Samsung Infuse 4G Accessories 

The new Samsung Infuse 4G is finally in your hands, and you're looking for the best way to compliment your new Android smartphone- whether it's a case to protect it, a charger to keep it powered up, or even a car kit to make your Infuse 4G the perfect hands-free solution.  Here at Android Central we've provided you with a simple roundup of the most popular accessories for the Samsung Infuse 4G.

And rounding out the four most popular Samsung Infuse 4G accessories, we have:

And we're just getting started. Head on past the break for our top choices.

Our top accessories for the Samsung Infuse 4G

The Infuse 4G is Samsung's first 4G Android smartphone on AT&T, and for that reason alone this device has been very popular in the news and forums leading up to its release.  The Infuse 4G's impressive 4.5-inch Super-AMOLED display and 1.2Ghz Hummingbird processor compliments its extremely thin design, making this device a top competitor in AT&T's line up.  With that said, the best thing you could do is utilize your Samsung Infuse 4G with the best accessories available.  

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Below you'll find some of our top accessory picks for the Samsung Infuse 4G from those of us here at the Android Central and in the forums. There's a huge selection of accessories for the Infuse 4G- we're talking cases, chargers, batteries, bluetooth, car kits and more.  So lets get started now, shall we?

Best cases for the Samung Infuse 4G

Body Glove Flex Snap-On case for Samsung Infuse 4G
Body Glove
Snap-On Case

SPE Side Case for Samsung Infuse 4G
SPE Side Case

SPE Top Case for Samsung Infuse 4G
SPE Top Case

OverBoard Waterproof Case for Samsung Infuse 4G
Waterproof Case

First things first.  Protection of your new Samsung Infuse 4G will be vitally important no matter the line of work or environment you're in.  You never know when the sleekness of the Infuse 4G may come back to haunt you and fall right out of your hands.  The best solution is to grab a case for the Samsung Infuse 4G.

The Body Glove Flex Snap-on case for Samsung Infuse 4G features a hard plastic shell, which is covered in a glove material allowing you to always have a firm grip around your device.  With its extremely thin design and no clip protruding on the back side, you almost don't even notice that the Snap-on case is protecting your Infuse 4G.  

Going for the more executive or professional look?  Then the Smartphone Experts Side Case or Top Case for Samsung Infuse 4G is definitely a great option.  These top cases and side cases provide a wonderful level of protection for your Infuse 4G while it's tucked away in these genuine leather pouches.  Featuring a fixed leather clip on the back, you can clip these cases on your belt or pocket allowing easy access to your Infuse 4G at all times.  Along with their low-profile design, these cases also feature magnetic closures which will not damage your Infuse 4G, but instead allow for your device to stay safe and secure.

We wouldn't expect everyone to just not bring their Samsung Infuse 4G out when they hit the beach or take the boat out for a weekend fishing trip.  Although this may cause you some stress, being exposed to the elements like sand and water- there IS a solution.  Waterproof cases for the Samsung Infuse 4G provide the absolute best protection for outdoor excursions.  With their tight seals which keep water out and your Infuse 4G dry, these waterproof cases will even allow you to use your device under water!

 Best chargers for the Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung Micro-USB Wall Charger for Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Micro-USB
Wall Charger

Motorola Dual Port Car Charger for Infuse 4G
Motorola Dual Port
Car Charger

SPE Retractable Micro-USB Cable for Infuse 4G
SPE Retractable
Micro-USB Cable

Not every Samsung Infuse 4G owner will be a power-user, but that doesn't mean that keeping the necessary spare chargers around to ensure your device stays charged up is something you should overlook.  As a matter of fact you should always have a spare charger for the Infuse 4G handy for every occasion- whether it's at home, the office or while traveling in your vehicle.

Wall chargers for the Samsung Infuse 4G are the most basic yet vitally important accessories.  Keeping an extra wall charger around allows you to always keep your Infuse 4G powered up and ready to rock.  Featuring a microUSB plug which goes directly into your device, these Infuse 4G wall chargers offer a fair amount of length between both ends.

Traveling with your Samsung Infuse 4G presents the problem of losing battery life without your wall charger.  However, by utilizing a car charger for the Infuse 4G you eliminate the problem of depleting your battery from searching for signals in bad areas.  There are a couple different styles of Infuse 4G car chargers such as dual-port car chargers which allow you to charge two microUSB devices at the same time off of one plug, coiled cable car chargers which are great for keeping things tidy in your car, and of course your traditional style Infuse 4G car charger which doesn't have any additonal special features other than keeping your Samsung Infuse 4G powered up.

You'll need to get data to and from your phone, and the only way to do so is with USB cables for the Samsung Infuse 4G.  You might be adding some extra tunes to listen to, movies to watch while traveling, or even ROMS for that sweet new emulator you just downloaded- whatever the case may be you'll need an Infuse 4G USB cable.  Our most popular USB cable is the SPE microUSB retractable cable, which is great for traveling with its compact design.

