One enterprising developer has built a modified version of Samsung's Gear 360 Manager app that works with non-Samsung phones, as well as older Galaxy handsets. It allows those phones to control Samsung's Gear 360 camera without the need for one of the latest Galaxy devices.

Use a Samsung Gear 360 with a non-Samsung phone with modified app

From XDA Developers (via Phandroid):

In the last days i was working on a port of the Gear 360 Manager app. You should be able to use the app now even with non-Galaxy devices, or older Galaxy devices which are not officially supported by Samsung. I myself use it with a Sony Xperia Z5 without problems now.

The modified app requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or later in order to run. You'll also need to download the Samsung Accessory Service app from the Google Play Store.

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It's certainly an interesting workaround, but there are a couple of considerations here. For instance, it seems likely that Samsung could take action against this app, leading to its removal. Additionally, we think there are other, better 360-degree cameras out there, ones that work with more phones and don't require such a workaround.