LG Nexus 5 leaked photo

Yup, that looks like a Nexus; nope, we don't know anything more than we did yesterday

Details on the expected upcoming Nexus phone are sparse, but we now have another look at a picture of the back of a purported "LG Nexus 5." The above image, which came from a poster on MacRumors forums (of all places), is apparently of an upcoming device that looks very similar to previous leaked information from the FCC and a brief hands-on video.

This is another solid and somewhat clear view of the back plate, albeit partially obstructed by another device at the bottom (likely to cover up any identifying information), that shows off the vertical "Nexus" logo and large camera pod in the top left corner. The back seems to be of a similar (or same) material as what we've seen before, but giving the lighting we can't be sure.

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot to look into here. We're not sure what point in the development process this device is at, and this could very easily be an early prototype that slipped out to the wrong person — and judging the gap between the sides and back plate we hope so. As these devices start seeing more time in front of the camera we can start to piece together a picture, but nothing's final until it's final.

Source: MacRumors; Via: Droid-Life


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Another purported 'Nexus 5' image surfaces, showing off back plate


Anxiously waiting for this to surface officially.

Oh....... First!

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This. Anyone who owns a new Nexus 7 will recognize this as a scaled down version of the N7 soft touch back. No idea why ppl are speculating metal.

Now MY speculation is the wide ring around the camera lens is another NFC antenna like the one in the HTC One.

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I never though of the ring around the lens as an antenna. I was thinking it may be a metal plate for magnetic attachments to the lens, say a telephoto or macro adapter. I like your guess better actually, who wants to carry around extra lenses. Either way, can't wait for this to be released.

The HTC One makes phone calls, and it is made of aluminum, but I highly doubt that this phone is metal of any kind.

As much as I like nexus, I can't switch since I just got the moto x. I do love it though

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I really don't understand these "leaks" anymore. People supposedly leak images of the product but are always very vague in nature. Why wouldn't you just post the entire thing, or take a good video instead? The images are always usually ver blurry and worthless. I think most of these leaks that only show a small portion of a product are all just "leaked" by the company itself anymore. Just my .02 cents though.

That's the difference between a leak and a controlled leak. Purposely vague to build speculation /buzz. Imo

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That's a solid opinion, brother. Or, it could just be somebody that likes to tease, lol. I hate it, when people play hard to get.

The person who posted this photo said "Google is really sneaky and has ways to know where leaks come from..."

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Nope... not just you. I definitely share your opinion. Just doesn't look attractive at all

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Hard to tell from leaked pictures, I remember feeling the same about the N4 when it was leaked, hating the look of it, until the device was officially released.
I personally will reserve judgment until then, but if pushed to comment now, I would say just you, lol, as it looks OK to me.

Got a feeling this and some kit kat bars are gonna show themselves this week.

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Has anyone considered the bottom device to be another nexus 5 laying on its back? The button looks to be the same size...

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The top device doesn't look like a Nexus 4. It is facing screen up. There looks to be a camera or some thing else on its left top corner, and the back is white. I'm thinking that it's the new Nexus phone but with a white back.

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It isn't a camera and yes they're both Nexus 5s.

My guess is that it's an LED notificator!

I'm so relieved it's finally there. I hate the fact it was at the bottom and useless, and that the proximity sensor was there in place, when the proximity sensor needs to always be closer to the microphone

At the bottom and useless? You can see the LED from "anywhere" and the proximity sensor NEEDS to be near the earpiece as many people place only that part against their ear. Let me get a hit of that sh*t buddy...

i'll be buying this puppy the moment it's available without even looking at the specs. October is tomorrow.

I reckon Larry Page and his pals in the office have a few of the phones lying around and every so often, they take turns to mock up a photo and "leak" it, just to see who's photo gets the most attention.

It's just a game they play coz they're bored!

Not so much that they are bored. More likely selective feeding of info to keep the masses chattering. Like we are here. ;-)

In the past 6yrs I haven't kept a phone as long as my N4. But I think it's due for a replacement. Announce the N5 and take my money already. It's scratching my wallet....

Me neither man! The nexus 4's pros more than make up for its cons (battery life, camera)
This is a beautiful phone and beautiful experience. I love Google! Can't wait for the N5 But may buy a G2 ^___^

There are a bunch of sweet phones that have hit the market in the past couple of months but I'm holding out for this one. My gnex has been a great phone but I'm ready for something new and shiny.

I loved my gnex but the N4 was a huge upgrade across the board. Almost jealous at how awesome it will be to go from the gnex to the N5. Good ol' Nexus/Tmobile combo allows me to upgrade to every new version and still save a boatload over what I was paying on Verizon.

You will probably like what has been leaked. Supposedly, there is a CDMA modem inside as well as support for sprints LTE bands, in addition to those AT&T and T-Mobile bands

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When we get past some writers calling the orientation on of the new Nexus logo horizontal and some calling it vertical so that they all just call it landscape, I'll be so much happier.

The back looks removable to me but that isn't a selling point to me. What I need to see is a base model with a slightly higher price in the 16 and 32 GB variety. Give me a 32 GB N5 off contract for $299 and I'm all over that thing.

