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Verizon Wireless

Visible has an impressive set of features, especially considering the price. With one of the largest LTE networks combined with an unlimited package including hotspot connectivity, Visible is about as close as it comes to hassle-free wireless.

$40/mo. at Visible


  • No contract
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited LTE data
  • Unlimited hotspot (5Mbps)


  • Fewer BYOD options
  • No 3G or roaming access

Verizon Wireless continues to set the bar in wireless service as one of the strongest and most consistent networks available. With some of the fastest speeds and a massive LTE network with 3G and roaming filling in many gaps, it's one of the best wireless experiences available.

From $55/mo. at Verizon Wireless


  • Greater coverage
  • Faster speeds
  • Larger phone selection
  • 5G included with unlimited plans


  • More expensive for one line
  • Contract required

Most people would prefer a cheap and simple cell phone plan over trying to guess how much data and how many minutes they'll need over the next few months. Verizon Wireless offers a large array of plans making it possible to find something that precisely meets your needs though it does make it easier to spend more than you need to. Visible's approach to giving you everything means that you will never have to wonder if you have enough data or minutes.

You'll just have to think a bit more about whether you will have coverage.

Visible vs. Verizon Wireless Mostly the same network

Visible speed testSource: Android Central

Let's be clear, Verizon Wireless postpaid customers will often have a larger and more consistent network thanks to prioritization. This means your speeds will be slightly slower on Visible but at an estimated 5-12Mbps download speed, most people should be quite happy with the service. Actual speeds will depend on your area and the number of connections on your tower but for the most part, our review confirms these speed expectations.

Verizon's network will be noticeably larger if you stray away from more populated areas. This is thanks to Verizon customers getting access to not only Verizon's older 3G towers but also LTE roaming towers. Verizon phones will connect the LTE if at all possible but if there is no signal available, they can fall back to the other networks.

Visible uses LTE exclusively and while the coverage is getting closer all the time to what Verizon has, the LTE network is still a bit smaller. Most people will find this to be an easy tradeoff considering that most people are still covered on Visible and Visible will let them use so much more of the network for less.

Visible Verizon Wireless
Network Verizon LTE Verizon 5G, LTE, 3G
Roaming None Yes
Credit check No Yes
International roaming No Available
International calling No Available
Data plans Unlimited only 5GB and up
Unlimited plan $40/mo. From $70/mo.


Visible vs. Verizon Wireless Do you need 3G and roaming?

Visible uses the Verizon LTE network for service and nothing else. This isn't much of an issue for most people in the U.S. but can become apparent when you travel. Verizon's LTE network is focused on providing coverage where most people live and work and for the most part, it succeeds.

There are a few gaps and Verizon fills those by either relying on its older 3G network or buying data from other providers for roaming. Visible doesn't get access to 3G or the roaming networks.

Make sure to check the coverage map for Visible and Verizon to ensure you have coverage in all the places you might need it.

It's also worth noting that Visible doesn't support any international calling or roaming. If you need to call another country or need service while traveling, you'll need something else. Verizon does offer what it calls international TravelPasses for its plans. In Mexico and Canada, it comes to $5 per day, and in more than 185 other countries the cost is $10 per day.

Visible vs. Verizon Wireless Do you need an unlimited plan?

You probably don't need an unlimited plan. Unlimited service mostly exists to offer peace of mind so people don't need to think about how many bytes or messages they send. With Visible, unlimited is the only option. Visible's unlimited plan can become an afterthought and you can use your phone to stream or browse without thinking about the cost.

You can also save some money on Visible with Party Pay, which allows you to link your account with up to three other people. That'll bring your cost per month down to $25 per month with four lines in the party. This is not a family plan since each line will still have its own account and bill but can be a great way to save.

Visible SIM card next to Pixel 3aSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

Verizon offers unlimited plans as well starting at $70 per month for one line. It's worth noting that if you plan to have multiple lines the price per line will come down. The price per line for entry-level unlimited service is $70, $60, $45, and $35 for one, two, three, and four lines respectively. This plan will be most comparable to Visible, though it lacks hotspot support. It's also one of the only plans that doesn't come with included 5G support which can be added for $10 more per month.

Going up from there, Verizon has the Play More, Do More, and Get More unlimited plans which all come with 5G access and Premium Network Access which prioritizes data for up to 50GB. It also opens up the option to enable 720p video streaming on LTE. Play More and Do More both get 15GB of high-speed hotspot data while Get More takes it up to 30GB. Besides that, Play More and Get More get Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ streaming service included at no extra cost. Get More adds Apple Music onto that.

With these unlimited plans, the biggest differences are in the streaming extras.

Verizon Disney Plans BreakdownSource: Verizon

There are a couple of limited data plans that start at $55 and $65 per month for 5GB and 10GB respectively. Both of these plans come with unlimited talk and text.


Visible vs. Verizon Wireless What if you have other devices?

Pixel 3 hotspotSource: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

Verizon offers hotspot service with it's more expensive unlimited plans, starting at 15GB of premium LTE data on both the Play More and Do More unlimited plans and moving up to 30GB on the Get More Unlimited plan. This will be more than enough for most uses but could be an issue with a lot of streaming video.

It's worth noting that 5G connections will get a fully unlimited hotspot but that requires both a 5G device and 5G coverage, which is in its infancy.

Visible, on the other hand, continues the trend of simplicity and offers unlimited hotspot data at a speed of 5Mbps. That should be enough speed for 480p and some 720p video streaming depending on the site. This is a good enough solution for most people that need to share your internet on the go.

Visible vs. Verizon Wireless What phones work?

Both Visible and Verizon are more than happy to sell or finance a phone for you. Verizon does have a stronger offering of phones but Visible's growing collection has something that will work for most people.

If you already have a device and you want to know if it will be supported, you'll need to use the BYOD compatibility tools for both Visible and Verizon. Support on one doesn't necessarily mean it will work on the other even though the Verizon network is used for both carriers.

Visible's network is all digital, which means that all of your calls on Visible will use VoLTE. VoLTE is still a little new for carriers in general, so for now, extra care is being taken to make sure devices work flawlessly. The list of supported phones is expanding all the time so you will need to check for new phones on Visible's help page.

Currently, all iPhones after the iPhone 6 are supported on Visible, as well as Samsung's Galaxy S20 series, the Google Pixel 3 series, the G7 Power from Motorola, and the Visible R2 from ZTE.

Visible vs. Verizon Wireless So which should you get?

If you've confirmed you have coverage on Visible's LTE network, Visible is your best bargain. While it is possible to build a cheaper plan on Verizon Wireless, you won't get the same amount of data and you certainly won't get Visible's unlimited hotspot. It's also worth remembering that there are other options on this massive LTE network though Visible is one of the best MVNOs that use Verizon's network. As long as you know you're covered by the Verizon LTE network, Visible is a simple and complete network that works for nearly every smartphone user.

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Get Visible's simple unlimited plan with no contract on one of the best LTE networks available. Stay connected on more devices with an unlimited hotspot.

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Verizon Wireless

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Verizon is known for its fantastic data network and continues to stand above with plans designed to fit everyone's needs and a ton of options available.

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