Best answer: You definitely want the 64GB Oculus Go headset because there are no ways to expand the memory on the headset. Besides, you can double the amount of memory that the 32GB Oculus Go offers for barely any price difference.

Why the 64GB?

Local files on the Oculus Go can each take up to 2GB or more. Operating systems (OS) memory files, that all Android-powered devices have, are also taking up space on your headset. If you're using a 32GB device, your storage space will go by fast between those and all the games and apps you'll download.

Not to mention, the larger the amount of memory the better this headset becomes for traveling. If you have a long plane ride ahead of you the 64GB headset can hold up to 7 HD movies for you to enjoy during your flight. This could also translate to 40 games and apps as well!

Why the Oculus Go?

Unlike other virtual reality (VR) headsets the Oculus Go is standalone. That means you don't need anything to run the device. No phone, computer, tablet, laptop, or console is required to power your device and start experiencing VR. All you have to do is power your device, put it on your head, and then have fun!

With 2560x1440 resolution and a first-person perspective, you can play games, use apps, and watch movies in the best way possible. The 3 degrees of freedom (DoF) means you can also turn, move your head around, and bend down while the headset registers your movements. This kind of immersion will connect you to what you're experiencing in the headset in a way that brings you closer to all the virtual things you love.

This headset provides endless entertainment with all the games and experiences available for you to download. You can even sideload apps on the Oculus Go if the options you're looking for aren't available on the store. The possibilities are endlessly fun so get yourself a standalone VR headset and push the boundaries of limitation.

Our pick

Oculus Go - 64GB

More memory

The 64GB option of the Oculus Go is the highest memory option you can get on this virtual reality headset. You can watch up to 7 downloaded HD movies from a first-person perspective at a 2560x1440 resolution!

Budget option

Oculus Go - 32GB

Standard option

The standard option for the Oculus Go includes 32GB of memory. This is enough memory to download about 3 HD movies, 10 games, or 20 apps. Take advantage of the crisp image and 3 DoF by experiencing your games in a whole new way with this standalone headset!

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