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Please, 32GB of internal storage + leaked specs with the G2 camera is worth every bit of $650. $450 would be a steal. $350/$400 for 16/32 GB with leaked specs and a great, but not G2 great camera, will be as much of an absolute steal as the N4 was at launch. I have plenty of great pics from my N4 and even the old gnex anyway, as many as I had from SGS3/GN2/iphone 4/5. An "improved" camera is plenty for most all of us Nexus fans. The real benefit is the best of the best dev community and cutting edge specs (sans camera in past)...the price is just the icing.

I'm pretty sure they are both the new nexus phone. In fact I am almost positive.

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The phone on the top is covering a single letter.What you are looking at here, my friends, is the all new iNexus

Didn't some leaked photos of some special phone come out a year or so ago, and then everybody realized that the leaked photos were a false shell to disguise the phone in case of leaked photos?

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yes it is the white nexus 5. i thought i was the only one that notice that white back. its going to be a very interesting year for Google and the nexus line.

so would now be the right time to sell my unlocked One and wait for the nexus 5? I'd be using my old 4s while I wait ;sadface:

I don't know that the Nexus 5 will affect the resale value of your One. If you had a Nexus 4, like I do, you might take a hit. Even worse someone stole mine, I bought a used one for $200 which was a GREAT deal until 3 days later Google dropped a bomb and lowered the price to $200/$250 new. Ouch. Lastly, going to a 4s for a bit is hardly a big deal. I went back to a freaking BB Storm for a bit waiting on the gnex lol. That was painful.

It feels like I had my nexus 4 for a month or 2 but I actually had it for almost a year.

Time flies with the smartphone world.

I have been using the htc one as my daily driver for the past few months. Added the Moto X into the mix the other day however I still can't wait to pick one of these up. Then I think the second generation htc one would be after that in Feb or March. I think I spend too much money on phones.

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That depends. Are you selling the old devices, to subsidize the newer ones? If so, spend away. If not, still, spend away, lol.

Never! I'm going to be switching my Sim between the HTC one, moto x, and nexus 5. I just came from the iWorld and my eyes have been opened. Also picked up the new nexus 7. I figured it's time to spoil myself with some quality android devices to make up for time lost :)

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It's actually not bad for fingerprints if its like the new Nexus 7 and it's very comfortable to hold.

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The side button appears to be the same and would be on the same side on both phones. The phone on top looks like a white back N5.

With that said, release this thing and take my money already!

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I have had many phones this year but there's nothing like a new nexus in your hands. I have sold all of my olds phones but never could i get rid of my beautiful nexus 4. I love that phone. I can't wait to get my hands on kit Kat.

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I understand the Nexus text in landscape for the Nexus 7 because it's a tablet often used in landscape mode but why for a phone? I don't like it at all.

Why are none of the blog posts on android sites mentioning that the phone on top is obviously a Nexus 5 with a white back? That's got to be pretty interesting to some people.

32GB this time around and a half decent camera and you can have my money, and I will have to change my nickname.

I should change it anyway to 1/2Nexus since I have a N7 (2013) but I am lazy this week.

Still throwing my money at the Note 3 in a few days but I need a change of pace phone for when the Note is overkill.

Sprint, Google do me a favor and don't muck it up like the last 2

Google, I'm begging you. Please add more internal storage or allow microSD expansion! I won't buy another Nexus until you do.

I don't understand the landscape Nexus logo. I get you hold the phone like that when you take pictures, but most of the time you use your phone, you're definitely holding it the other way. I've had people ask me about my N4 because they saw Nexus printed across it when I've been using it in portrait.

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I believe some of the comments posted are right about the other device on top being the front of another nexus 5. Great.

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Almost looks like it can come off! Android pit was saying possible SD card support. I hope so but either way hurry up please I'm getting it.

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I don't know who or what Android Pit is, but I suggest you get a more reliable new source, Nexus devices will Never Ever Cadaver gets MicroSD slot.

android central app

Android pit is another app like android central only different. Check it out?

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Cmon Google! Announce the product! I need to choose between the Republic Moto X and the Nexus 5! Also please be $299! (Or below.)

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I could possibly see a bit of a decision between buying a Nexus 4 today and a Moto X, but the Nexus 5?! C'mon lol. If price is a concern the Nexus 4 is a better device by a longshot.

I have a feeling that this phone will have the same price raise as the nexus 7 family did, I see it being 8gb for $329, 16gb $389 and 32gb $449, also wouldn't be surprised if it came with the snapdragon 600 which is a more than capable chip set

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I'm sorry, but the design looks awful compared to the Nexus 4. At least make an effort on the phone's outer design damn it.

The camera. Didn't Google downgrade the Nexus 4 camera? It was not the same as the camera on the LG branded phone. I think this is one of the areas Google uses to make the Nexus phones more affordable so I am not expecting a G2 camera with 13 megapixels.

Doesn't really matter that much to me. I have the galaxy Nexus and the camera works for me. I also have the Camera HDR App installed and with it most of my iphones friends are always remarking about how well my camera takes pics. So no matter I'll take whatever camera that comes on the phone.

I'm thinking that the device on top looks like a front-view of the same device, but a white version of it, given the white rim.

Does anyone have any idea when it will be available? I just hope that this time they are produced in greater numbers, to avoid the problems that occurred with the previous model.