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Best answer: No, Visible only supports the Verizon LTE network. Luckily, Verizon's LTE network provides fast speeds and great coverage, meaning most people will have plenty of speed even on LTE.

  • Unlimited data on the Verizon network: Visible ($40 per month at Visible)
  • Early Access MVNO Verizon 5G: US Mobile ($100 for three months at US Mobile)
  • Unlocked LTE with pure Android: Google Pixel 3a ($400 at Best Buy)

Committed to LTE

Visible was one of the first carriers to ditch 3G and analog connections for all of its phones. All Visible phones and plans use LTE for data, calling, and texts. With this setup, it seems like Visible would be primed to be one of the first carriers to hit 5G but the main drawback is the Verizon network. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have all built 5G networks either fully or partially on lower, LTE-like, sub-6 bands. This means they offer similar coverage to that seen on 4G LTE.

Verizon has yet to build any sub-6 5G and has been fully committed to building its 5G on the ultra-fast mmWave spectrum called Ultra Wideband. This type of 5G is great for speed and capacity but falls short in coverage with an mmWave tower needing to be deployed on pretty much every city block it covers. Though Verizon has been making great headway with this network, the very nature of it makes it slow to deploy.

Visible has yet to announce plans to support Verizon's 5G network but it isn't impossible. If you have Verizon Ultra Wideband coverage in your area and want to try out the network, you'll have to pay for Verizon postpaid. Visible customers will need to use the LTE network for now but in most situations, this network is more than quick enough.

Unlimited LTE


Unlimited data and hotspot

Visible gives you unlimited data on Verizon's LTE network with an unlimited 5Mbps hotspot. You can even save more if you bring up to four lines.

Early 5G Access

US Mobile

Go prepaid with mmWave

US Mobile is getting ready to fully support 5G with an early access program. If you have a Verizon 5G compatible unlocked phone and want to stick with prepaid, you can register today.

Unlocked Android

Google Pixel 3a

Unlocked pure Android

With a great camera and pure Android with frequent updates, the Pixel 3a is one of the best phones to try out pure Android and different MVNO carriers.

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