Customization is king when it comes to Android, and one of the most basic and important things you can change is your phone's keyboard.

We have a lot of Galaxy S10 owners in our AC forums, and recently, some of them started talking about which keyboard they're using on their device.

Here's what they had to say.


At various times I've tried them all but I've yet to find any that can hold a candle to SwiftKey. The customizations are great and the predictions are so good, they're surreal at times.


Gboard, haven't found one which holds a candle to it


back and forth between Samsung and Gboard


Gboard is my main stay but I switched to the Samsung one because it looks better in dark mode. The off black look of Gboard was bothering me lol.


What about you? What keyboard are you using on your Galaxy S10?

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