Best Bluetooth for the Samsung Infuse 4G

Jawbone ICON for Samsung Infuse 4G
Jawbone ICON
Bluetooth Headset

Motorola S9-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Samsung Infuse 4G
Motorola S9-HD
Bluetooth Stereo

Jabra Cruiser II for Samsung Infuse 4G
Jabra Cruiser II 

By using bluetooth for the Samsung Infuse 4G you free up your hands to go about your daily activities while still being able to manage your calls and listen to music.  Available in headsets, speakerphones and headphones, there's plenty of options for using bluetooth with your Samsung Infuse 4G.

Bluetooth headsets for the Infuse 4G come in many different shapes, sizes and colors but each has their own unique qualities that separate them from one another.  The Jawbone ICON is among the most popular bluetooth headsets for the Samsung Infuse 4G, offering the highest quality in call clarity, extreme comfort for extended periods of use and also come in a variety of colors and designs to accommodate every users tastes.

For the more active users, bluetooth stereo headphones for the Infuse 4G are a great option.  Offering exceptional comfort behind the ears, these bluetooth headphones let you listen to your tunes and even make and receive calls on your Infuse 4G while exercising.

When it comes to traveling, there's no better way to manage your calls than with bluetooth speakerphones for the Samsung Infuse 4G.  These intelligent bluetooth devices can store your Infuse 4G's contacts, allow voice dialing, and also sport internal FM transmitters which allow you to listen to your music and calls over your radio.

Best Samsung Infuse 4G car accessories

 Clingo Universal Mount for Infuse 4G
Clingo Universal 
Handsfree Mount
 Arkon Weighted Dash Mount and Holder for Infuse 4G
Arkon Weighted Dash
Mount and Holder
Arkon CM920 Gooseneck Mount for Samsung Infuse 4G
Arkon Gooseneck 
Mount and Holder

Car mounts for the Samsung Infuse 4G are a great addition to your vehicle, presenting true convenience of being completely handsfree at all times.  These Infuse 4G car mounts come in many different styles such as windshield mounts, dash mounts, cigarette lighter mounts and vent mounts.  With so many options to choose from, one of these car mounts for your Samsung Infuse 4G is bound to suit your needs.

To kick things off, the Clingo universal handsfree mount for the Samsung Infuse 4G is no doubt the most popular hands-free soution across the board.  What separates this mount from the rest is its ability to mount your Infuse 4G naked, or with a case thanks to its sticky base that never loses its grip.  The Infuse 4G Clingo universal mount never leaves residue on your device after taken off, and can easily be cleaned with water. 

For those who have plenty of room on their dash, the Arkon Weighted Dash Mount and Holder for the Samsung Infuse 4G is a great mounting solution.  This car mount keeps your Infuse 4G secure from bumps in the road with its weighted base and locking clamps.

Lastly the Arkon Gooseneck Mount and Holder for the Samsung Infuse 4G is your classic windshield-style mount that features a secure suction cup mount that attaches to any portion of your vehicles windshield and allows the gooseneck to be adjusted to what viewing angle of your Infuse 4G is most comfortable to you.

Other accessories for Samsung Infuse 4G

 Wilson Dual-Band Amplifier
Wilson Dual-Band
Amplifier Kit
EScreen cleaner for Infuse 4G
eScreen Flat
Panel Cleaner

SanDisk 32GB SD card for Infuse 4G
SanDisk 32GB
microUSB card

Rounding out our top Samsung Infuse 4G accessories, there's a few important items that many folks often overlook, but are extremely handy to have around.

When cell reception is sub-par, it can very frustrating.  Many don't realize that there are simple solutions that can extend your reception in even the most remote locations.  The Wilson Dual-Band Amplifier Kit for Samsung Infuse 4G does just that.  Although this kit in particular is only used for smaller areas, it reduces dropped calls and helps extend the battery life of your Infuse 4G.

Keeping fingerprints from your Infuse 4G's 4.3-inch display will be a hassle.  Thankfully with a couple sprays of the eScreen cleaner for the Infuse 4G, you can wipe all the smudges away that have accumulated on your device. A non-drip, non-streak solution makes keeping your Infuse 4G's touchscreen a quick and simple task.

Planning on keeping a large library of your favorite music, movies and apps on your Infuse 4G?  Then you'll definitely want to snatch up a memory card for the Samsung Infuse 4G.  These microSD cards are available in sizes from 2GB all the way up to 32GB.  

Wrapping up the best accessories for Samsung Infuse 4G

We've laid out the basic essentials that every Infuse 4G owner could find useful.  Now it's up to you to jump on the Android Central store and pick them out.  The most popular accessories for the Samsung Infuse 4G are available right here, right now.