PayPal with Finger Scanner

A small, but growing, stable of apps support authentication from Samsung's Finger Scanners

We've already gone in depth on how to set up the Finger Scanner on your Galaxy Note 4, but what most people don't realize is that your fingerprint can be used for more than just unlocking your phone. Once your phone is set up to recognize your fingers, any third-party app that is properly designed to take advantage of the feature can use it for authentication.

The stable of apps that work with the Finger Scanner on the Note 4 (and Galaxy S5) isn't huge, but there are a few big names here that are worth looking at if you're interested in expanding the use of your fingerprint for security. Read along with us and check out the full list.


PayPal with Finger Scanner

PayPal was one of the launch partners with Samsung when it introduced the Finger Scanner feature, and is still today a shining example of securing your data with your fingerprint. If your Note 4 didn't ship with the PayPal app installed, download it from Google Play and sign into your account to get started. You can manage the ability to use your fingerprint in the Finger Scanner settings of your phone, and at any time change your login preference from the PayPal app.

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Password managers are a huge part of keeping your online life secure, and while it's always recommended to have a long and complex password to access the manager itself, the inconvenience of doing so often lowers the use of such passwords. A finger swipe to get into your LastPass vault speeds things up considerably, and is a great security option to keep your passwords safe. LastPass isn't free, but its $12/year subscription is worth it if you go all-in with the service.

  • Download: LastPass (Free trial, $12/year subscription)

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Finger Scanner login

Just like LastPass, Keeper Password Manager lets you lock down your password holdings with a swipe of your registered finger and quickly unlock when you have possession of your device. Keeper has the benefit of offering a truly free tier of service for just storing passwords on a single device, but does require a subscription if you want cross-device syncing of that data.



My KNOX is a personal-focused iteration of Samsung's security platform that lets you take specific apps into a separate and secure area so they don't mingle with the rest of your phone. After getting your KNOX area set up and secured, you can choose to lock and unlock the area with your fingerprint as well. It reduces the time required when switching between the areas, and is a darn secure way to do it.

SafeInCloud Password Manager

SafeInCloud Finger Scanner login

Much like LastPass and Keeper, SafeInCloud integrates properly with the Note 4's Finger Scanner to lock up your passwords for only your eyes to see. SafeInCloud has a slightly different model, charging $7.99 up front with no subscription thereafter, which can be a compelling choice for some folks.

Samsung's Internet browser

Facebook login with Finger Scanner

Though most of us choose to use another browser — like Chrome or Firefox — on our phones than the one the comes pre-installed, using Samsung's Internet browser will give you the added bonus of working with the Finger Scanner. On supported sites, when logging in you'll be given the option to log in from then on with your finger instead of a username and password. It saves you additional taps and typing without compromising security.

Samsung's own apps

Samsung Account Finger Scanner login

The last grouping of apps that work with the Finger Scanner are those from Samsung itself. After setting up the Finger Scanner you can authenticate your identity to the Galaxy Apps store for purchases and editing your account, which then also gets you signed in to other Samsung services like Milk and others. It's a great idea if you have credit card information stored in the Galaxy Apps store, and it'll make signing in and buying a breeze.

Have one to contribute?

Naturally we couldn't highlight every app that integrates with the Finger Scanner on the Note 4 and Galaxy S5, but these are the major players that are on-board with the feature at this point. If you have a favorite app that uses the Finger Scanner, or one you wish that did, be sure to let us know in the comments!