Got my 160GB model yesterday, and I have spent two days now trying to get things to work. Also got the companion DVR add-on, again another lack-luster feeling. The unit is as large as a PSP with rotating hard drive, just not sure how to carry this unit around comfortably. For the price you would think it would be solid-state. Right now it's like/dislike, might end up sending the unit back.

It seems Archos in its attempts to secure a reliable (maybe) android working internet media tablet, it has abandonded the already owners of the previous Archos IMT 5 model. Let us hope they do not repeat this again withe their new line of products. Time will tell.

I got my archos with android a week ago and i love the device. its a little big but the pros on the machine just outweigh the size. and the screen is amazing. The flash memory is thinner than my 160gb but i can carry ALL my music and a lot of my movies around so it is great. ive been recommending them and the android os is nice.

So has anyone used one or does anyone own one? Looking to purchase one myself. looks like a great Idea minus all the bugs that it has...

It pretty good I have the 500gb, it does have some flaws software wise but they have been working on them.... I think the device overall is awseome for people with big media librarys like my self, and awseome for party's with the great variety of players android offers,(you have to hack it to get the good ones, Archos App Lib sucks), Once you get used to it, its awseome, should have done something with the video card though... Get buggy on 3d games..