Does Visible work everywhere Verizon works?

Visible R2 ZTE
Visible R2 ZTE (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: No. Visible doesn't have the roaming agreements that Verizon Wireless has. Verizon customers can use another provider's network in roaming, but Visible customers rely entirely on the Verizon network.

No carrier has 100% coverage

Most of the significant carriers rely on roaming to fill in coverage gaps. Paying another company for cellular service can be a waste of money, but for some areas, there aren't enough customers to justify the cost of a new tower. If you have only ever lived in a city, this may be new to you, but there are still some places that Verizon does not have towers.

It's worth noting as well that an older phone may not support the entire range of Verizon's LTE signals. If you see that you should have coverage in an area you don't, you should contact your carrier to make sure your device is compatible with all of the new equipment.

To be entirely sure you will have coverage on Visible you need to check the coverage maps even if you have Verizon service already. Verizon is always expanding and improving its network, and the coverage shown in these images can change at any time. You need to check each time you sign up for new cell service.

Does it matter?

Visible makes up for any network shortcomings with its unlimited plan offering one of the best values for conservative streamers. And for the vast majority of Americans, Visible has coverage.

Sure, signing up for the service that has the most extensive network makes a lot of sense at first. But it's very likely you can have a lower monthly bill with a provider like Visible. That tradeoff will be worth it to a lot of people. When deciding which company you want to provide cell coverage for you always check the map where you live, work, and the places you might go to.

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