Spigen Thin Fit case for the Galaxy S7

Your Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beautiful phone and if you want to show it off without adding bulk, going with a slim case is your best bet. Spigen's Thin Fit case for the Galaxy S7 adds protection in the most important areas without adding much size to your phone.


Spigen Thin Fit

The Thin Fit case is mostly rigid with just a small amount of flexibility, which makes it easy to snap on and off. It's designed with a minimalist's taste in mind, not adding much size or weight to the phone. This means it won't protect your phone quite as well as some other Spigen cases, but this is the tradeoff you accept when settling on the Thin Fit case. It is available in three colors: black, white, and mint.


Spigen Thin Fit

As is the idea with most minimalist cases, there are no additional bells or whistles on this case. It was designed to allow your Galaxy S7 to wirelessly charge in compatible cradles and stands. Placing the phone on the charging pad doesn't require much effort or fine-tuning to activate the charging mode, which is a big advantage over some thicker cases which need to be positioned just right or else charging won't work.

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Spigen Thin Fit

This case was designed to show off as much of your phone as possible, which means all ports and buttons are accessible. The case leaves the top and bottom of your phone exposed, allowing access to the microphones, charger, headphones jack, and speaker. The only spot on the phone that has excess material is the slightly raised lip around the screen (0.8mm) and a raised window around the camera and health sensor (1.2mm) to give protection to the most vulnerable areas, should your phone ever get dropped.

The bottom line

Spigen Thin Fit

If you're shopping for a minimalist case you've probably already come to terms with the fact you're going to have to sacrifice protection for style. If you're okay with this, then the Spigen Thin Fit case is a great option. It provides basic protection, thanks to its raised edges around your S7's screen, and the back cover will help with minor scratches and marks from keys, coins, and whatever else may be in your purse or wallet. To keep your phone looking stylish with minimal defence against falls and scrapes, Spigen's Thin Fit case for the S7 is a good option at a good price.

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