Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 edge

Your Galaxy S7 edge is worth around $1,000. You should probably protect it with a decent case.

We went hands-on with Spigen's Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 edge to help give you determine whether this is the right case for you and your phone. We'll explore the Neo Hybrid's style, features, and design.


Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 edge

This case is for all you folks who don't really care about maintaining the original look of your S7 edge. It's made of black TPU with your choice of a Gunmetal, Champagne Gold, or Satin Silver plastic rim.

The best part of the Neo Hybrid is its texture. It's got matte-finish TPU, unlike its clear Spigen counterparts, so it doesn't feel like you're going launch it like a shotput if you whip it out of your pocket too quickly. The back is also textured with hundreds of teeny plus signs to prevent any slippage when you're hands are sweaty or greasy.

All three colors of the plastic outer rim look sharp against the black TPU, so you really can't go wrong. Pro tip: the Champagne Gold looks best on the gold S7 edge; Satin Silver looks best on the silver one; Gunmetal looks pretty good on either the silver or black S7 edge.


Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 edge

As mentioned, the back of the Neo Hybrid case is textured, which some might tend to overlook, but it really improves how secure your S7 edge feels in your hand.

The inside of the TPU shell is also textured into a wide, rounded grid pattern, which helps distribute the shock from a fall to the ground throughout the entire case.


Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 edge

The Neo Hybrid is really well-designed to protect, but not hinder, the uniqueness of the Galaxy S7 edge's build. The outer bezel come up just enough to secure the edge if the screen without hindering the edge functionality at all.

This is a two-piece case and, generally speaking, the outer plastic rim adds nothing to the overall feel; however, with the TPU's matte finish, it feels like the plastic rim fits better and holds tighter, making the phone feel sturdier all around.

The volume and power buttons are completely covered by the TPU shell, but the necessary ports and sensors are all left open, so your S7 edge can operate fully and unfettered.

The bottom line

Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7 edge

This is a great case. It feels strong in your hand and won't be slipping out like glossy-finish cases. The body of your S7 edge will be completely protected from scratches and drops, while maintaining all of its functions without hindrance. You'll definitely want a screen protector as well for total protection.

If you like the Neo Hybrid, but you don't love it, then check out our roundup of the best cases for the Galaxy S7 edge.

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