Android in iPad ad

The Android robot has found a way to sneak into an iPad ad. The advertisement is actually for an iPad app about the history of Switzerland. 

The voiceover is heard talking about Switzerland and as soon as he mentions a rebellious, peasant army, an Android soldier can be seen wielding a sword in the crowd.

The designers of the ad definitely have a sense of humor to put the robot in an ad for the iPad. Enjoy the video after the break! [PointGPhone]

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ricbon says:

so awesome!!

lol anyone else see darth vader?

el fasuto says:


Baconator says:

Lol funny stuff. You would think Apple would take him out.

sandnut says:

Funny stuff, and thanks for the new wallpaper.

enigma350 says:

maybe there is an android app in the works...

newtronco says:

note the "they were the good guys" at the moment he shows up...

Smitty_82 says:

Lol, go android!

sparq says:

The Bad guy does look an awful lot like Darth Vader, Also did anyone did anyone catch the Mario Bros. reference? :D