Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7s are pretty fragile if dropped the right (wrong?) way. You're gonna need a case, so we went hands-on the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, to give you a better idea of whether or not it's the right fit for your phone and your habits.

If you want to let the beauty of your S7 shine through, with a case that feels a little sturdier than those soft TPU cases, then this is the one for you.

We'll break things down in terms of style, features, and design.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

The Ultra Hybrid comes in three color options: Mint, Crystal Clear, and Rose Crystal. The colors are only around the outer rim, maintaining a transparent back to show off your S7 in all its glory.

With a hard polycarbonate back and a softer TPU bumper around the rim, the Ultra Hybrid can feel a bit slippery at times, especially if your hands get a bit greasy. However, there is a seam that runs all around the rim of the case, where the TPU and polycarbonate meet, that helps keep it stable in your hand.

This is by no means an "ultra-slim" case, but it doesn't add a ton of bulk or weight to the S7; although, it being clear may create an illusion of thinness.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

The Ultra Hybrid is just about as basic as cases get, aside from being made of two materials, but the thinner polycarbonate backing does allow for wireless charging. Many polycarbonate cases are just too thick, but not Spigen's, which is a great feature, since you don't have to take it off your phone every night to charge.


Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

This particular Spigen case underwent the military drop test, which the Department of Defense uses to approve devices for military applications. We still wouldn't take this one off to war, but it's built to withstand some pretty solid drops.

Each corner has a small air pocket that helps with shock absorption — an ideal feature for the Galaxy S7, since dropping it on its corner results in a big ol' spider web of cracks (Google "Galaxy S7 dropped on corner" and you'll see). The front features a raised bezel, so you can safely lay your S7 on its face without worrying about it getting dinged up.

The Ultra Hybrid covers all the buttons, but leaves all the ports at the bottom wide open, so you're entirely unencumbered for using third-party cables. The power button isn't an issue, but if you happen to get an ill-fitting Ultra Hybrid, the volume buttons might be a tad finicky.

This case is designed for those who want their phone to feel protected, because it certainly does feel sturdy and formidable in your hand, albeit a bit slippery.

The bottom line

Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

This case is for you if you want a case that's easy to put on and remove, one that'll provide solid protection, and one that won't drastically change the look of your Galaxy S7.

If clear cases are what you're after, but this one doesn't quite do it for you, then you should check out our roundup of the best clear cases for the Galaxy S7.

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