Ever since the first Galaxy S was released in 2010, Samsung's used the series as its flagship smartphone brand for the past 10 years.

We've seen a lot of great phones launched in the Galaxy S lineup, but which of them stand out above the rest?

Here's what some of our AC forum members have to say.

Hermes Hidayat

S4 will always be no.1 for me.i remember rooting the phone and it was crazy.it was so fast at its time.like so darn fast.just sad the battery couldnt keep charge anymore...


S2 the evergreen phone and then may be S10, S9 to some extent. None of the others made any impact on me (have owned every version), mainly because of software which recently Samsung has got on top of.


Great thread! For me it's: 1. S6 edge / S6 edge+ - probably still the most beautiful phone ever designed 2. S3 - pushed the boundaries of how thin, light and feature-packed a phone can be 3. S8 / S8+ - paved the way for the all-screen trend to go mainstream and was also extremely beautiful Can't accurately rank the S10 line since that's what I'm using right now and it'll probably be...


S3 was the phone ahead of it's time .. S6 edge for first curved S10 for best spec in a s line..


What about you? What's your favorite Galaxy S phone?

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