Android 4.0.4

Many GSM Samsung Nexus S owners have been patiently waiting to see when Google would push the next update to their devices, and the answer is right now. Android 4.0.4 is currently rolling out to users showing a build of IMM76D. You have a few options when it comes to installing it of course. If you're on a stock device running Android 4.0.3, you can download and install directly from the OTA or use the directions below:

Keep in mind, this is for GSM devices only

  • Grab the OTA package here
  • Rename it to  This isn't needed for the Nexus S bootloader, but it makes things easy, if that's how you prefer them.
  • Copy it over to the internal storage on your Nexus S.
  • Power off, then hold volume up and power to reboot to the bootloader.
  • Using the volume key to navigate, select recovery, then use the power button to confirm
  • When you see the warning triangle and arrow, hold the power button and tap volume up.  You'll see a menu.
  • From the menu, select "apply update from /sdcard", and choose from the list.
  • Let it do its thing and update your system, radio, and other partitions.  When finished, choose "reboot system now"
  • Enjoy!

If you're rooted, there is a Clockwork Mod flashable zip file available for download as well, but again you will have to be on Android 4.0.3 to make use of it as it is not a full OS update. The CWM flashable file is stock, with a insecure boot image with Busybox and Superuser installed, as well as the stock recovery removed.

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Reader comments

Android 4.0.4 OTA for the GSM Nexus S now available


What about my GSM AT&T Nexus S? How am I supposed to update to 4.0.4 when 4.0.3 was never released for my phone?

The AT&T Nexus S doesn't exist. Only the Nexus S 4G wasn't updated. The title says GSM Nexus S update doesn't it? Everything is great!

You are saying the i9020A Nexus S for AT&T doesn't exist? Well, it does, and there has yet to be an ICS release for it. You can install the T-mobile/international version and use an AT&T radio but you will have to unlock your bootloader.

what the fuck!?!?!?!? how about updating NS4G and at&t NS before you REupdate all the other ones????? This is getting to be just ridiculous!!! If they think I'll be buying another nexus after this being my first ever nexus update experience, they need to get a cat scan. I'm tired of waiting for an update while others are getting a SECOND update!!!!

FUCK YOU google!!! I'm done with nexus for good.

You're yelling at Google for an update delay most likely caused by AT&T? Look at all the other AT&T android phones, takes forever to get updates through AT&T.

I guess that's why they were the first American carrier to update a non Nexus phone to ICS then. Which by the way beat out their own Nexus phone to getting ICS. So one would surmise this is not AT&T holding the process up as they are already getting their OEM phones an OTA to ICS.

Google didn't update the Sprint version or the AT&T in the US, and in Canada they didn't update the Rogers, Telus, Wind, Mobilicity, or Videotron versions either... as far as I know only the US T-Mobile version was given an OTA, and it was only some of them before the update was pulled.

But I agree, it's clearly all AT&T's fault.

Someone have a headache today? Seriously- would you talk like this in a room in real life? Why don't you watch your mouth and use some tact.

It's a phone. You're angry about a phone. That works, but doesn't have the update when YOU want it.

Man, crazy.

LOL, Fuck you too, Google & the Nexus line will be just fine without you bitch. Nexus phones are meant for DEVELOPERS anyways, not scum of the earths like you.

Agreed. They are marketed as "cutting edge" Android (not exact words), but in general they're known as the pure Android phone that gets the updates first. Which to me says that Google uses them to develop their OS's first on, since they aren't OEM's like Motorola, LG, Samsung, or whatever. Even though it's a Samsung phone, if the process "works" like it should, they would test the OS on the Nexus phone, release it when it's stable, and then release the code to the other developers. It hasn't exactly happened that way though.

I speak out about this everywhere i can.

Nexus is not a developer phone, it is a reference phone. What can be achieved when hardware and software work in harmony with Goog's vision. It is NOT a developer phone.

All the Europeans with GSM Nexuses that are getting the update are asleep. We'll have to check back in the morning...

the right people indeed (sarcasm intended) the lonely i9020A is alwasy forgotten about. we just want google to live up to their bloody word

You misinterpreted the post. It was noting the potty mouthed contingent chiming in en masse today. Is it that necessary to use, just to drive home a point? I think not. I'm rather unamused b/c I've gotten chastisted w/ an infraction for doing far less. Yet, the effs get overlooked by mods today.

now where the hell is the GRK39F ? and yes i know there is an i9020A it is also on Telus in canada and we have yet to receive the update. im friggen annoyed.

That's great news! The original GSM Nexus S lives on!! The Google Software Engineer Jean-Baptiste Queru is also publishing the 4.0.4 codes to AOSP - Can't wait for Team Kang to work on merging 4.0.4 with AOKP ROM.

I guess what I should walk away from this with is that the i9020a (for AT&T) is not part of the group of GSM Nexus S phones getting the update? Im not worried much since I have a HTC One X coming in a week or so (hopefully), but it would be nice to go out in a blaze of glory with the latest OS on my Nexus phone, that was supposed to get updates before phones like... oh I don't know... the HTC Vivid on AT&T


I have a stock tmo nexus s running 4.0.3 and I keep getting an error status 7 messages and then it aborts...any ideas???

I'm on the T-Mobile i9020T and I'm getting;

assert failed: apply_patch_space(15916988)
E:error in /tmp/sideload/
(Status 7)

Anyone know what this means? Thanks.

Im getting the exact same error message when I try to update manually.
I have a i9020T running 4.0.3 and I am in Spain..(no ota so far)
Has anyone actually succeededin installing this without rooting the phone?

I'm hoping it's just a bad update file. Tons of us are having the issue and no one has said anything about it.

Hi all!

Many Danes have updated using above metode "Grab the OTA package here" etc. I tryed to, but I never come to see the warning triangel afther confirming recover with the power button. What can I do about it? Any help here?
Maybee I just have to wait on Google OTA?

My Google Nexus S on stock 4.0.3 OTA in december 11.


I finally got my OTA ICS v4.0.4 update for my Nexus S i9020T which was running a manually installed ICS v4.0.3.

Contacts and Phone app launch faster, still exploring the update.

Hallo all! Look here:

Ok this what you need to do
1 go settings/apps then hit the all button at the top
2 Scrll down to goggle service framwork then press it to open it
3 Hit the clear button
4 go to settings/about phone/System updates the date will be 1969 or 1970 this is ok
5 Hit the check button
6 nexus should now show update to 4.0.4 is Available
7 hit install and enjoy

Please note this may take a few attempts but will work

Yes, nice and easy, work for me, second attempt.