Android GingerbreadOne of our favorite drinking games is "Guess the OS version." Someone plops down a phone in front of the "Roach" (the person who's guessing), and they have to, well, guess. When someone throws a Nokia phone into the mix, well, it's gonna be a long night. And it's starting to get to be that way with Android versions, too.

And that brings us to Gingerbread. So far, Android 2.3 is the only official Gingerbread version to have been released, and only on the Nexus S. Android Community confirms something we've heard as well -- that Android 2.4 also will be in the Gingerbread family. And we'll go one further -- Android 2.3 is only for the Nexus S. Any of the new phones you buy, and likely anything that gets an upgrade will hit Android 2.4 out the door. That's not unprecedented -- Android 2.0 (and Android 2.0.1) was only seen on the Motorola Droid; everything else hopped on up to Android 2.1 when the time came.

So you'll really want to be looking for the Android 2.4 version of Gingerbread in the coming weeks and months, and then things will get really interesting with whatever the "I" version of Android turns out to be called.. One way or another, we're not really reading too much into this quite yet, but it's worth noting just so we can all keep our OS versions straight -- and to try to keep from hitting the floor first.


Reader comments

Android 2.3 is reserved for the Nexus S; Android 2.4 also is Gingerbread


wasn't 2.0 only for the original Moto Droid? They have done this before, however this time is a little different of a scenario. I'm happy to be running 2.3 on my N1 as I type this!

Because 2.3 doesnt support tablet apps. So it would be oointlesd to push out 2.3 when it wont support some honeycomb apps. So they will just jump to 2.4. The nexus s has it because it came with it. 2.3 seems like it was just pointless.

I think that the new OS should be called "Iced Gingerbread" to keep in the spirit of the letters, Besides Iced Oatmeal Cookies are delicious, Iced Gingerbread cookies have to be just as yummy.

I don't care what number it is as long as the nexus one gets the update. Rumored this week or in the future, I don't care, just give me the update when this stuff is cooked and ready to go.

there's non warranty killing, one click root options for the N1 (aka SuperOneClick, and its been over a year since the release so i cant imagine the warranty still going for most of us), so just root it and flash a HUGE stock android fan, but CM gives more options on top of it, and CM7 is no different! its awesome! Everything you'd want in Gingerbread and more!

I can understand N1 users being irritated, Google did state 2.3 was coming soon for the N1 and they stated it more than once.

However the real question becomes when will 2.4 be available for the N1 users who do not was a custom ROM. Of course this now pushes back development for any current phones shipping (or having shipped with) 2.2.

My hope is HTC will release updates to 2.4 for the TB (for those again who do not want a custom ROM)in the by spring and not late summer.

I will root my TB, not sure yet about what custom ROM I will go with or if I will at all. For me it will depend more on ROM's like CM being based on 2.4 and not 2.3.

Isn't there other devices with Gingerbread loaded on them? I thought I seen new devices advertised with Gingerbread preloaded on them on release. I am frustrated, I went so far as to unroot my N1, bring iit back to stock so I could receive the OTA update, only took about 5 minutes but this is just ridiculous, someone from Google should come out and let the customers know what is the problem if there is one and when and if we will get the update. I don't think that is too much to ask from a company that we support 100%. JUST MY HUMBLE OPINION

With all the Bloggers from all the Android sites (including AC) over there in Spain, milling around (and testing the slide) in the Google booth, its just ODD that none of them were able to corner any Google employees and grill them about this 2.4 release and pushing to the Nexus One.

It must be that Google refused to send any knowledgeable people. Its very odd they would be so closed mouth about an Opensource project. Everyone would gladly wait if they knew the delay was to fix serious bugs, and that better things were coming, or that 2.3 wasn't worth the bandwidth to push it.

But Schmidt looks like he's hiding something and triggers all sorts of conspiracy theories when he says "a few weeks" back in November and repeats it in December and nobody in the press questions him further.

I think I agree. I bet 2.3 won't hit any non-development phone. 2.4 might be what is next for new phones and phone upgrades. I would have expected to hear SOME type of news on 2.3 for the Evo by now, since it was the first non-development phone to move to 2.2. Yet we have heard nothing at all.

Yeah, I know I could root my N1 but what if I want to stay stock?
AND... Google did promise "in a few weeks" quite some time ago.
Hello Google? Where is Gingerbread for my Nexus One?

What happen to the official Gingerbread for Nexus one?
It seems that many other phone has gingerbread already?
And it was always "in the coming weeks" ever since December......

You guys need to roooot.

I have 2.3 on my Droid 1 and it is fricken awesome. My phone has never been better. Ultimate Rroid 3.0 ROM ftw!

I had 2.1 on droid x for long time with no update for 2.2
Suddenly I had update for 2.3 on droid x ..........