Xiaomi Mi 9 gets a DxOMark score of 107

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi 9 in China earlier today, with the device being the first from the Chinese manufacturer to sport three cameras at the back. There's a 48MP f/1.75 main camera joined by a 16MP wide-angle sensor and a 12MP telephoto lens that offers 2x zoom.

The camera setup sounds impressive on paper, and Xiaomi's claims that the Mi 9 takes better photos than the iPhone XS Max have now been backed up by DxOMark. In its testing of the Mi 9 camera, DxOMark found that the phone takes "high-quality still images in almost all situations," leading to a photo score of 112.

The phone overall managed to net a score of 107, allowing it to beat out the likes of Google Pixel 3 and the Galaxy Note 9, which had scores of 101 and 103 respectively. From DxOMark:

Target exposure is consistently spot-on, and the camera captures pleasant color with accurate white balance, and without any color shading or other color issues. Noise levels are very well under control in bright light and under typical indoor conditions, and creep up only in low-light situations; and the autofocus system works swiftly and accurately in almost all circumstances.

The Mi 9 also fared well in low-light conditions, with DxOMark noting that its flash performance was the "best we have seen on a smartphone to date." The company similarly praised the device's portrait mode and telephoto lens.

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Where the Mi 9 really comes into its own is video — with a score of 99, it is the best phone that DxOMark has tested so far:

The Xiaomi is the first camera we have tested that records 4K footage by default, which to a degree explains the excellent detail rendering in bright light and when recording indoors. At the same time, it keeps noise levels low in those conditions.

Impressively, the image stabilization system is capable of keeping things smooth and steady, even with the Mi 9's high-resolution output. The system works efficiently both when holding the cameras still and when walking while recording.

The Mi 9 is set to go on sale in China in the coming weeks, and will be heading to global markets sometime next quarter. What makes the device all the more impressive is the price — at just $515, the Mi 9 is nearly half the price of other flagships at the top of DxOMark's leaderboard.

For a detailed breakdown of the Mi 9's camera test, head to the link below.

Xiaomi Mi 9 camera review by DxOMark