Give your Garmin watch a comfort upgrade for $12 this Black Friday

A side view of the Garmin Forerunner 965 and its Amp Yellow silicone watch band.
(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

Garmin watches have plenty of strengths, but comfort is more of a mixed bag. They're fairly light for being thick, battery-heavy watches, but still far heavier than your typical fitness band or some svelte smartwatches. Their sweat-wicking silicone straps work well for workouts, but for sleep tracking or everyday wear at your desk, they're not the best.

Garmin itself sells replacement bands, but mostly sticks with silicone or pricey leather. For something lighter and softer, you'll want a nylon strap, but Garmin's QuickFit design uses a special connector that makes third-party bands hard to find. The exception is this Abanen Hook and Loop nylon band, currently 20% off for Black Friday. 

Abanen Hook and Loop nylon band: $16 $12.79 at Amazon

Abanen Hook and Loop nylon band: $16 $12.79 at Amazon

Compatible with most new Garmin Forerunner, Fenix, Epix, or Instinct models with the QuickFit design, this nylon strap is affordable, lightweight, and easily washed. It's easier to find the right fit than with your usual silicone strap, and it's more affordable than Garmin's $40 bands, too. 

As I wrote a couple of weeks back, Black Friday isn't just for buying smartwatches; it's also for stocking up on watch bands, ensuring that your current watch is more comfortable and more likely to last for years to come. It's a better way to save money than spending hundreds on a new, discounted watch. 

In this case, you can get three Abanen nylon straps for less than it would cost for one official Garmin watch band replacement (usually $40 each). 

Most of the best Garmin watches come with the same silicone strap, which some runners like more than others. I actually like the one that comes with my Forerunner 965, but I'll admit that I find it less comfortable the longer I wear it. A nylon strap can soak up sweat during a run, but during everyday wear, it's the best option. 

Otherwise, if you do need a new Garmin watch, you're in luck. Among all the Black Friday watch deals, Garmin fans have a wide range of options, including deals on all the latest Forerunner, Venu, Vivoactive, and Instinct watches.

Michael L Hicks
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